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    James Orayo Fielding-Multimillionaire who hates people and decides to poison the world with his Wondergrain. He fools Remo into thinking he is a great humanitarian.

    William Duffy-Policeman in Newark who sees remo and thinks he recognizes him. Remo does not kill him though, he makes him think he's gone crazy.

    William Jordan-Part of a public relations firm working with the maker of the Wondergrain trying to control the commodities market.

    Johnny "Deuce" Deussio aka John Vincent Deussio-Hired Pete to kill Willoughby so Pete hired two other guys. Deuse works for Guglielmo Balunta. He figures out the east-west defenses that Remo uses.

    Beth Marie-His wife

    Guglielmo Balunta-Deussio's Don.

    Anthony Polski-Sharpshooter sent to kill Remo.

    Emil Growling-Photographer who films Remo for study.

    Maria Gonzales-Cuban revolutionary who is trying to get the Wondergrain for her country.

    Oliver-Manservant to Fielding who is later dropped from a plane by Fielding.

    Goldfarb-Fielding's doctor

    Sister Mary Elizabeth-Nun who used to punish Remo by hitting his hand with a ruler.

    Oswald Willoughby-Commodities broker

    Pete-Pool Hall propriator

    Waco Boy Childers and Charlie Dusset-Pool players

    Vito and Al-Killers for Jordan

    Fred Felice-Hood from Chicago


    Remo uses the name Remo Barker

    Remo visits St. Theresa's orphanage in Newark where he was raised.

    He thinks of Sister Mary Elizabeth who used to flail him with a ruler.

    Smith tells Remo that CURE was behind the fall of Nixon. He hints that CURE was behind the tape recordings of Nixon and the botched burglary of the Watergate.

    Smith doubles the gold payment to Sinanju. about 20,000 in gold

    Remo says it is 1500 years since babies were sent home to the sea in Sinanju.

    Remo understands and explains the commodities market to Chiun.

    Sinanju is on the West Korea Bay.

    Remo and Chiun become coequal partners. A funny exchange follows this where Chiun takes credit for successes and blamed Remo for failures.

    Chiun plays pool and sinks the nine ball on the break 7 times in a row.

    Chiun was 40 when he became Master.

    Remo can speak Korean but not all dialects.

    There are 37 steps to satisfy a woman.

    Going to any lengths takes on a whole new meaning.

    Chiun has become upset that the soaps have become so violent.

    Remo can feel the pressure of a marksman aimingg at him.

    One of the bad guys in the book studies Remo and realizes that he uses eastern techniques for western attacks and vice-versa. He plans an attack using both at the same time. Chiun tells Remo he is not good enough to fight it yet.

    Book says Remo was next to the last man executed in New Jersey.

    Remo says Smity is on the low side of 60

    Soaps As the Planet Revolves with characters Dr Blayne Huntington, Janet Woford, Archbald Woford, Adele Richards

    Remo has a woman in a hotel go up to Smitty and say Hello, Dr Smith, I've read about you.

    Duffy says Remo was better looking in the old days

    Chiun hates seat belts, he thinks of them as bondage.

    Chiun tells the pool players his name but he tells them in Korean

    Chiun tests all of the pool ball for roundness and weight. When he rolls them back the line up perfectly as if racked.

    Chiun holds the cue in the middle with no bridge

    Remo messes up a strok and Chiun makes him do it more until he gets it right.

    Remo senses something in the desert field

    Chiun says India was two consistent traits hypocrisy and starvation

    Step 11 is as far as Remo can get with woman although Chiun tells him that Korean woman can do all 37

    Chiun write to TV stations complaining about the violence

    Chiun snores loudly Hooonnnnnnk on intake and exhaust

    Remo tries to explain tennis to Chiun

    Chiun ends the threat of the bad grain by making Fielding think his wondergrain really does work. Fielding is so upset he stops the program.


    The beginning of all wisdom is ignorance.

    Gambling makes a person weak.

    A man who places his faith in luck instead if in his own skills surrenders his well-being to the whims of fortune.

    You have heard in your lifetimes that no matter how good youare, there is always someone better. I am that person.

