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    Bosko Boder, Jaromir Jurkovic, General Tanko-War criminals and chapter 2 victims.

    Doyal T. Rand-Geneticist and first victim.

    Officer Andy Funkhauser-Traffic cop in area where Rand dies.

    Harry-Homicide detective.

    Lemuel Quirk-Medical examiner.

    Perry Noto and his wife Heather-Restaurant owners and insect victims.

    Togo Nozoki-LA Coroner.

    Grandmother Mulberry-Chiun's housekeeper and who knows what else.

    Tammy Terrill-FOX tv reporter.

    Clyde Smoot-News director. Fred, Bob, or Dave-Cameraman.

    Norma Schiff-Medical examiner.

    Dr. Helwig X Wurmlinger-Entomologist.

    Lorna-Flight attendant.

    Gideon Krombold-LA coroner.

    Lyndon D'Arcy-Publisher and victim.

    Gordon Garret and Mearl Streep-Farmers.

    Edward E Eishied-FBI agent.

    Thomas Gregg-Detective chief.

    Jean Rice-New love for remo.

    Peter Palmer Pym-Bee Master wannabe.

    B Eugene Roache-USDA entomologist.


    Remo uses Novak, Teahan, and Croy for last names.

    Chiun is Bruce Rhee.

    Chiun has a rice room in Castle Sinanju.

    Chiun is reading The Joy of Astral Sex as is Grandmother Mulberry.

    I love you in Korean is Song-kyo Hopshida.

    F you is Dwe juhla.

    Remo is still rotating wrists.

    Remo perspires from exertion.


    Master Kokmul brought corn to Sinanju and the people grew fatter and lazier including the Master. His successor Pyo got rid of the corn. Chiun says that corn is too sweet in a heavy starchy way.


    Meeting Palms-One gets behind the opponent while another is in front and distracts him.

    Illuminating the Shadow-Master tries to divine information about a target by piercing the shadows around him.


    My wisdom would be wasted upon small minds.

    We are Sinanju. We make our own doors.

    Bite me. Remo


    New forms of insects are killing people and crops around the country. A farmers group starts a militia to fight a plot that they think is from the government. Remo and Chiun are sent to stop a threat that they do not understand and cannot see.


    This was Will Murray's last Destroyer and it was a good one. After reading it again, I am again saddened at his leaving the series. He was introducing some interesting characters that I would have enjoyed seeing develop. It would have been nice if he would have stayed long enough to at least show us where he was going with these new people.



    Terrance Hopper-Leader of expedition to Malaysia who lives to tell some strange tales.

    Eakins and Sparks-Members of the expedition who get killed.

    Remo-Impersonator of The Destroyer. Not the real thing and not even a very close approximation.

    Fred and Freda Frump-Names Remo gives to a wide load couple in stretch pants.

    Sing Hop Ma-Attempted murderer of Remo.

    Dr. Safford Stockwell-Leader of new expedition.

    Audrey Moreland-Botanist of the group.

    Pike Chalmers-Troubleshooter for the group.

    Jantan Separuh-Minister of the Interior fpr Malaysia.

    Sibu Bintulu Sandakan-Second Deputy Minister.

    Germuk Sayur-First Deputy.

    Kuching Kangar-Expedition guide.

    Nagaq-The dinosaur.

    Lai Man Yau-Leader of a group of attackers.


    Remo is Renton Ward.

    Remo not only studies for the assignment but becomes an expert.

    Chiun is watching a soap called Love's Secret Flame.

    Chiun says that Remo needs more training.

    Remo eats all sorts of strangd foods, beef, eggs, coffee to tune his nerves.

    He does T'ai Chi for crying out loud.

    Chiun is described as having a mustache.

    Remo is not aware he is being followed.

    Chiun can't speak Malay.

    Remo does know the 27, 37, and 52 steps for sex.

    Remo travels through the trees like Tarzan

    Chiun calms an elephant by trilling in his throat.


    Size means nothing in Sinanju.

    True wisdom does not come from scrambling the letters of the alphabet behind your name.

    It is the nature of the female to deceive.

