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    Alek James Hidell-Oswald impersonator and would be assassin.

    Bud Coggins-Plays the part of Jack Ruby in the scheme.

    Godfrey Grant-Worked at Beasley World.

    Ernest Maus-Captain at Beasley World.

    Sam Beasley-Everyone's dear old uncle who escapes from Remo again.

    Gila Gingold-Republican congressman.

    Thrush Limburger-Right Wing talk show host.

    Pepsie Dobbins-ANC TV correspondent.

    Kevin Powers-Mass. General chief surgeon.

    Win Workman, Kirby Ayers, Clyde Norman, Reynolds, Burton, Jack Murtha, Vincent Capezzi, and Richard Armbruster-Secret Service agents.

    Don Grodin-Countersniper.

    Fred Flowers-BCN reporter.

    Aloycius X. (Buck) Featherstone-Cab driver and conspiracy expert.

    Cody Custer-Thrush assisstant.

    Orvill Rollo Fletcher-Thrush lookalike.

    J D Tippit-Alias of Director X.

    Director X-Head of the RX conspiracy.

    Hardy Bricker-Movie director who was cured of Remo's Sinanju induced amnesia.

    Nancy Jessie Rapunzel-Talk show host.


    Secret Service nicknames; President is Big Mac, First Lady is Ballbuster, Daughter is Braces, Socks the cat is Flea Dip, and the vice-president is Tin Woodman.

    Remo goes to Mavis and Burtz car rental places.

    Chapter two targets are tourist attackers in Florida. Remo disposes of many of them. One of the men loses fingers in his dealing with Remo. Remo suggests sewing them back but the guy did not know they could do that with fingers. He thought it only worked with the part that Bobbitt got cut off.

    CURE is not back up to its full intelligence gathering self yet after the shutdown brought on by the IRS investigation in book #97.

    Chiun makes the mistake of telling a reporter about his job as an assassin for the government.

    Remo uses Remo Eastwood and Remo Wayne Bobbittmas aliases.

    Chiun wants to be known as Old Man Lump.

    To get in touch with Smith, the President goes jogging with a Granny Smith cap on and a T-shirt from Smith College, hoping it will be shown on TV and that Smitty will see it.

    Smitty uses a secret tunnel into the White House as he did with the first president he worked for.

    Chiun shows the president some Sinanju breathing exercises.

    Remo whistles Deck the Halls.


    There's more than one way to disembowel a cat. Remo

    I'm going to Sam Beasley World! Remo

    Merry Feast of the Pig. Remo

    It is not over till the First Lady sings.

    Proper fish do not have shells, insects and turtles do.

    You are a schmuck.

    There is nothing traditional about this White House and if I have any say there never will be. The First Lady


    An assassination attempt on the President nearly succeeds. The assassin bears an uncanny resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald. Then a Ruby lookalike kills the would be assassin. More attempts are made so Remo, Chiun, and Smitty get on the case against an unknown enemy.


    Over long with padding but not a bad read. The unknown quality of the enemy is fun.



    Lester "Rip" Hazard, Corporal Adam Price, Belcher, Royal Wooten Page, Orel Ready, Huchabee, Sgt. Dinwiddie, Narvel Boggs-Fighters for the South in the re-enacted Civil War.

    Franklyn Lowell Fisk-Union re-enactor.

    Sam Beasley-Yes, he is still around and causing more trouble.

    Mickey Weisinger-Beasley CEO.

    Robert "Bob" Beasley-Sam's nephew.

    Marc Moise aka Moose-Beasley worker.

    Rod Cheatwood-Developer of the hyper laser.

    David O'Dull-TV correspondent.

    Remy Renard-Director of French espionage agency DGSE.

    Dominique Parillaud aka Avril Mai-Chief agent in the mess since she is color blind.

    Papillon, Grillon, Sauterelle-DGSE agents.

    Maurice Tourett-French minister of culture.

    Jean-Guy Bavard-French Foreign Legion colonel.

    Luc Crocq-Foreign Legion commander.

    Pierre Perruche-French cabbie who did not want to carry Americans in his cab.