    A new experience makes children of us all.

    There is nothing worse than a talky white man.

    Which of the many things you do not understand are you talking about?

    The beginning of wisdom is ignorance. It is a shame you are always at the beginning

    Defeating you in any contest of skill is not gambling

    They killed you to make you not exist so that you could work for the organization that did not exist to protect the document that does not work

    Imperfection is its own disgrace.

    I have the upthrows. Maria Gonzales

    Pardon me boy, is this the Pennsylvania Station? I am the minister of silly walks.

    They laughed at Luther Burbank when he invented the peanut.

    Sunrise comes at last even after the darkest night.


    Super rich dude hates people. He is dying of a rare disease and decides he wants to wipe out the planet. He is going to do it with his new grain. Remo is sent in when strange things begin to happen in the grain market.


    This was a so-so adventure. Smith was nearly invisible. There was no real threat. Remo is easily fooled by the bad guy. It suffers some because I am reading these so close together. I read a great one and immediately follow it with a less than great one and it seems bland. When I first read it over 20 years ago I probably liked it more.



    Mr. Regal-The return of Mr. Gordons, the survivor. He is still looking for creativity, this time in Hollywood. AKA Patrolman Gilbys, and Heublein the delivery boy.

    Jake Waldman-Manhattan Chief of Homicide Detectives who is investigating a most uncreative maltiple homicide.

    Ethel-Jakeís wife

    Judge Walsh-CURE target who gave out too few and too light sentences.

    Ralph, Armand, Phil, and Larry-Kiwanians that Remo meets in an elevator.

    Dr. Robert Caldwell-Alcoholic surgeon who was supposed to use brains to give Gordons creativity.

    Biff Ballon-Actor

    Bertram Mueller-Script writer whose scripts never use the letter y because his typewriter had a broken y key.

    Joe Gallagher-Gate guard at Global Studios


    Arnold Quilt-Chapter 2 target who was a computer programmer for CURE and put together enough proof about the organization to go public.

    Brother George, Brother Che, and Sister Alexa-Revolutionaries who are helping Quilt.

    Wanda Reidel-Hollywood agent who is helping Gordons.

    Del Stacy, Walter Mathias Bleekden, Bertram Mueller, Gerald O'Laughlin Flinn-Hollywood targets of Gordons. One of these people was supposedly an unflattering characterization of one of the authors by the other author.

    Rad Rex-Yes! He is here. He and Chiun actually meet.


    Smitty is in his 50s.

    Gordons says Remo is in his 30s.

    Soap As the Planet Revolves

    Soap stars Val Valerie, Raught Regan

    Characters, Varna Haltington, Dr Bruce Andrews, Alice Freemantle, Damien Plester, Katherine, Dr. Drake Marlen, Nancy Whitcomb, Dr. Wyatt Winston, Dr. Whitlow Wyatt, Brace Riggs, Elmore, Father Daniel Bennington, Meriweather Jessup, Rance McAdams, Randall McMasters, Walker Wilkinson

    Chiun says soaps are being ruined by violence

    Remo was told by a doctor that he doesnít have a human beings nervous system.

    Remo says Sinanju smells like a sewer

    Chiun wants to go to Iran (Persia)

    Remo says he is a hand surgeon, he improves faces with his hands

    He also says he is a genital surgeon

    Remo plays got your nosey wosey with a motorcyclist and actually takes the guyís nose off

    Chiun does a John Wayne impression, ďYeah, StumpyĒ

    Remo is a foot taller and over 50 pounds heavier than Chiun Chiun 99 Remo 155

    The post office box in Massachusetts is mentioned

    Chiun thinks he sees Clark Clable. Remo says it is Clark Gable. So Chiun thinks he sees Clark Gable. Remo says Gable is dead. Chiun says you just told me it was Clark Gable. Remo says the name is Clark Gable. Chiun says if the name is Clark Gable then isnít the man Clark Gable. Remo says eat your rice.

    Chiun takes a bus tour of movie star homes

    Karate is a rifle shot and not a shotgun It does nothing but direct your strength Art creates energy where none existed before

    Chiun splits a pool cue with his fingers

    Soap opera is named The Wrought and the Rampant.

