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King Adras-Deposed monarch of Lobynia, who Chiun has to return to the throne.

Colonel Muammar Baraka-Led the revolution to overthrow Adras and becomes a pawn for Nuihc.

Paulie Mobley (fat) and Philbin (thin)-2 phony FBI agents, fat and thin, used to let Remo know that Nuihc has returned. Used badges instead of ID cards, this was the clue that they were phony.

Jessie Jenkins-Agent of CURE who becomes a Remo love interest.

Clayton Clogg-President of Oxonoco oil who tries to work out a deal with Baraka.

Pat Callahan-King’s personal pilot.

Muhammed Ali Hassan-Lobynian Air Force Chief of Staff.

Caesar Ramirez and Chico-Punks who try to rob Remo in chapter two. One gets his lips yanked and the other lends Remo his wrist.

Dr. Marvin Ravelstein-Idea for using the shale left after oil is extracted so oil will be cheaper.

Dr. Erik Johnson-Another victim.

Lt. General Jaafar Ali Amin-Minister of Intelligence.

M. Alphonse Juarin-Frenchman helping Lobynia.

Carlotta-One of the women sent to pick up the bodies of Mobley and Philbin.

Baktar-Wise man who tell Baraka he will meet death from the east that comes from the west.

Father Harrigan-Preacher Remo meets on the plane and calls him Marjoe.

Nuihc-The evil nephew is back.

Abu Telib-Man Chiun sends to the hotel to acquire rooms for Chiun and Remo.

Red-Works for Clogg and is killed by Remo.


Chiun mentions that Remo's thick wrists are a gift from nature.

Remo has learned to change his appearance by manipulating facial muscles, making surgery unnecessary.

Chiun watches The Rampant and the Beautiful.

Chiun explains again how God made the perfect man, the Korean. White men were not cooked enough and black men cooked too long, the yellow man was just right. Then the thoughts were made and again the creator was off on the Japanese, Chines, Thais, and Viet Namese, only the Korean was correct and then only in Sinanju.

Remo is Remo Goldberg, and Chiun is again Mr. Park.

Chiun wears a 2 piece black Karate outfit to go and fight Nuihc.

Remo has lost 10 to 15 pounds in his 10 years in Sinanju but has kept his thick wrists.

Remo can make his knuckles jump, not a big deal but it passes time when you have to listen to Smitty.

Remo watches the trigger finger of a gunman.

Lobynian flag is green and orange.

Chiun has his 14 trunks and gets people with his nails if they get too close. They think it is a bee sting.

Remo contacts Smitty through Chicago Dial-a-prayer. His voice code “Gimme that old time religion” gets him to Smitty.

Remo drinks some carrot juice.

Remo kills a man with the ironing table like you see in cleaning businesses.

Remo says to Clogg, the oilman, that he is The Man Who Wears the Star, an old Texaco reference.

Soap As the Planet Revolves.

Chiun takes the window seat to watch the wing of the plane.

They meet in the place of the dead animal, an oil field.

Nuihc is left on the ground after being blown away by an oil gusher.


Sinanju had an old contract with the great Caliph of Lobynia for protection. When Chiun learns that the descendant of the Caliph has been deposed he has to go to Lobynia to rectify the situation.

Sinanju worked for Amenhotep and Louis XIV

Master cannot take the life of anyone from the village. This keeps the Master from becoming a tyrant.


Remo hangs by his heels from a door molding. Chiun throws balls at Remo who has to catch them with one hand and roll them back at Chiun who has already thrown the next ball. This is to teach control of the body under any circumstances.

Remo stands on only his index fingers, then on one finger, then he bounces on the one finger. I haven’t mastered the bounce yet.


No greater enemy exists than one's own illusion of safety.

Freedom to be stupid is the worst slavery of all.

Fools should be provided protection from themselves.

I sleep well. I am well fed. I exercise daily. Why should I not be all right.

How can I tell you if you do not know?

To be wise is merely not to be as stupid as everyone else. Baraka

To reason with the unenlightened is like trying to make a building by watering stones.