    Dr. Jeffcoat-Treats Remo after an attack of the hypercolor has caused Remo to pass out.


    Chiun paralyges Remo with a brush of a fingernail on Remo's forehead.

    Actual date is used, Memorial Day 1995.

    Remo took 3 years of French in school, French 1, French 1, and French 1.

    The First Lady does not like the phrase "tit for tat" prefers "dick for dock"

    Remo and Chiun are aware of cameras and microphones.


    Master Kang fended off flying teeth before there were boom sticks. Chiun uses the technique on slow moving bullets. Looks like the bullets are being knocked aside by the hands but the hands are actually pushing air that deflects the bullets.


    The truth is what is written in the histories of Sinanju, not what actually happened.

    A Master of Sinanju does not acknowledge fear.

    A wise rabbit knows when to embrace fear.

    It is a wise rabbit which knows when to employ the ancient and honorable strategy of retreat.

    The Master of Sinanju and his trust badger. Chiun That's "Gofer" Remo

    We're going to Paris, Little Father. That dump.

    C'est la biz, cheri. Remo


    A Civil War re-enactment turns real. France decides to attack Euro Beasley. Beasley has a new weapon that uses colors to affect the brain. Even Remo and Chiun are affected by it. Tough jobs for them to handle.


    I did not think this book would ever end. I could not get into it at all. The plot was of little interest and there has been too much use of Sam Beasley as an enemy.



    William S. Roam aka Sunny Joe-Movie stunt man and Remo's daddy.

    Tomi, Gus Jong, and Happy Bear-Friends of Sunny Joe.

    Sister Mary Margaret Morrow-Nun who just about raised Remo.

    Sister Novella-Nun who is taking care of Sister Mary Margaret.

    Don Angel Murillo-Overseer of the Running of the Bulls.

    Theron Moenig-UCLA professor studying the Sphinx.

    Captain Service-Coast Guard skipper who helps Chiun find Remo.

    Mahout Feroze Anin-Warlord of an African country.

    Persephone, Eurydice, and Omphale-His daughters.

    Jean Renoir Bazinda-16 star general for Anin.

    Colonel Avenger Baranga-His second in command.

    Wade Pupule-Sumo wrestler.

    Roxanne Roeg-Elephante-TV star and modern day amazon.

    Vinnie "3 dogs" Cerebrin-Mafia target for Remo.


    Remo's mother was Dawn Starr Roam.

    Sister Mary Margaret called Remo the Window Boy because he sat at the window a lot looking for his parents.

    Remo's mother tells Remo there is a shadow over his daughter and tells him that he will be buried at Arlington National Cemetary.

    Chiun makes longevity tea of ginseng, jujubes, and pine nuts.

    MacCleary was supposed to kill Sister Mary Margaret but could not since he was Catholic.

    There is a sign of Sinanju that can be made with the hand by splitting the middle fingers. Sounds like the Vulcan salute from Star Trek. Maybe the ring of fire that Wang saw came from Vulcan.

    Chiun taught Remo how to hold back his sperm.

    Several talk show hosts are mentioned, Vicki Loch, Rotunda, and Bill Tuckahoe.

    Remo tasks to fulfill were to run with the bulls in Spain, cleaned off an island full of gull guano, fought a minotaur, move the Sphinx, defeat a polar bear, fight a Sumo, beat a giant squid, get the girdle of an amazon, subdue a moose, clean out giant stable, trick Cerebus, saving a lot of horses, finding gold.


    Lodestones-Fight of two full Masters with closed fists acting like magnets, attracting and repelling each other never touching.


    Nonja who nearly drowned when fighting the minotaur, Gi the lesser, Kim the second Master, Wo-Ti who set the standard of never serving a succeeding emperor, Saja whose face was supposed to be on the Sphinx, Wang whose face is on the Sphinx, Huk who move the Sphinx on two pushes, Shang who went to the moon, Lu who is an early incarnation of Remo, Yung, Ko, Pak who met Jesus, Yong who lived the longesr due to dragon bones, Ung, Yowin who fought Sumo, Kojing, Kojong, Nuihc, H'si T'ang, Chiun the elder.