    Remo watches the leg muscles of a person about to shoot.

    Chiun says that Karate is not all bad, it teaches you to focus your pressure.

    Remo chops Gordons up with a fire axe.

    Chiun figured out how Gordons booby trapped the hospital room by asking himself how Remo would do it, another uncreative creature

    Gordons circuit is found in his right foot, last time it was in his stomach.


    While lying on a mat, Remo goes through exercises. He raises and lowers his heart rate from 24 to 96 bpm and breathing down to 2 breaths per minute. He also does finger stands, practices the floater stroke, and goes for a run in his mind.


    Go scratch. by Remo

    Share your good feelings. Keep the bad to yourself.

    Man outlasts everything he makes.

    Blow it out your stethoscope

    I give you diamonds, and you prefer to play with mud.

    The best thing a flower can do is bloom

    Nothing is found that is not known before

    There is no glory in any job; there is glory only in the person who works in that job, no matter how slight it might seem.


    Gordons has returned to destroy the two who threaten his survival. He is still looking for creativity and goes to Hollywood to find it. Before he goes, he injures Smitty and booby traps his hospital room to get rid of Remo and Chiun.


    This one I read quickly. Many of the books were written in such a style and with such action and pacing that I just had to keep reading. This was one of those. Gordons really gives the guys some problems to deal with.



    Dr. Averill N. Charlese-President of Mind Potential Institute of Houston. Chapter 2 victim who figured out that Remo was something special. He actually figured out it was through the breathing after watching Remo do some breathing exercises. He made the mistake of telling Chiun he was responsible for the death of a child so Chiun teaches him why you should not look down from a great height.

    Martin Kaufmann-Government witness in hiding who is killed.

    Major General William Tassidy Haupt-Base comander where Kaufmann was being hidden. Smitty knew his father in WWII.

    Salvatore Polastro-Person against whom Kaufmann was going to testify.

    Tony and Vito-Bodyguards

    Warner Pell-School director where the child killers are trained.

    Alvin Dewar-One of the killers.

    Roberta Kaufmann aka Sashur Kaufperson-Wife of Martin and trainer of killers. Likes to whistle I Am Woman.

    George Watkins-Boyfriend of Roberta who works for the justice dept.

    Robert Calder-Victim killed by an exploding froobie.

    Jimmy Wilkes, Katherine Poffer, Johnny Kruse, Irene Blasinips-Children in the book.

    Speedy-One of the Spade Stones who attacks Remo.

    Mr. Winslow-Custodian at Walter Wilkins school.


    Remo is Remo Maxwell

    Remo's body has reached its maximum but his mind has limitless frontier for growth.

    Remo is six feet tall give or take an inch depending on how he used his body.

    The last time Sinanju sent babies home was 2000 years ago.

    Remo remembers that he thought he saw Smitty smile once but he had a toothache that made him hold his mouth funny.

    Tribute doubled again which put it around 40,000 in gold.

    Remo uses Fallen Petal, the disruption of life forces and death forces which should cause death but just puts them out.

    Smith remembers some of his past with the OSS in WWII

    Hilarious scene where Chiun pulls a man's head through the vent window of his cab.

    Remo gets shot by an enemy he does not notice, a child.

    Chiun tells a story of why the appendix is no longer used.

    Remo thinks of Kathy Gilhooly, the girl he had planned to arry 12 years ago.

    The story of the first Master and the flaming circle from the heavens is told.

    Remo is attacked by a group of muggers and he dispatches them without even breaking his train of thought.

    Golden Triangle is used. The right foot crosses the left at the ankle. Then the lower body starts to spin, followed by the upper body.

    Another funny scene where Remo moves a couch and chair for Chiun.

    Remo says he was once hit by a camera. Which book was it in?

    Chiun says that the Master who trained him was flawed.

    Remo gets a telegram saying Aunt Mildred will be there at 3 am and Remo should not worry about her kidney stones.

    Sinanju was cheated in 82bc, 147ad, 381, 562, 904, 1351, 1822, 1944 and the Depression. The war cheated Sinanju because everyone hired local talent.