He is a defective diamond. You are a highly polished piece of gravel. That’s almost a compliment. Then I withdraw it.

You try. I do.

There is only one thing that can save you from that typhoon. That is another typhoon. Nuihc


American scientists who are working on oil substitutes are being killed. A Middle Eastern oil supplier has cut off our supply. Remo is sent to investigate and finds an enemy far worse than he expected.


My overall reaction to this one is disappointment. The story is good. The interplay of Remo and Chiun is ok. The problem is Nuihc. You wait through the whole book for the showdown and it is a letdown. I expected too much and got disappointed. Story of my life.



General Douglas Van Riker-Designer of the Cassandra missile.

Colonel Ivan Ivanovich Valashnikov-Russian officer who was supposed to find the Cassandra.

Lyn Cosgrove-Indian activist and writer of My Soul Rises from Wounded Elk.

Dennis Petty-Leader of the activist group the Revolutionary Indian Party.

Wayne Ramage Henderson Hubbard Mason Woodleaf Kelley Brandt-store owner in the town where all the action is and leader of the opposition.

Perkin Marlowe-Actor and activist

George-Man Remo mistakes for Van Riker and rips his suit looking for a mole to tell if the man is Van Riker.

Jerry Lupin aka Wild Pony and Bart Thompson aka Running Bear-Members of RIP.

Jerry Candler-NY Globe reporter.

Jonathan Bouchek-TV news reporter.


Remo spends a lot of time whistling in this book. One time he even gives himself away by whistling while he is sneaking around.

Chiun mentions the delicious melons of Persia. Something that he speaks of quite often through the years.

Remo is said to look Indian. This is the first mention of his heritage.

Remo says he runs a mile in 3 minutes.

The Pittsfield post office box is mentioned as a place where Chiun hoped to get job offers.

Remo says his normal breath rate is 7 times a minute. 12 per in a workout.

Chiun and his 14 trunks.

The closed phone line that Smitty uses works on a variation code off a multiple of 5 based on the day of the week.

Chiun supports third world except for browns, blacks, Latins, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Burmese, and Viet Namese. That leaves Koreans but the south Koreans are lazy, the Yalu are dirty, Pyong Yang is a whorehouse. Only Sinanju is acceptable and then only a small part of it.

Chiun tapes 2 shows while he watches a third.

Remo says his name is George Armstrong Custer.

Remo whistles Nearer My God to Thee.

Book takes place at Wounded Elk, Montana.

Chiun’s kimono has Chinese characters that mean “absolute” or “Master”.

Remo drowns a man in a toilet much like Chiun did to a skycap when he first came to America.

When Remo can’t find his marshall’s badge he flashes a Twinkie wrapper.

There is a scene in a supermarket where the owner is trying to stop people from squeezing the toilet tissue.

Valashnikov tries to hire Chin for Russia. He lies to him though about soap operas.

Remo cuts an electric wire with his hands but leaping in the air and slashing the wire while he isn’t grounded.


Remo has a workout while laying on a bed and imagining his workout and location. While Remo is doing his workout he visualizes a pond in Pittsfiled, Mass., where Chiun has his PO Box. Remo runs his workout around the pond, raising his pulse and forcing more blood to his legs as he visualizes running around the pond.


When a person cannot do one thing well, he seeks to do many to compensate.

Royalty marries royalty not so much because it is a powerful alliance, but because only royalty can comprehend royalty.

It's not nice to fool the Master of Sinanju.

Insanity still runs amuck.

From Remo, "You speak with fucked tongue."

Incorrect technique gives me nightmares.

Will you fight to the death? Yours, yes – mine, no.

The courteous man tries many roads to understanding.

One is not always sure a thimble will hold a lake

An emperor is a president is a czar is a bishop is a king.

In the mind of your enemy is the right place for your weapon.

Keep your wigs warm.

You takeum him home and fixum him up or I breakum your asses.

There’s something wrong with your eyes, they’re open.

What you call science knows none of the world’s secrets.

Do you praise the light bulb for lighting?

A simple question, the kind you answer best.