    Remo faces the thirteen trials to become a reigning Master. He meets many former Masters in his dreams, if they are dreams. He also finds his mother and father along the way.


    Great book. Loved nearly every word. Books concentrates on Remo, Chiun, and Sinanju. If you haven't read this one, find a copy!



    Jones-Crack dealer who Smitty takes care of.

    Sgt. Woodrow-Policeman trying to find Smitty's car.

    Anwar Anwar-Sadat-UN Secretary General.

    Sgt. Lee Mace-UN guard.

    Gus Jong-Friend of Sunnyjoe.

    Corinne aka Corky-Stewardess.

    Khoja Khan-Man who tried to poison Chiun's father.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky-Russian agent.

    Ray Foxworthy-CIA agent.

    Woolhander-NSA agent.

    Timothy Plum-UN officer.

    Chattaway-NRO officer.

    General Shali-JCS chairman.

    Walter Clark-Air Force expert on Korea.

    Winfield Scott Hornworks-UN general.

    Mark Murdock-US sergeant in Korea.

    Pullyang Toksa-Korean general.

    General Oh Nambul-Korean officer.

    Captain Cung-Korean officer.

    General Kulikov-Russian whose head disappears.

    Kim Jong II-North Korean commander.

    Kim Pyong II-His brother.

    Gong LI-Chinese movie star.


    Chiun once accepted aluminum in payment thinking it was valuable.

    Smitty's nickname in Cold War was Gray Ghost.

    Remo's mother was white. I always thought so but with a name like Dawn Starr, I wondered.

    Appa is Korean for father.

    Ha-Ra-bo-ji is Korean for grandfather.

    Sonsaeng is Korean for teacher.

    In Korea, the US is called Mi-Guk.

    Remo is Remo Roam but prefers to stay with Williams.

    Sun On Joe tribe has a chief to run the tribe and a Sunnyjoe for protection.

    No Sinanju babies have been sent home to the sea since the Ming dynasty.

    Smitty has 6 three piece gray suits one of them is from the 40s.

    Chiun has an answering machine to take calls from prospective employers. The message is;
    Greetings, O seeker of perfection. The glorious House of Sinanju hovers eager to hear your every syllable. State your throne, rank of rulership and needs, and the glory that is Sinanju will reward you by considering you for future employment. Begin speaking at the sound of the gong.

    The President gives the First Lady a spanking.

    Chiun loves steamed jasmine rice. I have tried it and it is excellent.

    The Prince of Wales tries to hire Chiun to remove the Princess.

    Chiun steals a crucifix from the Pope.

    Chiun speaks of carpenter worship. (Christianity)

    Remo liked Captain Marvel better than Superman.

    The President convinces the Defense Dept. to give up some of its money for a new super weapon that only the President wll know about. He ddoes this to get Remo and Chiun back since he foolishly cut funds from FEMA, the dept. where CURE got its money.


    The first Master was paid in rice, gold was of no value. The first to take gold was Kum, he slew the ruler who offered it to him thinking it was worthless. He took the gold anyway.

    The Horns of Welcome at Sinanju were carved by Master Yong.


    There's nothing lost by wishing. Not much gained either. Sunnyjoe

    A man's future is not where he is, but where he's going. Sunnyjoe

    La mugre siempre flota. (Filth alwaus floats) Mexican jailer.


    When Remo decides to really quit, Chiun decides to offer his services to the world by addressing the UN. Smith tries to get him back but cannot pay because CURE has no funds. The President unwittingly cut the program that contained CUREs money. The world is on the brink of war, some tring to get Sinanju, others trying to stop Sinanju. Remo has to come to the rescue, doesn't he?


    This is another good book. It is a little overly involved at times, almost too much going on but is still one of Murray's best ones.



    Subcomandante Verapaz aka Alirio Antonio Arcila-Mexican revolutionary leader.

    Kix-His helper.

    Mahout Feroze Anin-Leader of the African nation Stomique.