    Nobody likes a smart wasoo.

    Unnecessary repetition is the trademark of a moron.


    A uranium expedition is attacked and destroyed. A new expedition is put together under the guise of dinosaur hunting with Remo going along.


    Absolutely horrible Destroyer novel. The writing style would be ok for another hero but it is not Remo Williams, The Destroyer.



    Carlos Sternovsky-Scientist who works with the wolverines to get the hormone.

    Bradley Boomtower-Pro football player and user.

    Chiz Graham and wife Puma Lee-Hollywood stars and users.

    Toshi Takahara-Sumo wrestler and user.

    Norton Arthur Grape-National meteorologist and user.

    Princess Pye-English royalty and user.

    Skizzle-Rock star and user.

    Dewayne Korb-Computer billionaire and user.

    Okra-Talk show host and user.

    Moira Maillon-Decorator and user

    Ludlow Baculum-Senator and user.

    Bambi Sue Stimple-His wife.

    Yi-Storekeeper who sells fish to Remo and Chiun.

    Chunk, Sal, and Freddy-Friday Night Football hosta.

    Pismo Pete-Security man at Hollywood dance club.

    Vindaloo-Model turned actress.

    Fillmore Fing and his sons Farnham and Fosdick-Owners of company manufacturing the drug.

    Jimmy Koch-Roche-Lawyer for the users.

    Les Johnson-Reporter.


    Bapu-Convenience store worker.

    Roberts and Atkins-Guards for the senator.

    Molly and Jed-Peephole USA hosts.

    Andy the Rug Doctor-Cleans up Remo's messes for Smitty.

    Bob Gabhart-Security man.

    Filberston Wanajinji-TV reporter.


    Chiun likes Hairtail fish but it is hard to clean and then Remo fries it in peanut oil after rolling it in egg and flour.

    Remo has lots of last names, Ito, Kalin, Barbier, Wormwood, Reno, and some bounty hunters think he is William M. Ransom.

    Chiun goes by Dan Tien and Charlie Chiun.

    Remo uses Chi power by holding his tongue to the roof of his mouth as he breathes.

    Remo blows darts at people who shot them at him.

    Smitty watches Matlock.

    Chiun doesn't drive in this book.

    Chiun says he is tired of reteaching everything to Remo because he forgets so quickly.

    Chiun calls Remo his Chong Wook from the Pansori novels.

    Chiun figures out the combination on a keypad lock by feeling which keys are warm after someone has entered.

    Chiun says that Remo does not eat red meat, even though the previous book author had him eating all kinds of garbage.

    Chiun knocks a man out by waving his hand at the man so fast that theback draft causes the man's head to lurch sideways and his brain slams into the side of the man's skull.

    Chiun snores in this book which is ok but he also is said to like aisle seats on planes and gets gas from airline food.

    Remo is scared to face twelve guns.

    Chiun is grabbed from behind by one of the creatures.

    Smitty has a high fiber cranberry-maple granola bar for a snack.


    I yam what I yam. Remo

    Only a fool scolds a cat for licking its own behind.

    The wild animal cannot change its spots.


    A new drug, WHE, wolverine hormone extract, is having great results for dieters. It gets rid of fat and puts on lots of muscles almost overhight. Problem is the side effects are turning the users into violent murderers. Remo and Chiun have to find out where the stuff is coming from and put an end to it.


    Very mixed reaction here. If this author had known more about the subject he might have been ok as a Destroyer writer. The satire is a lot like what Destroyer fans are used to. The action flows pretty well. But, he really missed the mark on Remo and Chiun.



    Thomas Allen Hardy- Convicted killer who was exeuted for his crimes many years ago but his fingerprints and DNA are turning up at recent crime scenes.

    Quentin Radcliff- Doctor who has worked out a way to clone humans.

    Joy Patton- Girl who escapes from Radcliff's breeding ground and helps Remo in his investigation.

    Chelsea Radcliff- Daughter of the doctor.


    Remo uses the name Remo Walker as an FBI agent and Remo Washington as a journalist.