    Remo was one of the last to die in the electric chair in New Jersey.

    Chiun only takes 3 of the 14 trunks.

    Chiun spanks one of the children and tells him to go to church.

    Chiun notices that Rad Rex is getting better since Chiun taught him how to move.

    Soap people Warner Hemper, Dr. Theresa Lawson Cook, Mrs. Cortina Woolets.

    Smitty is called emperor because the House only works for emperors.

    Mr Maxwell alias and Remo Spit

    Chiun snores at high decibels

    Remo runs down a building using a telephone wire to slow him down.

    Kaufperson lies to Remo over and over and Remo canít tell it.


    Whiteness can be taken from the mind but not the soul.

    It is always a risk when someone else prepares your food. You put their hands in your mouth.

    You cannot defend against what you do not know.

    Sitting, even a stone is not safe. Rolling, it carries all before it.

    He who thinks he knows before he hears does not know.

    Carp, carp, carp. Remo

    I do not carp. Chiun

    When things get tough, the tough get things.

    The solution to all problems is to kill one, the right one.

    Blow it out your ass. Remo

    Effort is expended when one functions improperly. Correctness brings ease.

    My name is Remo and youíre going to talk to me.

    Sitting, even a stone is not safe. Rolling, it carries all before it.

    Ignorance is even worse than courage.

    Many is the man who watches the sword and is killed by the rock.

    He who uses his full senses is not killed by the thing he watches.

    Ridicule is merely another way of saying something is above you.

    One should not explain the mysteries of the universe to a toad.

    To an imbecile in the dark a candle is the greatest mystery of all for where does the dark go?

    Japanese is Japanese. Language is language.

    He who thinks he knows before he hears does not know.

    Children are promises of greatness.

    Every 5 years a white person changes.

    A reform school is where they send bad kids to make them worse.

    There are no bad children. There are bad societies.

    (You) look for hard where there is easy.

    It is the nature of your kind.

    Chiun trying to be a good ol boy-Hi, fella, I gave up my Monday Night Football to come here to visit my close relative, Alan something.

    We are the ghosts of the men you have killed.

    All you whites look alike.

    From now on move your own couches.

    One day, instead of being a stupid, willful, stubborn, insignificant child, you will be a stupid, willful, stubborn, insignificant adult.

    Thatís not the way you play huckle buckle beanstalk.

    I didnít go to teacher college to avoid Vietnam. That explains why I am not wearing jeans and a peace button.

    No matter how good you are, there is somebody better, except for one person.

    A pale piece of pigís ear is a pale piece of pigís ear.

    Hold tight is wrong. Hold loose if you want to.

    Thanks, co-equal podner.

    I think that wing is loose.

    No one can teach a bird to fly.

    Making children into killers is the worse crime of all.


    Remo walks toward a wall, then lets his momentum carry him up the wall and appears to be walking up the wall.


    Government witnesses in hiding are being found and killed. The killers can't be found. Remo and Chiun are sent in to protect the next possible target, but he is killed. The killers turn out to be something that Sinanju cannot harm.


    Very fast-paced adventure. This one proves you don't have to have a super criminal to make for a good read. There is much classic Chiun and Remo byplay with several good laughs.



    Bobbie Delpheen-Daughter of one of the victims, who is later "saved" by Remo. Chiun gives her tennis lessons.

    Valerie Garner-Assisstant at the museum where the Uctut was kept.

    James Willingham-Museum director and priest of the Actatl.

    Jean Louis Raispal deJuin-King of the Actatl who plans the destruction of Remo and Chiun.

    Mrs. Smith-Smitty's wife.

    Joey 172-Graphiti artist

    Luke-Luncheonette clerk.

    Jethro-Police officer

    Ramona Harvey Delpheen-Rich widow killed by the Actatl.

    Antwan Pedaster Jackson, and Sugar Baby Williams-Seniors at Martin Luther King High School and subway muggers who meet Remo.

    Carl Johann Liebengut-Uncle of Jean Louis.

    William Reddington III-One of the attackers who tries to kill Remo.