    Yvette-His girlfriend.

    The Extinguisher aka Blaize Fury and Laszlo Crannick, Jr-Supposed fictional character alive in Mexico.

    Jean-Erik Lofficer-Nairobi Security Company manager.

    Rodrigo Lujan-Museum curator and chief priest for Coatlicue.

    Anwar Anwar Sadat-UN Secretary General.

    Mauricio Primitivo-Mexican colonel.

    Jeronimo Alarcon-Mexican general.

    Efrain Zaragoza-Mexican comandante.

    Winston Smith aka Winner-Remo's boy and guerilla wannabe.

    Assumpta Kaax aka Lieutenant Balam-Mexican freedom fighter and Winston's girlfriend for a while.

    Bill Roam aka Sunnyjoe-Winston's grandpa.


    Remo uses Remo Kovacs name.

    Remo whistles and rotates his wrists.

    Still on the "1" telephone code.

    Chiun speaks of retiring and raising Freya who is now 11 or 12 years old.

    Two fictional justice fighters are named, The Phantom and Zorro.

    Chiun fillets fish with his proper fingernails.

    Remo gets on a "Can you say..." kick, as in "Can you say undescended testicles?" as he removes an enemy.


    Thunder Dragon Blow-The rib cage is hit so hard with the heel of the hand as to cause cardiac arrest.


    This is taxation without reservation.

    The wise assassin avoids treading on the bunions of the gods.

    What idiot would place a dangerous boom stick into the hands of a creature whose moods swing with the waxing and waning moon?

    Danger is our beans and rice. Winston


    Mexico is on the verge of revolt. Remo is sent to prevent it but an earthquake brings more trouble. Gordons is awaken by the quake and is out for his survival. Remo's son is also around looking to make a name for himself as an assassin.


    I was very bored for the first 200 or so pages but the last 150 or so pages got pretty good. The first half was just too full of needless detail as a lot of Murray books seemed to be. Overall, pretty good.



    Ty Hurley-Engineer killed early in the story.

    Luther Hurley-His father.

    Melvis Cupper-NTSB investigator of train wrecks.

    Don Burris-Amtrak conductor.

    Dr. Skelton-Pronounces Smitty dead much to Smitty's displeasure.

    Francis X. Slattery-Policeman who pulls over the Ronin in Remo's APC.

    K. C. Crockett-Reporter for Rail Fan magazine.

    Claiborne Grimm-Overseer on MX missile train.

    Airmen Frisch and Dumphey-Also on MX train.

    Cora Lee Beall-Witness to two train wrecks.

    Furio Batsuka-Major league ballplayer from Japan and a samurai.

    Billy Rex Daughters-Bulldozer operator laying fiber optic cable.


    Remo dislocates a guy's tongue for bad driving and calling him names.

    Two early lessons that Remo learned were; Do not piss off Chiun and never mention Bruce Lee or Kung Fu.

    Remo gets a red Armored Personnel Carrier to drive.

    Remo learned to write the Hangul alphabet.

    Smitty gets his pocket picked and loses his red change holder.

    Chiun thinks Remo is getting too content and wants to add some discontent to Remo's life to preserve it.

    Chiun gets his index fingernail cut off and says it is his longest finger. Is it normal for Koreans to have a long index finger or is it just Chiun? I don't know.

    Remo spends most of the book carrying a silver trunk with lapis lazuli phoenixes on it.

    Remo uses the last names Renwick, Llewell, and Bell.

    Chiun says that Remo has been having a slow week since 1971.

    Chiun thinks like a boulder and nearly crushes a man.

    Chiun plays with an alligator.

    Ono is Japanese for battleship and Remo says that it explains Yoko.


    Master Kang was once summoned to meet a shogun but upon arrival he has to fight through the samurais of the shogun. The shogun did not summon the Master. It was a rival shogun who did it so that the Master would kill the other shogun or at least destroy his samurai. The rival attacks and kills the shogun and Master Kang kills the deceiver.


    He is a giant among dwarfs.

    Death is the ultimate reality.