    Chiun watches Jackie Chan and calls him an imposter.

    Chiun shows a lot of knowledge of tv and movies. He calls Remo a Ghostbuster. He watches several infomercials, but has given up on football.

    Remo drinks a Coke and thinks about how bad food used to harm him but now that he has been in Sinanju training so long his body can stand a rare indulgence.

    Smith has a blue telephone for calls from Remo.

    Remo thinks of his father, Sunnyjoe, and mention is made that Grandma Mulberry has gone home.


    No man is compelled to prove himself at the expense of reason.

    If you spend all your days evading death, where is the time for life.


    Fingerprints and DNA found at recent crimes point to a long dead criminal. When suspects are found, they also have the same face as the executed man. Remo is sent to find out where these killers are coming from and who is behind the operation.


    This book started out as a good Destroyer novel in my opinion. It was fast moving, and had a lot of the humor and satire that I am used to seeing. Remo, Chiun and Smitty seemed to be back to normal. The author showed that he had watched the movie by mentioning that Remo listens for the creaking of flexor tendons before a trigger is pulled. He also has Remo running on a beach without leaving prints, like he is floating. The author makes several references to past books, too.

    Later, the book starts to become more Executioner-like again. Remo gets too smart and does too much investigating and research. He doesn't just go in and find out the problem and the cause by using Sinanju. He knows who the badguy is but he tries to find proof. He also thinks too much about the Sinanju skills he uses.

    The book was written by the infamous Mike Newton, but he has either improved since 108 or he had lots of help. There is still a lot of room for improvement but this one does show some hope for the future of the series.



    Dr. Augusta Coffin-Remo's chapter 2 target.

    Esther Clear-Seer -Founder of the Church of the Absolute and Incontrovertible Truth who teams up with...

    Mark Kaspar-Discovered the secret of the Oracle of Delphi. Uses it to gain wealth and power.

    Zen and Gary-Ice cream moguls looking for help from the oracle.

    Buffy Brand-Undercover FBI agent in the church.

    Pythia-Name of the prophet who speaks through the virgins collected by Esther.

    Moss Monroe-Billionaire, former presidential candidate.

    Barry Duke-Host of cable TV call-in program.

    Michael Princippi-Former preidential candidate who wants to try again.

    T. Rex Calhoun-Senatorial candidate.

    J. Cole-Senator.

    Lori Cole-Senator's daughter.


    Smith ia really showing his age but still manages to get involved in the field.

    Remo uses many names, Remo Falwell, Remo Olsen, and Lawrence Welk.

    The story of Chiun's first killing is related. A Japanese soldier.

    Remo is caught unawares several times but with a plausible explanation. Since the enemy knows what Remo will do before he does it, he knows how to attack.

    Remo is barely accosted by females, but no mention is made of shark meat.

    Remo deflects bullets using a wall of air compressed by his hands.

    The story of Master Tang the Dullard is told.


    The secret of Apollo's Delphi Oracle is discovered. It is put to use to foretell future events for profit. Problem is, it is being used by a religious group that Smitty thinks could go like Waco. Remo is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, in the area around the church, many young girls are being kidnapped, including the daughter of a senator.


    I may be lowering my expectations, but I liked this book. It had some of the satire and humor I expect. Chiun was more involved and spouted a story of Sinanju. Smitty gets out of his office and gets involved in the action. Real people and events are satirized. It seemed like a Destroyer novel to me.
    It did not have the characters that Will Murray was adding to the books, and they are not even mentioned. Remo also seemed to be too much of a smart-ass at times but not too different from the early Remo.
    Not one of the all-time bests but so much better than what we have been getting.



    Dominic "Grips" Scubisci-Chapter two target and murderer.

    Tony Scubisci-His son.

    Don Anselmo Scubisci-His brother and head of the family.

    Bernardo Patriconne-Rival Mafia leader.

    Guillermo Murietto-The man murdered by Dominic.

    Andy Frost-Loan officer in the bank where the interface demonstration is done.

    Clive Butler-Bank president.

    Lothar Holz- Leader of the interface group.

    Mervin Fischer-His assisstant.