    Eliot Jansen Edgemont-Another hidden Actatl.


    Chiun says that his wife slipped from a rock near the bay and drowned. He says patience makes all thing turn out well.

    Remo remember the orphanage and his days as a boy scout and the knots he learned to tie.

    Smitty's wife finds a letter written to Smitty by General Eisenhower apologizing for not being able to give Smith a medal of honor due to the nature of his work in the war. Smitty realized his wife found the Ike letter and burned it.

    Smitty recalls organizing a resistance movement in Scandinavia in the war. Smitty had to shoot his way out of a trap in Scandinavia in WWII.

    Smith gets to see Remo and Chiun in action for the first time and is impressed and frightened by their power. Chiun and Remoís style differ as a pistol differs from a rifle. Remo moves in a blur of speed. Chiun appears not to be moving but things happen.

    Remo is just short of 6 feet tall.

    A person notices that Remo isnít sweating in 105 degree heat.

    Remo has an 800 number to reach Smitty.

    Smitty wears a dark suit with a vest fresh tie and white shirt. Later in the book Remo remarks that Smitty always wears a gray suit.

    Smitty has been married 30 years. A normal happy marriage that just grinds on and on.

    Chiun says his wife slipped on a rock and drowned.

    Chiun takes a tennis racket, jumps up and knocks seven crystals from a chandelier. He catches all of them before he hits the ground and then proceeds to serve each one into a chair. All seven enter throught the same hole.

    Chiun can read Korean, Chinese, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Sanskrit, Aramaic, Swahili, Urdu, and Spanish. He can probably read more but these are listed in the book.

    Chiun think he has discovered America for Sinanju.

    Chiun has warned Remo not to think too much because it dulls the greater senses.

    Soap people, Dr. Rance McMasters, Mrs. Wendell Waterman, Mrs. Ferd Delanettes.

    I found it odd that when they were faced with a hedge maze the first time that Remo and Chiun did not just leap on top of the maze and run.

    Mrs. Harold W. Smith is described as frumpy and 52.

    When Smitty wakes up he always lays still for 3 seconds to be aware of his surroundings.

    Chiun catches a spear in flight.


    To tell the truth to a fool is to be more the fool yourself.

    The sword does not destroy a people; only a better life does.

    Swords kill. They do not change.

    I could get you out of anything but your ignorance.

    It's odd for you to remember something first try. Smith to Remo
    Blow it out your ears. Remo

    Disgusting is a 38-C viewed by a 34-B.

    Like all whites and blacks, you are prejudiced.

    I provide honest service for honest proper tribute.

    Your greatest strength is knowing what you cannot do.

    You whites are so funny.

    Iíve changed my mind.
    How can you change what you have yet to show?

    To tell the truth to a fool is to be more the fool yourself.

    I have been thinking
    Itís about time. Heh heh (said by Remo to Chiun) .


    A Master once disappeared for many years and when he returned he told stories of a new world but he was known to stretch the truth and was not believed. Chiun uses a curse on the Actatl that this Master told about and it puts fear in the Actatl.

    Another Master learned the secret of the maze.


    A congressman who was part of an investigation in some odd records that could lead to CURE is killed horribly. Action is stepped up on the things he was investigating which causes Smith to get Remo in to find out the who and why of the real murderer in hopes of saving CURE.


    I really liked this one a lot. There was a lot of Remo and Chiun going at each other. Smitty also got to get in on some of the action. We learn quite a bit about his wife, too.
    After reading this and some of the other early books I have begun to wonder how much of Remo's ancestry they had planned out from the beginning and how much to attribute to Will Murray. I had always though that Murray came up with all of it but now I am seeing hints at Remo's beginnings in several of these books.



    James Merrick-Boston Marathon leader who quits after he is passed 3 times by Remo.

    Dr. William Westhead Wooley-Inventor of the Dreamocizer.

    Leen Forth-Vietnamese daughter of Wooley.

    Janet Hawley-Pretends to be interested in Hawley in case he comes into some money.

    Donald (Hooks) Basumo-Janet's boyfriend who wants to steal and sell the Dreamocizer.