And the rock melts before the water.

It’s a negative positive.

By the shore of Gitchee Goomee, by the old Moulmein Pagoda.


Sinanju worked for the Romanovs.


In 1961, the U.S. developed and hid the perfect weapon. The Cassandra missle. Only one man knows its location. Russia has tried for years to find it. Now, over a decade later, a group of Indian activists have an uprising on the secret site. Remo and the weapon's designer are sent to keep everything from goin boom.


The books just kept getting better and better in the old days. This was another strong offering for the series. Chiun is very visible and busy. Remo is not the brightest candle in the box, but he can give off a light when it's needed. Part of the reason I like this one is the memories I have of such activism as the book speaks of. I remember this kind of stuff happening a lot in the days of my wasted youth.



Judge Mantell-Chapter two target that Remo hangs by packing tape out a window 13 floors up to make sure he finds a pusher named Joseph Bosco or Bisco guilty.

Dom- his bodyguard/executioner who Remo takes care of.

Mr. Gordons-Robot/android made for the space program. It is an assimilator and fabricator and its main program is survival.

Dr. Vaness Carlton-Scientist who made Mr. Gordons, along with Mr Seagrams Mr Smirnoff Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels. Dr. Carlton is the creator of the Carlton paradox. Man has a limit to his creativity, he cannot duplicate it.

Morris Moe Alstein, Sergeant Pitulski, and Robert Jellicoe. Steel, fire, and water. Killers used by Gordons to study Remo.

Francis Forsythe-CIA agent on loan to the Treasury Department to stop a counterfeit problem caused by Gordons.

Al-One of Forsythe’s helpers who tries to kill Remo and Chiun.

James Castellano-Secret Service assistant district supervisor for counterfeit currency and gets dismembered by Gordons.

Beth Marie-His wife

Captain Fred Barnwell-Pilot killed by Gordons.


The authors really wanted to get the lemony aspect of Smith across in this book. The word lemony is used at least 9 times in chapter one alone and several more times in chapter two.

Remo uses a paste made of beans and burned almonds to darken his skin for night work.

Remo senses a metal object in someone's hand.

Sinanju is located south of the Yalu River.

Remo uses the name Remo Brian.

A package with a blue tag means it is for Remo only to see.

Chiun plays with some model airplanes and later uses one to kill a man.

Gordons is thought to be killed by the launch of a rocket over his body.

Remo’s wrists described as like baseball bats

Remo hums Young at Heart as a CIA sniper preoares to shoot Chiun, right before Chiun kills the man with a model plane in his skull.

Chiun spots a flaw in the engineering of a DC-10

Mark of Sinanju described as inverted trapezoid with a vertical line bisecting it, a figure for house. Chiun also makes another mark which means absolute and represented his name and title.

Chiun discusses a football player who does commercials for ladies stockings and calls him a fraction back.

Soap character from As the Planet Revolves, Mrs. Loretta Lamont. There is also a mention of the picture of Rad Rex

Gordons makes what look like photographs of remo and Chiun but are actually fine etchings done in ink.

Remo says “That’s the biz, sweetheart” to Jellicoe while they are under water.

Mr Gordons took his face from a picture of Dr Carlton’s father.

Chiun thinks the Watergate hearings are a regular tv show with a fat man asking questions and a Hawaiian who talks funny.

As would be assassins are outside rubbing their fingertips together, Chiun is inside the room talking about how the men are rubbing their fingertips together.

Chiun looks for the resignation desk at an airport.

Chiun takes the head of Forsythe and tries to make it look like Remo to fool Gordons.

Gordons puts a tracking device on Remo, Chiun uses it to fool Gordons as to their whereabouts.

Chiun fools Gordons by telling him how he will attack, Gordons figures that is a ruse so Chiun says that was his plan and he will really do it that way. Gordons looks at the wrong attack and Chiun gets him in the rocket launch area.

Chiun’s eyes are hazel.


No one can truly know anyone else for no one truly knows anyone else.

Hello is all right. - Mr Gordons
Goodbye is better. - Chiun

He who leaves vengeance to others will never slake his thirst.