    Curt Newton-Scientist with PlattDeutsch.

    Bev Woo-TV news anchor.

    Ron Stern and Geist-Technicians at PlattDeutsch.

    Captainn Josef Menk-WW II coptor of Smitty.

    Ernst-Man who tortured Smitty.

    Gert Higgins-Smitty's neighbor.

    Maude-Smitty's wife.

    Adolf Kluge-Member of The Four which I assume will be detailed in another book.

    Heinrich Kolb aka Erich von Breslau-Nazi war criminal who has been in hiding since the war.

    Zach Pendale-First man to try instant Sinanju.

    Bootsy, Mindy, and Brion-Flight attendants.

    Helena Eckert-U.S. Secretary of State.

    Clamidia-Her maid.

    Sir Geoffrey Hyde Black-British ambassador.

    Parkins-His valet.

    Arkady Rokossovsky-Russian ambassador.

    Leonard Zabik, Aaron Solon, Simon Waxman, David Leib-Guinea pigs for PlattDeutsch.

    Gladys Finkle-Leonard's neighbor.

    Edna-Leonard's mother.


    Harold Winston Smith uses the Butler Bank of New York.

    Remo still uses the continuous 1 phone code.

    Remo has been watching PBS documentaries.

    Remo uses an ID for Louis Washington III, an African American.

    Chiun uses an ID for Stella Tresaloni.


    The sky is seen in many shades of blue but it is never striped.

    Go goose a gorilla. Remo

    Don't be such a girl's blouse. Remo


    A research organization figures out how to interface with the human brain and control body functions. Smitty, by sheer bad luck happen in on their experiment and they get information from his brain in their study and find out about Sinanju. They use Smitty to get Remo and get the secrets of Sinanju from Remo to be put in other people. They also get control of Remo and later Chiun. How can they get out of this?


    This was a very good story in my opinion. The plot and pacing were first rate. I did not want to stop reading after I got started. It was great to see Smitty in action again. He really plays a large part in the action.



    Nils Schatz-The new Fuhrer.

    Adolf Kluge-The latest head of IV.

    Linus Pagget-Nun killer and chapter 2 victim of Remo.

    Monsieur d'Ailerons-French manager of the bank where IV has its money.

    Gertrude Higgins-Smitty's neighbor who convinces Maude to get tickets for a 50th anniversary trip.

    Maude Smith-Mrs. Smitty.

    Claude Civray and Maurice St. Jean-Workers at French depository of unexploded WWII bombs.

    Helene Marie-Simone-French spy.

    Rudi, Hans Michtler, and Paul Niemlur-IV workers.

    Fritz Dunlitz-IV Field Marshal.

    E. C. T. Bexton-British Air Force Colonel.

    Edmund Carter-British scientist.

    Sir Guy Philliston-Head of British Intelligence (which Chiun calls an oxymoron) unit Source.

    Pierre LePotage-Hotel manager.

    Adrien Cresson-French general.


    Smitty decides to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary and actually enjoys himself for a while.

    Remo hums "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"

    Remo does not know German and regrets not learning languages from Chiun.

    Chiun sent word to Hitler that death was coming so Hitler killed himself.

    Henry VIII is called Henry rhe Benign by Chiun

    Remo is rotating his wrists as usual.

    Remo knows how to hot wire a car so he is not completely mechanically inept.

    Chiun stops a truck by standing in front of it and becoming like a stone wall.

    Chiun's favorite color is blue, Remo's is red.


    Now, that was a plan. Remo

    There is more to this than meets the nose.

    Madness does not admit defeat.


    Remo is sent to France to investigate a bombing at the US embassy. Smitty and wife are in Europe for their 50th anniversary. WWII planes start droppping bombs on France. The president of France surrenders to this Nazi attack. The Nazi threat looks to be spreading. How do our boys stop this threat from taking over the world?


    Best yet from new author Jim Mullaney. Fast plotting and action. Remo and Chiun find new ways to remove enemies. Smitty is again in the forefront of the action. Mullaney has hit the ground running and has not slowed down. I can't wait for 114 to see how he winds up this trilogy.