    Don Salvatore Massello-St. Louis Mafia kingpin who wants it.

    Pietro Scubisci-Head of the New York families.

    Arthur Grassione-Pietro's nephew and chief enforcer of the U.S. crime syndicate.

    Vince Marino-Arthur's #1 flunkie.

    Edward Leung-Chinese servant of Arthur.

    Patti Shea-TV reporter who wants it.

    T B Donleavy-Worlds 33rd best assassin who meets #2.

    Lee (Woody) Woodward-Director of college affairs.

    Margie-Powerology student.

    Freddy (Panther) Davis-Fast runner who tries to catch Remo and is not successful.

    Norman Belliveau-Professor at the college.

    Willie-Dart player

    Clarence-Another player.

    Stanley Weinbaum-Director of admissions.


    Remo can dilate or constrict his pupils, raise the temp of any part of his body 6 degrees, slow his heart to 4 beats per minute or raise it to 108 without moving.

    Remo wants a house early in the book but changes his mind later.

    Remo ran the Boston Marathon 5 times before the winner ran it once. 130+ miles in 2+ hours.

    Some of the Mafia people are after Remo because of damage he did to them in earlier adventures.

    Soap titles are The Gathering Clouds, Private Sanitarium, Young and the Foolish, Search for Yesterday, Hours of Our Sorrow, and As the Planet Revolves.

    Chiun calls Washington DC, Electrical Washington and President Ford is the auto maker.

    Smitty has breakfast of one slice whole wheat toast light with no butter,one one and a half minute egg, and 2 ounces of lemon juice mixed with 2 ounces of prune juice.

    Remo and Chiun play darts in a bar. Remo throws three at one time and puts all three in the highest point area. Chiun throws his three at the same time and sticks them in the ends of the darts Remo threw.

    Remo and Chiun can tell that a house is empty by it's vibrations.

    Chiun drops a piece of paper from over his head and uses his hand to cut it into animal shapes before it hits the ground.

    Chiun makes a girl forget a horrible act by touching a spot on the back of her head.

    Remo is caught in an explosion and fire and contacts Chiun in his mind for help. He thinks of the Shiva mantra as he escapes the fire.

    Chiun watches All My Offspring.

    Mentio is made of a Canadian actor who portrayed an American cowboy and later sold dog food. I think that was Lorne Green.

    Chiun calls the campus a rumpus.

    Remo describes a potential soap Tales of Sinanju starring Lad Lex.


    Many men build dream castles. Only a fool tries to live in one.

    Practice. You will get better.

    Think how much better you would be if you knew what you were doing.

    Vietnamese smell funny.

    We do not practice eating before meals. Why practice running before running?


    Remo runs up steps in a hotel. The first flight he takes 3 at a time, the next 2 flights 6 at a time, the last seven flights he takes with only one step each.


    A professor develops a machine that will project your thoughts and fantasies onto a TV screen. Everyone from the TV networks to the Mafia wants it. Smitty sees use for it too and sends Remo and Chiun to check things out.


    Strange book but I enjoyed it. No super villain, no big threats to the government or anything. OK a possible future threat but not immediate. Just a kind of fun book. Lots of good scenes. When I first read it I thought how great it would be to have such a machine. Now, 22 years later, I still like the idea.



    Walter Forbier-One of the American spies killed in Europe.

    Vassily Vassilivich-Deputy Commander of the Russian spy group Treska, a word that means cod.

    Ivan Mikhailov-Giant Russian spy and killer.

    General Gregory Denia-KGB leader of Treska.

    Dr. Giuseppe Roscalli-Italian communist leader killed by Ivan.

    Robert Buckwhite-CIA agent in Italy killed by Ivan.

    Ludmilla Tchernova-Russian beauty and spy out to kill Remo and Chiun.

    Major Natasha Krushenko-Aid to Ludmilla.

    Jacquanne Juice-Hollywood star and Las Vegas headliner that Chiun uses to try and lure Remo away from Ludmilla.


    Book contains a lot of jokes at the expense of the automaker president, Ford. Former presidents are called by name, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Kennedy is named as the one who started CURE.

