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    Ronald Davic-Police detective investigating murders at Folcroft.

    Fred Wayne-Another detective.

    Jackson and Javez-Police officers.

    Alex Wycopf-Chp 2 target. US traitor selling secrets to the Chinese.

    General Zhii Zaw-The buyer.

    Luo Pong-Zaw bodyguard.

    Mrs. Sudbury-Folcroft patient whose grandson is killed by Purcell.

    Remo Chappel-Contestant on Winner TV game show who is killed by a mob in Harlem that also nearly kills the former president whose office is in Harlem.

    David Felder-Another contestant.

    Reverend Hal Shittman-Leader of the mob who has a church on George Washington Carver Blvd and calls his lawyer Mr. Johnnie.

    Cindee Maloo-Australian TV producer of Winner who also produced failed shows like The Box and Sea of Love which were similar in format to Winner but people kept dying. She calls Remo Joe Sixpack.

    Kenneth Robert MacGulry-Australian billionaire TV mogul and owner of the Vox network. Chiun calls him Sea-O, Remo calls him Rolf Harris. Would like to buy Britain and order everyone there to jump from the White Cliffs of Dover. Calls Friend Mate. Wants to take over BCN (CBS) Broadcast Corporation of North America, The Diamond Network.

    Rodney Adler-British employee of Mac.

    Mrs. Mikulka-Smitty's secretary.

    Kieran and Konrad-Children of Mikulka.

    Martin (Marty) Houton-President of BCN. Remo punishes him for 10 years of Murphy Brown.

    Thomas Truman-BCN producer.

    Moe Carmichael-BCN CEO.

    Mr. Cheevers-Personal asst. to Mac.

    Aldace Gerling-Folcroft doctor who Remo calls Hugo Hackenbush, an old Groucho Marx character.

    Robbots-Drunken hypnotized army of Mac's.


    Smitty saves the toothbrushes and toothpastes that are given away when he gets his checkups. One time he forgot to get them and drove all the way back to get them. He still drives his 30 year old station wagon.

    He notices that his chair no longer squeaks.

    Smitty was a hall monitor in Miss Ashford's first grade class at Putney Day School in his native Vermont.

    Smitty has 3 grandchildren. Remo thinks of Mark Howard as Smitty's only child.

    Smitty still takes 3 baby aspirins and liquid pink antacid.

    Uses the Aunt Mildred and Uncle Martin cods when talking to Remo.

    Mark Howard has to kill a police officer to save Smitty.

    Remo did crossword puzzles for the nuns in school but did not enjoy them.

    Remo shows some new techniques on victims. He rearranges the face of one and uses suction on another to pull his insides out through his mouth.

    The Survivor TV show is lampooned as Winner. Becki and Jojanna have an alliance to get Curt voted out. The latest edition of Winner has them in Harlem.

    The TV show Millionaire is also mentioned.

    Different TV networks are mentioned, UPN, Warner Brothers, and NBC.

    Chiun calls police officers doughnut gobblers.

    Chiun has been known to yank the turbans on Pakistanis and cause their heads to spin off.

    Smitty removes his glasses and pinches the bridge of his nose as the character Giles does from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, another pseudo Sinanju chosen one tradition and prophesy filled form of entertainment.

    Chiun keeps saying that he thinks Remo is trying to get rid of him and that Remo is ashamed of him.

    Chiun says the American culture turned to violence on June 11, 1975, when Rad Rex was struck on As the Planet Revolves.

    Chiun says that whites do nothing but play around in mobs and when the mobs get too big there is a war to make the mobs smaller like whats-his-name did in Europe a few years back. The one with the funny little mustache.

    Chiun uses blind spots to evade cameras while Remo vibrates his facial muscles.

    Remo gives his name as Bunny Wigglesworth.

    Remo spends a lot of the book trying to protect Chiun from things that he is afraid might affect the Master.

    There are still two comatose patients in Folcroft after the escape of Purcell, a man and a woman. The woman's room has a smell like sulfur.

    There is a mention of Oliver Hahn, the Swiss assassin.

    Remo remembers the XL Syscorp building from an adventure some years ago.

    Chiun still has his 800 number to get calls about the mysterious letters he has been sending out.

    MacGulry has known and been aided by Friend for 30 years. In 1994 Friend stopped contacting him but is now back and using him again.

    Chiun punctures car tires with his nails as he is riding in a taxi.

    Remo's attraction to females is shown again as a secretary can barely contain herself.

    Remo and Chiun try to decide which defense to use on the Robbots, The Running Line, which is better for enclosed spaces, or The Ellipse Within the Ellipse.