    Adolf Kluge-Leader of IV, the Nazi group determined to start the Fourth Reich.

    Herman-His aide.

    Gus Holloway aka Gustav Reichschtadt-Nazi target for Remo in chapter 2 who is noted for the fact that he once threw a chair at Horrendo on TV.

    Lance Drew-Folcroft doctor.

    Kempten Olmutz Hohenzollerkirchen-Member of IV.

    Dieter Groth-Hotel proprietor and Nazi.

    Hirn Zeitzler-Skinhead.

    Heidi Stolpe-Nazi hunter and more.

    Veit Rauch-Defender of the hiding place for IV.

    Keijo Suk-North Korean who robs the House of Sinanju for IV.

    Erwin-Skinhead who gets his nose ring pulled by Remo.

    Friedrich Heine-Sent by Germany to stop Kluge.


    Remo whistles a new tune, the Star Spangled Banner.

    Remo whistles a pitch high enough to break glasses.

    Chiun is watching and enjoying a British comic, Rowan Atkison.

    Smitty is having terrible headaches due to being hit on the head durng his trip to France.

    Smitty actually uses the word kill instead of one of his usual euphemisms.

    Chiun and Remo can detect land mines from inside a car.

    In the Sinanju treasure room, there are two stone tablets that have been broken and repaired. There are 5 lines written on each tablet in a language that Remo does not know. Chiun says that the Hebrews at one time held them as significant.


    The story of Master Bal-Mung of the Fruitless Quest. At one point, he was called Bal-Mung the Good but he blew it. Two other masters were named Bal-Mung but there names were changed so as not to cause shame of association. He squandered his masterhood on a fool's search for gold. He worked for a king aroun 500 AD and was promised much gold. The king sent him on a journey. The king was killed while Bal-Mung was away. The king had hidden the gold. Bal-Mung spent the rest of his masterhood searching.


    What put the goose in your step?  Remo

    Hang Hitler.  Remo

    Good morning Starshine.  Remo

    Yada, yada, yada.  Remo

    I have seen many sunsets, yet each is always more beautiful than the last.

    Only the humorless man is ever accused of being so.

    Fortunately, for all our sakes, you are not paid to think.


    Clues to the whereabouts of a centuries old treasure are found. The treasure is claimed by many, including Sinanju and the group known as IV. To find it, they all must work together. Meanwhile, others are worried that if the treasure is found, it could ruin the economy of the world.


    Decent wrapup of the IV saga without completely ending it. Smitty is not as noticable as he has been lately, possibly due to health concerns. Overall, the book has less humor than I like but it is still a good adventure. Remo and Chiun show off some new moves. We learn of another failed master.



    Michael Princippi-Former presidential candidate who wants another shot.

    Man Hyung Sun-Leader of the Loonie cult who would prefer to be called sunnies.

    Roseflower-Aide to Sun.

    Pak Sok-Korean ambassador to Germany.

    Wendell and Styles-Smitty's doctors while he was in the hospital.

    Lance Drew-Doctor at Folcroft.

    Dan Bergdorf-Infomercial producer.

    Harold Stein-Radio shock jock.

    Rim Kim Soe-Assistant for Sok.

    Keijo Suk-Korean representative to Germany.

    Kim Jong II-Leader of North Korea.

    Randolph Gillotti-Mayor of NY.

    Dame Lady Mystique-Sunnie psychic operator.

    Howell McKimsom-US ensign and Sunnie who fires missile at Korea.

    Hyok-Korean security officer.

    Cassandra and Cleft-Soap actors.

    Nick deSouza-US colonel on the DMZ.

    Kim Dae Jung-South Korean President.

    Yun Yong Gun-Korean captain who fires missile at Korea.

    Bae Park-Assistant minister of National Defense of Korea.


    Smitty is recuperating from brain surgery for fluid on his brain.

    Remo keeps rotating his freakishly thick wrists.

    Pyon ha-da is the Korean Birth of Death and Death of Birth when the creator fixes his mistakes and makes the whole world Korean.