    President recalls how the former president told how he was put on top of the Washington monument by Remo and told to resign. The next morning he had limestone in his rectal tissue.

    Remo goes under water for over 20 minutes to get the chapter 2 targets.

    Remo controls his heart rate when a doctor examines him. The doctor expects 72 beats a minute so Remo gives him 72 then doubles it then halves it.

    Remo fights a shark and rips the sharkís belly open.

    Blue code, purple mother finds elephants green with turtles. means White House master bedroom 11:15 tomorrow.

    In Sinanju, coo coo means bad knee. Chiun uses it to describe the phlebitis problem that Nixon had.

    Smith is in his early 60s and appears 10 years younger.

    Four CURE workers learn too much and Remo kills them while they are shark hunting.

    Chiun prevents a person from going into shock by manipulating nerves in his spine.

    Great Ung poetry disappeared around 800 BC, common Ung around 600 AD.

    Chiun moves drapes by pointing and concentrating, using his force to extend from his body to control objects.

    Remo uses name Remo Lindsay.

    Chiun actually has sex with Ludmilla to prove that she only wants to kill Remo. She says she has never been made love to like that. Later Remo calls him a Chink bastard, a dirty two timing conniving slant-eyes Korean fink.

    Chiun speaks of Ivan the Good, the gentle Herod, Atilla the Benign, and the fair-voiced Nero.

    Soaps, As the Planet Revolves, Search for Yesterday, but Chiun gets very angry when he is sent tapes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

    Chiun knows of a secret passage in the Louvre.

    Remo turns off a cab driverís hearing by pressing the bony protuberances below the ears.

    Remo eats steamed brusselís sprouts and Vichy water.

    Ludmilla tries to find out Remoís secret and remo keeps telling her the wrong things. Very Samson like of him.

    Remo tells Smitty he will name his first child after him, Skinflint Tightwad Williams.

    Chiun almost tells Remo he loves him but cannot bring himself to do it. He does admit it to Ludmilla though.

    Chiun throws feathers so that they stick into a wooden wall.


    Do not take any checks.

    Even a knife may shatter; even a strong man may fall.

    I just don't give a bubbly fart how you feel. Remo

    Ragaroo, digalee, freebee doan. Remo

    Go blow it out your ears.

    Next time, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    Rooty Toot Toot.

    All Frenchwomen are diseased. American women are venial and stupid.


    A British explorer once said it sounded like a hysterectomy performed with a blunt spoon.

    The first Master came from the caves of the mist.

    De Gaulle never had work for Sinanju. French leaders before the French Revolution of 1789 used Sinanju.


    The Senate Foreign Affairs Committee disarms our spies in Europe in hopes of easing tensions. Our spies are promptly killed by Russian spies who are not unarmed. Remo and Chiun are sent in for revenge and are turned against each other by a Russian beauty.


    Good story here but suffers from to much filler. I don't know which of the authors used this style but several of the books suffer for it in my opinion. I read the books for Remo and Chiun. I only want enough info on the bad guys to move the story along. There is a lot of good stuff here. It is just written in a different style from many of the books.



    Ben Isaac Goldman, aka Leonard Essendorf, Joseph Brunheim, aka Ephraim Hegez, Helmut Dorfmann, aka Irving Markowitz, Fritz Barber, aka Moishe Gavan-All were members of Hitler's Nazis who hid out pretending to be Jews until the day came to destroy Israel.

    Dustin Woodman-Reporter for the Washington Post.

    Yoel Zabari-Leader of the Zeher Lahurban, an agency formed to protect Israel with atomic weapons.

    Tochala Delit, aka Major Horst Vessel-Leader of the Nazi group pretending to be Jews, and also the first deputy for Zabar.

    Zhava Fifer-Works for Zabari and Remo's love interest.

    Woo Woo Whitfield-Boyhood friend of Remo's who could get free phone calls on pay phones.

    Abulicta Moroka Bashmar-Leader of terrorist team that is sent to attack Israeli patrols but find Remo instead.


    Remo climbs the Eiffel Tower with a drug dealer and lets him fall.

    Chiun gets upset about being sent tapes of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman instead of The Old and the Agitated.