    Chiun is still able to get through Remo's defenses at times and smacks Remo in the face.

    Another time though, Remo is able to knock out Chiun when he attacks.

    At first Remo is sorry he is quicker and better than Chiun but realizes that he shouldn't be. He is better because Chiun taught him to be.

    Friend's drive system was scavenged by looters at the XL Syscorp building and sold to a mall lawyer who was blackmailed by Friend to send him to MacGulry.


    Just because a thing was old did not automatically mean it was no longer useful. Emperor Smith

    Hide the silver before the Spaniards arrive.

    What part of me being rude to you so you'll go away don't you understand?

    Where'd you buy that accent, Paul Hogan's going out of career sale?

    What the bliz blaz?

    Didn't you kill your way to happiness and success?

    I figured you had the Corpse-o-Matic cranked up to 11 all night.

    I am an assassin, I do not kill willy-nilly.

    I can fit my life in a Safeway bag and still have room left over.

    Say good night, Smitty.

    You call that a gun, this is a gun. (Remo says this as he makes a gun figure with his index finger and thumb and pokes his finger barrel into the real gun barrel and splits the gun barrel.)

    America is worth a life.

    On most days I am your equal.

    Flying monkeys, gay lions, Oz?

    Hey, Huggy Bear.

    He ain't exactly Robert-freaking-Young, you know.


    Have I told you lately how glad I am I'm not you.

    Watch Australians, they will steal the marrow from your bones and sell it to the butcher.

    Larry Hagman's liver.

    About to be crushed time number four. (said to Friend)

    Let that be a lesson to all who would dismiss the abilities of the elderly.

    The best lessons come from pain.

    You wanna tell me why you're not trying to kill me?
    Years of practice.

    First the Chevy Chase talk show, now this.

    What do you know, it does drain clockwise (as he dumps the remains of Friends VSI chip into the toilet)


    Purcell has escaped from Folcroft and Howard is missing. Friend is back and has a way to turn Smitty, Remo, and Chiun against each other using the TV media and cryptosubliminal technology to hit their subconscious. All this while Remo tries to convince Chiun that he isn't trying to get rid of him.


    Great book. Jim Mullaney gets you going one way, yanks the rug out from under you, and throws you another way. He is also setting us up for what sure looks to be something huge.



    Sonmi-Sister of Nuihc’s mother.

    Kim Il Sung-Leader for Life of North Korea.

    H’si T’ang-Chiun’s teacher, also called Hwa and Yui as Master and Chiun’s grandfather.

    Conrad MacCleary aka Conn-CURE agent who brings Remo to CURE. OSS agent in WWII where he met Smitty, his best friend. He was 6’4” over 200 pounds, fluent in German but barely graduated high school. He heard of Sinanju in WWII and again in Korean War where he met Remo who had killed 5 Viet Cong by himself. He went to Sinanju to deliver gold from Eisenhower to apologize for any disturbance. He didn’t meet Chiun because Chiun was off training his son.

    General MacArthur-Ordered by Ike to leave Sinanju alone during war.

    Phil Rand-Phone line installer.

    Miss K. Purvish, Stephanie Hazlit, Mrs. Mikulka-Revolving secretaries that Smitty used but settled for Mrs. Mikulka due to her efficiency at her job and her lack of curiosity about what Smitty did.

    Alex Worth-FBI agent killed in the Maxwell case.

    Harold Haines-Executioner, Remo was his fifth one.

    Warden Johnson-Trenton State Prison in New Jersey.

    Luigi “Vino” Vercotti-Enforcer for Viaselli crime family who likes to drown his victims with wine. He and his younger brother Dino are killed by Nuihc and Purcell.

    Marco Antonio and Emilio Lepido-Mobsters.

    Mr. Winch aka Nuihc, Inchu, Sun Yee, Uinch, and Chuni-Chiun’s nephew who was trained to be Master but turned his back on the village.

    Dale Bianco, Calvin Pierce, Leonard O’Day-US Senators who were investigating organized crime killed by Purcell.

    Rudolfo-Driver and procurer of young boys for O’Day.

    Dutchman-Only name used for him here but we know him as Jeremiah Purcell with the electric blue eyes and the ability to use his mind to make you believe whatever he wants.

    Boy in coma at Folcroft-No name given to him but we are told he was the victim of an auto crash and is in a permanent coma. Conn spends much of his time in the room with the boy.

    Bernard Tell-CIA deputy director.

    Carmine Viaselli-Mafia Don.

    Pietro Scubisci-Member of Viaselli crime family who wants much more.