    Chiun still has better skills at some things that Remo. He spots attackers faster than Remo.

    Remo is finding new ways to kill creatively, just ask the gut to whom remo feeds a banana clip. Remo tells him it will be a good source of carbohydrates for that killing energy.

    Chiun slaps a man on the forehead so hard that his eyes pop out in gory detail.

    Some Koreans have such a small food supply that even vomit is not off limits.

    Chiun retells the story of the creation of man.

    The US president is entertaining a female while his wife is away.

    Remo is attacked and forces his attackers to put their hands on their heads, no biggie except that no one can get the hands back down.

    Remo and Chiun prepare to battle each other. Their focus on each other is so lond and intense that they become very tired. A shooter is almost able to get them without them noticing.

    There are a lot of very gory details of death in this book.


    Sinanju is responsible for the death of Charlemagne.


    Assassins cannot function where men are civilized.

    Germans are their own air bags.

    Do not assault my delicate ears with trivialities.

    Fear breeds honesty.


    The Loonie (Sunnie) cult is back. Their leader enlists the aid of Princippi and the Delphi Oracle to get his mission going. Since Sun is Korean and he is promising an old Korean prophesy will come to pass, Chiun is very interested. There are also some very strange goings on in Korea that Remo has to deal with while Chiun is with Sun. Finally, there is a great conflict between the two Masters of Sinanju. Can the world survive?


    Another good read from Mr. Mullaney. The humor is good. I loved the scene with the president and his girlfriend while talking to Smitty. The fighting and killing scenes have a little more grit to them. The book takes some familiar characters and makes them interesting again. Mr. Mullaney even kills off some of the old characters. What will he do when he runs out of ideas and has no old stand by baddies to fall back on, oh, my.



    Sam Makin-Policeman who becomes Remo Williams, the Destroyer.

    Sheila Winsted-Pshchologist who tests Remo.

    Con McCleary-CURE operative who drafts Remo.

    Chiun-Korean Master of Sinanju and trainer of Remo.

    Harold W. Smith-Head of CURE.

    Anthony D'Amico-Army private killed by faulty weapon.

    Sergeant Johnson-Squad leader.

    General Watson-Crooked general.

    George Grove-Businessman who is cheating the army with faulty weapons and bogus defense plans.

    Mrs. Marker-His secretary.

    Jim Wilson-Aid to Grove.

    Harmon-FBI agent.

    Mel Bergman-Computer engineer for Grove.

    Nathan Archer-Grove worker.

    Robert Tarbush-Newspaper columnist.

    Reginald Stone-Grove henchman with a diamond in his tooth.


    Submarine to Sinanju is the USS Crawfish.

    Remo is to be trained to specialize in the accidental kill.

    Smith is described as lemony but wears a green and black tie and goes to work at 8 AM.

    Chiun watches a soap called Love and Death.

    Good scene where Remo follows McCleary but McCleary can't find him. Would have been good in the movie.

    Chiun is careful to only fire two bullets at a time at Remo. A third would get him. Later in the book though, Remo improves.

    Chiun wins 12 pandas and a Miss Piggy at Coney Island.

    Remo whistles Whistle While You Work.


    Master Go discovered that the mind has 10 parts and most people only use one part.

    Master Toksa killed King Tut for nonpayment.


    Even a pebble falls like a mountain into goose down.

    The best way to learn is to listen to him who knows. I know, you do not know. Listen.

    The greatest weapon on earth is your mind.

    Man is the only animal that does not believe in his own power.

    You ate Tuesday. Now quiet.

    Because a caterpillar is faster than a flower does not make it a bolt of lightning.

    To be proud of what you do is to look behind you.

    Never love a child training to be a master until manhood when it s assured he will live a long time.


    A secret government organization called CURE is set up to take care of problems that our laws cannot. The problem here is an organization that is cheating the government out of money for a defense contract that will not work and could leave us open to attack.


    Book is much better than the movie. There are numerous scenes and lines of dialogue that would have made the movie much better even though the plot itself was weak. I wish that some of these scenes had been filmed and could be put back in for a special release.

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