That's the biz, sweetheart. - Remo

When a man does not walk like a man or talk like a man or act like a man it is time to think he is perhaps not a man.

He moves too slow, I can take him.
An avalanche can be slow. A wave can be slow.

A synapse is a retelling, but shorter, of a story.
That’s a synopsis, Chiun.

Many fools, even together, are still fools.

Idiots always attack at midnight.

I am always me.

Hey, you refugee from Oz, get down out of there.


Climbing a smooth brick wall


In Arabia, a former Master first met the house of Hasashins. This house was so powerful that the Master retreated until more could be learned of this house. It took 80 years to discover the weakness so another Master could defeat the house. The Hasashins used hashish on their followers.

Another Master was hired by the thieving Chinese to perform a minor service. He was not paid and the emperor was so well fortified that the Master had to leave. The Master waited until he saw what the emperor needed. Once he found the emperors need he was able to approach the emperor and collect.


While working on spaceship components, a scientist develops a robot with a program to survive at all costs. The robot escapes and seeks creativity to help it succeed. It makes billions in counterfeit money to blackmail the government into giving it a creativity program. Remo is sent in to stop it but this machine seems unstoppable.


This was, I think, the first book to get into more of a science fiction type theme. Super robots and all. Still a fun book to read but I remember at the time I first read it having a little trouble with the believability of it. Reading it now, more than 25 years later, it does not seem as far fetched.



Maharaji Gupta Mahesh Dor-Leader of the Divine Bliss Mission, loves to play Pong, a forerunner of today's video games.

Joleen Snowy-Convert of the Maharaji who is won back by Remo and Chiun.

Elton Snowy-Joleen's father, who is trying hard to find her.

Reverend Titus Powell-Sent to India by Elton to find Joleen but is killed.

Clete-Chp 2 victim of Chiun who turns out to have been a contact for Remo.

Winthrop Dalton and V. Roder Harrow III-Partners in a drug company on the NYSE and followers of the Maha.

Ferdinand de Chef Hunt-Last in a line of a family of assassins who were taught by Sinanju to manipulate objects as weapons. Hired to kill Remo and Chiun and guess what, he fails. Father's family from Texarkana, my home town.

Loretta-Clete’s girlfriend

Wille Sweetman Johnson and Muhammid Crenshaw-Motorcycle toughs who encounter Remo and Chiun. One has his afro dipped in gasoline and enflamed the other gets Chiun’s forefinger in his brain through his helmet.

Martin Mandelbaum-Airport terminal manager

Miss Perkins-His secretary

Kelly-His second in command

Gasphail Krishna aka Irving Rosenblatt-Chief Arch-Priest, California district.

Fester and Puling-Friends of Elton

Cletis Larribee-CIA official with state secrets he is planning to give to the Maha.


Smith is in his late 50's

Remo shipped out to Vietnam from San Diego and had planned to return there to live.

Remo unexcites a woman with his feet.

Remo knows his internal clock is off but no explanation is given and it means nothing later.

Chiun thinks he is taken to Disneyland and wins at a side show game as he did in the movie, only the game is different. Chiun also argues with a little girl over who gets to ride in a red boat.

Remo is sickened by the smell of liquor and beer.

Remo watches a finger tighten on a trigger.

Remo and Chiun were scheduled to be taken to Sinanju on a sub named the Harlequin. Ironic that now something of the same name is about to sink the Destroyer.

Chiun thinks baseball is racist since Remo will not let him have a home run when he throws a plate by Remo.

Smitty meets them in Roswell in a gray Chevy Nova.

After a run in with a sheriff Remo gets Smitty relaxed by forcing all of the air out of his lungs. The fresh aired sucked back in relaxed Smitty

Remo and Chiun leave footprints by a body.

Remo went with a girl who lived on Lorky St in San Diego.

Chiun has a wispy beard

Chiun cals the Watergate hearings Gatewater.

Sinanju children are taught to close their eyes and make the tiny white globules of light into one relaxing line of light to help the nap.