    I am all ears. Remo
    You are all nose and feet. Chiun

    We will follow the scent and see with our own noses.

    You are wrong, whatever you are thinking.


    Train wrecks are happening all over the country. Engineers are found beheaded. Remo and Chiun are sent to investigate. They find a ghost ronin with a disappearing katana.


    OK adventure. You are kept guessing about the who and why in the plot. It is just too long and has way too much train trivia stuck in to pad the book.



    Calvin Rathburn and Lawyer Tate-Two victims in the shooting in the Oklahoma courthouse.

    Tony Guiterrez-Policeman who witnesses explosion of postal relay box.

    Walter Brown-NYPD Chief of Detectives.

    Myron Finkelpearl-NYC Postmaster.

    Rowland, Odom, and Reilly-FBI agents.

    Al Ladeen, Jihad Jones, Ibrahim Lincoln, Yassir Nossair, Mohamet Ali, Sid El Cid, Yusef Gamal, Faeouk Shazzam aka Patrick O'Shaughnessy O'Mecca-Muslim revolutionaries.

    Tammy Terrill aka Tamaya Tanaka-Blond haired blue eyed newscaster who works to pass as Japanese.

    Ivan Heydorn-OK City postmaster.

    Damon Post-Postmaster General.

    Abeer Ghula-Most hated woman in the Muslim world.

    McBain-FBI Bureau Chief in St. Louis.

    Dan Dimmock-Customs agent.

    Ned Doppler-TV newsman.

    Gunter Frisch-FBI chief investigator.

    Sargon-Mosque manager.

    Deaf Mullah-Muslim leader.

    Commander Strong-FBI chief.

    Matt Brophy-FBI SWAT commander.


    Chiun is wearing a jade nail protector to hide his shame.

    Remo is enjoying Chiun's stories of Sinanju more since he knows that he is Sinanju.

    Smith was used as a human UNIVAC computer in the CIA because he could correlate data better.

    Chiun gets very upset by being depicted with a mustache by Japanese police. He must really hate the cover painter for most of the books.

    Remo and Chiun argue a lot about which Bev Woo to watch read the news.

    Remo wills his forehead to perspire.

    Chiun says that Muslim means believer but Moslem means cruel.

    Chiun's nicknames for all the presidents he has known; Unshaven President, The Pretender, The Peanut Farmer, Jelly Bean Eater, The Inarticulate One, and The Glutton.

    Chiun thinks a man should have the Heimdall maneuver applied.

    Remo uses name Remo Clear.

    Remo and Chiun take turns satisfying Ghula. (wrist work only)


    Master Gi wore a nail protector because he had weak cuticles.

    Master Boo worked for Kublai Khan to defeat an enemy who used elephants. He tripped the elephants.


    There is a short dock at the water's edge. It is a good place for a long walk.

    Your mother's belly button pokes out.

    It is bullock manure.

    It is televisionactive. (radioactive to everyone else)

    The stink of burned pork offends me above all other meat smells.


    A series of postal worker attacks turns out not to be the work of disgruntled postal worker but instead they are the work of Muslims who have infiltrated the postal system. How many are involved? Where are they all? What is their big plan? Remo has to find out fast.


    Story moves along at a good clip but has a weak plot. It really needs a bigger threat.



    Mr. D.-Chapter two target and member of D'Ambrosia family.

    Amos Bulla-Director of the Bio-Bubble.

    Cosmo Pagan aka Ruber Mavors-Astronomer and Mars fanatic.

    Stella Redstone-His first wife.

    Venus Brown-Second wife.

    Venus Mango-Wife #3.

    Tom Pulse-Geologist.

    Iyona Stankevitch-Russian general.

    Rudomir Eduardovitch Rushenko-Leader of Russian secret spy group SHIELD.

    Kinga Zongar-Russian spy.

    Otis Kline-Technician who Chiun thinks is from Mars because he is eating a Mars candy bar.

    Travis "Red" Rust-Enquirer photographer.

    Bob Popejoy-Undertaker who smuggles Remo on a plane in a coffin to fool the flight attendants.

    Christine-His secretary.