    Some of the stuff that Chiun carries in his trunks are items that he has stolen from hotels.

    Chiun has a kimono especially for running.

    Chiun speaks highly of King Herod as Herod the Wonderful and Herod the Maligned. At the end of the book, Chiun finds the remains of Herod and his treasure.

    The President (Carter) is the leak in this book that tells of our plans to send Remo and Chiun to Israel.

    Remo remembers Deborah, a past love who chased Nazis in book #2.

    Chiun tells the story of how he was hired to kill Hitler but Hitler found out he was coming and killed himself. Germany then refused to pay Chiun.

    Chiun can taste traces of toxic minerals in water.

    Remo allows himself to sweat to get rid of toxins.

    Smith's phone number changes weekly.

    Dove's wing tactic used for defense, where you stay above the attack.

    Funny exchange when Remo calls Chiun petty and Chiun thanks him. Chiun thinks that Remo is comparing him to the great American who goes quickly in circles, Richard Petty.

    Remo tries to be a detective but decides he does not like the thinking bit.


    If everyone was like Jesus, we would starve.

    That which fills the universe I regard as my body and that which directs the universe I regard as my nature. I do not choose to fill my universe with hamburger.

    Training is not knowledge and knowledge is not strength. But combine knowledge with training and one will get strength.

    Think twice, then say nothing.

    Never cut a man with words. They become weapons against you.

    Learn to cut a man with your eyes. They are sometimes stronger than your hands.

    Everything is a weapon in the hands of a man who understands.

    Fear not death and it cannot become your enemy.

    Three reichs don't correct a wrong.


    Israeli boies are showing up in the form of swastikas. Coupled with the fact that there are atomic weapons in Israel and Smitty sees a potential problem. Remo and Chiun are sent to find and fix the problem.


    This is a pretty good adventure. Tired plot of Nazi hunting but with Remo and Chiun involved it was ok. Smitty was about nonexistent though. For a change, the love interest of Remo is not killed, just forgotten.



    Demosthenes Skouratis-Greek shipping magnate and owner of the Ship of States.

    Aristotle Thebos-Rival of Skouratis, married wife of former president.

    Sir Ramsey Frawl-President of company that built the ship and supposed lover of Thebos.

    Pierre Holoub-Deputy consul of Lebanese mission to the U.N.

    Selma Wachsberg and Ruth Rosenstein-Ladies whose phone line crosses with CURE's and get in conversation with Remo and Smitty.

    Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran-Holder of the Peacock throne and new boss of our heroes.

    Helena Thebos-Daughter of Thebos.

    Oscar Walker-Information gatherer for Thebos trying to find out who and what Remo was.

    Mahmoud and Ahmed-Two Libyan guards that get in Remo's way and he teaches them to sing America the Beautiful.

    Ferenzi Barlooni-Libyan chief delegate.


    Remo resigns from CURE

    Chiun says that Remo has learned in 10 years what others took 50 to learn.

    Remo rides on an escalator and as it reaches the top he continues to slide forward for several feet before he starts walking.

    Remo focuses his hearing like most of us focus our sight. He can narrow the angle from which his ears take in sound and can hear a distant whisper in a room full of noise.

    Remo brings Smitty out of an unconscious state with pressure on the arch of his foot.


    He who attempts to transform mud into diamonds should expect to have to wash his clothes often.

    When there is a flower of great beauty and great value, sometimes there are thorns.

    The greater the beauty, the sharper the thorns.

    The greatest danger to any man is his illusion of safety.

    The hand is silent as the night.

    Steel is steel. But people are real.

    From Remo-The world survived the death of Laurel and Hardy, it'll survive the loss of these clowns.

    From the terrorists-Free Scythia.


    A shipping magnate coverts his giant oil tanker into a floating home for the United Nations. The ship turns out to be a death trap. Remo and Chiun have quit Smitty to work for Iran. They end up on the ship to protect the Shah. Smitty is there too to do what he can. Problem is, no one knows who the bad guy is.


    A so so adventure to me. Not enough of the Destroyer stuff I like, the humor and satire. The action was too tame also.

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