Chiun speaks Oriya. An Indian tongue.

Dor is a Pong addict but Hunt beats him.

Chiun plays a side show game and does it so well he shows Remo he can do it blindfolded but Remo lets the operator move the nickel from where it really lands so Chiun will lose.

Hunt causes a ride to break while Chiun is on it, Chiun prevents it from plunging to the earth and thinks Disney made the ride that way and wonders how regular Americans can save themselves on it.

Folcroft is 300 miles north of D.C.

Chiun allows Joleen to squeeze his hand.

Remo stops a rape in the simplest way possible, by rendering the offending instrument harmless.

Hunt tries to throw two stones at Remo to fool him. He throws one and then the other a little to the right of the first so that when Remo dodges the first, the second will hit him. Remo dodges the first and then catches the second.

When Chiun returns Remo is so happy he brushes away moisture from his face that he didn’t know was there. Remo obviously hadn’t gained control of his body responses yet.

Chiun kills the Maha with a blow that will cause kidney failure weeks later.


There has never been a shortcut to anything worthwhile.

The worm never helps the eagle.

An assassin's work is never done.

Are these flower children? Why do they not smell like flowers?

Do well and love justice and practice mercy and all will be well with you.

Alcohol is for pickling things that are dead or people who wish to be.

Many things are holy, but few of them are holy men.

You want a piece?
A piece of what? Asked chiun

It is always tiring attempting to enlighten the invincibly ignorant.

She was still as loose as a pail of killies. (I hope that was a typo and really should read kitties)

Racism is the defense adopted by the inferior person.

All whites smell funny.

To make beauty from a diamond is given to many men. Ah, but to make beauty from a pale piece of pig’s ear is something else.

Only a fool looks foolish, and only a fool twice over worries about it.

Whee (Chiun at "Disneyland")

How will you white people ever improve yourselves if you don’t marry up to yellow?

Beer is made from a grain that only cows can consume and even they need two stomachs to manage the task.


The people of the Ilhibad were banished to live in the hills of India when some of their people planned to kill someone under the protection of a former Master. The Maha is one of the Ilhibad and has dared to leave the hills.


Chiun throws lacquered plates at Remo in a motel in Roswell, NM.
Plates are just slower than 22 bullets


CURE has lost four agents while they were investigating the Divine Bliss Mission. Smith is worried about the potential problem of thousands of religious fanatics running around especially since many government leaders seem to be followers. Remo is sent to find out what the mission is up to and end it if necessary.


This book lacks what several of them have lacked through the years, a worthy bad guy. Sure, the Maharji is a bad dude who needed to be stopped but it should not take the world's greatest assassins to do it. I also missed Smitty in the book. He had very little to do. The sub plots were good though. Chiun at Disneyland was hilarious.



James Bellamy Dawkins-Assisstant Attorney General and chapter 2 target.

Nuihc-Yes, he is back and he is ready to rumble. Uses several names in the book, Mr. Winch, Mr. Sun Yee, Uinch, and Chuni.

William Ashley-Computer programmer for Folcroft. He met Nuihc at a dojo while Nuihc was recuperating after hie last bout with Chiun. His death is used in this book to send a message to Chiun and Remo.

Hawley Bardwell-Trained by Nuihc to deliver the first blow to damage Remo.

Fred Westerly aka Fred Wetherly(nice job by the editor)-Delivers the second blow.

Lynette Bardwell-Delivers blow #3

Kim Il Sung-Premier of Peoples Republic of North Korea.

Pak Myoch’ong-Sent by Sung to Sinanju to talk to Chiun.

Captain Lee Enright Leahy-US Submarine Darter that delivers tribute to Sinanju as well as Chiun and later Remo.

Needham, Foster-Police recruits being trained by Westerly.


To sneak up on a target, Remo "swims" underneath a heavy layer of snow.

The yearly tribute to Sinanju is less than $10,000 in gold, delivered at 3:00 am each November 12. It costs hundreds of thousands to deliver.

Uncle Marvin is a code name for Smith.