    Bartholomew Meech-Worker for qNM.

    Reemer Murgatroyd Bolt-Former ozzone hole maker turned asteroid destroyer wannabe.

    Evelyn-His secretary.

    McSweeney-Shuttle commander who takes Remo into space.


    Remo uses many last names, Bozzone, Itri, Kobialka, and Cupper.

    Remo has gained weight he now weighs 160 pounds.

    Remo now owns a red Humvee.

    Chiun wears a 3 piece black suit with wide sleeves.

    Several mentions of Edgar Rice Burroughs Mar books are made.

    Chiun's voice is described as a cross between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

    Chiun speaks Magyar, the language of Hungary.

    The "1" code routes through Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

    To foil cameras, Remo and Chiun shake their heads so rapidly that their faces are blurred.

    Chiun figures out the Russian spy groups cover idea as having been taken from the Man From Uncle tv show.

    At one point Remo actually perspires involuntarily due to intense heat.


    First Korean was created 5000 years ago by Tangun.

    Master Salbyol the Indolent was the last Master to see the comet Hale-Bopp. He prophesied that the next time it appeared, the Master would have to enter the void to do battle with a sun dragon.


    Blow of Delayed Peace is struck between the shoulder blades and brings on death some minutes later.


    Can I cook or what? Remo

    I accept nothing until it is proved or disproved.

    Go grow your nail. Remo
    And you may jump over the moon as you chase your white cows.

    I will tel my own lies, not yours.

    To answer the question "Why are all the good ones married or gay?" Chiun replies "Because they cannot be both.

    Lust kill. Remember this as you sow your wild goats.

    You have just taken the first path to wisdom, agreeing with me.


    The Bio-Bubble and a US shuttle are destroyed by a beam from space. Russia is the suspect until two of its own sites are destroyed by similar beams. Remo has to find out who is behind this and why.


    Decent adventure that moves at a rapid pace. The Remo and Chiun scenes are good but the threat is kind of weak.



    Roberto Rezendez and his sons Carlos, Esteban, and Manny-Fishermen killed in chp 1.

    Ethel-Truck driver who helps Remo and later gets him arrested.

    Sanho Rhee-Captain of Chiun's fish cargo ship that is destroyed.

    Anwar Anwar Sadat-UN Secretary General.

    Tomasso Testaverde-Another fisherman killed by the Canadians.

    Sirio Testaverde-His grandfather who is bent on revenge.

    The housekeeper-South Korean hired by Chiun.

    Sandy Heckman-Coast Guard lieutenant.

    Kilkenny, Sparks, Gaden Orlowski-Coast Guard members.

    Gilbert Houghton-Canadian Fisheries Minister.

    Duncan-Canadian Petty Officer.

    Jilda-Former love of Remo.

    Freya-The daughter who resulted from their love.

    Sunnyjoe Roam-Grandpa again.


    Many last names for Remo, Burton, Bogart, Mako, MacIlwraith, Pike.

    Remo kills and eats a shark in icy waters so he can stay alive.

    He discovers that shark meat keeps away the flight attendants.

    Freya is now 13 and is described as having blue eyes and later brown eyes.

    Chiun sets up his fish cellar.

    Remo and Chiun eat fish bones and heads if it is cooked right.

    Remo mentions the Phantom movie and the plot device of passing down the title and skills from father to son and Chiun thinks about suing for theft of intellectual property.

    Remo controls where a man walks by manipulating his spinal column.

    Remo claps a mans head between his hands and flattens it like a sunfish.


    Seventh master was Bamboo Hatted Kim who learned to catch fish with his hat to feed the village.

    Eighth master was a bigamist.

    Master Gi limped in his final days.


    Yankee poodle dandy.


    A Canadian group is ready to go to war over fishing rights. They are herding fish into their waters and killing anyone who comes to close, including a crew bringing shipment of fish for Chiun. Bad move. Remo gets involved and finds Kali is at work again.


    To me, this was one of Murray's weakest books. The plot was so thin. Kali was no threat this time. The only saving grace was the reunion with Freya.

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