Send Aunt Mildred a birthday greeting for her 55th birthday means to meet Smith at O'Hare Airport at 3:00 pm.

Soap operas in the book are As the Planet Revolves, The Young and the Daring, The Young and the Raw, and Edge of Life.

Chiun writes to an astrologist through the old Pittsfield, Mass. post office box.

In order to show that an opponent is unworthy to kill, an old Sinanju custom is to disgrace him by delivering 4 blows to incapacitate him and leave him to die.

Remo uses the cover Remo Slote, reporter for Pinnacle magazine.

It is reported that Chiun's wife has died.

Chiun says that he got his name by reversing the sound of his real name Nuihc.

Remo cannot speak or understand Korean.

Soap characters Mrs. Lorrie Banks, Dr. Jennings Bryant, Morton Lancaster, Doretta Daniels, Peter Malthus, Blake Winfield, Carson Magnum,Captain Rambough Donnester, and Mary Lambert from As the Planet revolves and The Young and the Daring.

Chiun reads astrology charts from a Brian Kegan of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the same place where Chiun has a PO Box.

Remo uses 40% of his abilities. Most people use 10% at most. Remo says Chiun uses 100%.

Remo Pelham, Bednick, Dalton aliases.

Remo is injured by Nuihc’s people because his body reacts as it was trained to do to their assumed attacks but they get Remo with an attack he can’t stop.

Remo whistles an Aretha tune Needya, bay, baby.

Chiun’s wife denounced the House. Chiun says her family was always jealous of the House

North Korea has been claiming the tribute sent to Sinanju.

Chiun destroys a tank with his hands.

The Rad Rex picture is taken to Sinanju.

Remo cries in pain from Lynette’s attack.

Remo calls Smitty for help.

Smith takes off every other Friday afternoon but he comes in early, sips lunch and works a full 8 hours before he leaves for golf.

Remo’s pulse is 48.

Remo weighed 200 pounds when CURE got him. He has now lost some 40 pounds.

Smitty gets a doctor to care for Remo by threatening his medical director with the IRS. The director threatened the doctor with losing his specialty licenses. The doctor made a motel call.

Chiun’s house is made of stone and glass and wood and steel and rock and shell. It is a low one-story building whose architecture seemed to be American ranch as seen through an LSD haze. Chiun put in a bathroom and a kitchen with a stove. Every inch of floor space is filled with treasures. Remo finds a jar filled with uncut diamonds, the smallest at 2 inches in diameter.

Chiun gives Remo a seaweed mixture to drink to help him heal.

Sinanju fighting uniforms used to be belted until two of Chiun’s ancestors fought over the vacant title of Master and one was strangled by his belt.

Chiun tells the servant girl in Sinanju that Remo shares his heart, mind, and soul if not his blood. Remo is his son.

The people of Sinanju turn on Chiun and favor Nuihc until Nuihc is defeated.

After Nuihc’s defeat, Chiun’s fingernail is red and wet with bood. He must have bent his elbow.


Light to a blind man can at best, only mean heat.

Pain belongs to the living. Only the dead never hurt.

Dippy dong

The greatest weapon is the human mind.

Even a fool who uses his mind is stronger than a wise man who does not.

Can an ocean fill a teacup? Can the sky fill a bowl? Sinanju cannot be given everyone.

This is it? (as Remo sees Sinanju) What a dump.

I am willing to take advice, when it is good.

When trouble comes, it comes at its own time, never at yours.

Inside the best white man is a Korean trying to get out.


Chiun says his grandfather Yui discovered America the year before the czar sold Alaske to the U.S.


Remo is sent to investigate some very unusual deaths. Chiun has gone to Korea. Remo is severely wounded by people who Nuihc has trained to hurt Remo in suicide attacks. Remo realizes that Nuihc is behind it and knows that Chiun is in danger. He struggles to get to Korea for the showdown.


Boy, this one was more than worth the price. It kept me going from beginning to end. Not like the last showdown which was a letdown. We finally get to Korea and see the jewell of the Orient that is Sinanju. We also learn a lot of truth about the people that Chiun devotes his life to serving. A great read.

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