    Norman Felton-Viaselli enforcer.

    Jimmy Roberts-His manservant and bodyguard.

    Timothy O’Hara-Felton lieutenant.

    Tony Bonelli-Viaselli’s brother-in-law kidnapped by Felton and freed by Remo.

    Maria-Viaselli’s maid.

    Alphonso “Rail” Ravello-Thin mafia goon.

    Lou “Fatso” Fettuci-Fat goon.

    Anthony “Tiny Tony” Meloni-Short goon.

    These last three guys are trained by Nuihc to do some message carrying.


    The Master lives in the House of Many Woods.

    Chiun has his 14 trunks and kills a skycap by drowning him in a toilet upon arrival in the US due to a scratch on a trunk.

    Smitty bought a new station wagon in 1969.

    Smitty uses Harold Jones as his alias.

    He drives through New Rochelle after completing the private phone line. I suspect this is a Dick Van Dyke Show reference from Mullaney.

    The private presidential phone line took 5 years to complete.

    Smitty picked Folcroft as CURE HQ after seeing a story about the sanitarium in the New York Times. He took it over in October, 1963 and turned around the failing business while running CURE.

    He had the employees cross trained to handle other jobs.

    He can only talk to Remo on the phone in 10 minute windows.

    The USS Darter brought Chiun to America.

    Chiun first called Smitty President Smith before settling on Emperor Smith.

    He called Conn General MacCleary.

    Remo was smoking menthol cigarettes in prison but tore off the filter because the menthol taste was like eating Vicks.

    Remo says he hasn’t been to church since he was an altar boy.

    Smitty was at the prison before the execution making sure the electric chair was set properly so as not to kill Remo.

    Chiun is the first one Remo sees when he regains consciousness.

    Remo was not their first attempt at an enforcement arm.

    Chiun taught Conn some Sinanju moves on the submarine trip. Conn later uses his fingernail to knock Remo down.

    Chiun says he likes Remo better than Conn.

    Remo calls Chiun Chan and learns his first lesson. He later calls him Chairman Mao and learns another lesson about Karate sashes around the neck. He never wears a sash again.

    Chiun is very unhappy when he learns that Remo is white. He suggests a chimpanzee throwing sticks and dung at enemies would be more frightful. He also nearly left after he learned that Remo’s death was false. He tells Smitty the prophesy about the Destroyer. Smitty uses it as Remo’s code name.

    Remo watches F-Troop reruns.

    When Remo started the breathing exercises he feels something trip in his chest like something that had always been there. He also properly aligns his spine as he breathes.

    Chiun recognizes something special in Remo right away and is amazed by it.

    Remo is taught about guns by an ex-CIA agent who kills anyone who asks his name.

    Remo diet is fish, rice, and water at first. He tried to cheat and get a turkey roll at Thanksgiving and had to go two days with no food.

    The book takes place in late 1971 and early 1972.

    Remo begins wearing chinos and T-shirts for freedom of movement.

    Chiun throws Remo over a fence and then jumps over it and catches Remo when they go to Texas to erase the memory of a former president. Chiun can also tell the former president has only a short time left to live.

    Chiun moves to be where no one is looking when he doesn’t want to be seen.

    CURE security has been breached three times in eight years. Each time Conn handled the situation and the people were never seen again.

    When Remo is in the Arizona desert it feels right to him like something old and instinctive and makes him ache for family.

    Chiun is amazed at how well Remo takes to the exercises. He does them much better than Korean boys.

    Chiun does not care for Catholics and the Nazarene carpenter due to what they caused to happen to the two Herods. Chiun does say there were some nice popes in the middle ages like the Borgias.

    Chiun says matches foster a reliance on devises for doing things you should be able to do yourself. They also cause death and destruction by causing necrosis with their ingredients as happened in the 1830s.

    Chiun’s alias is Mr. Park at Folcroft and Remo is his manservant.

    Smitty gets his casket in the basement and his poison pill.

    Conn’s alias in the hospital is Frank Jackson.

    Remo become Remo Cabell when he goes after Maxwell.

    Chiun is in the hospital room when Remo goes to kill Conn. Remo can’t do it so Chiun helps Conn by giving him his hook and later helps Conn open his throat with it.

    There is a scene where Chiun is sending Nuihc out into the world for Sinanju and how the villagers felt about the old and new Masters.

    Nuihc believes that he is the Master of the true blood line, that Wang and therefore Chiun are imposters. Nuihc’s mother married into the line of Wang to try and right the wrong done to her family by Wang.

    Nuihc met Purcell in Kentucky and trained him mostly in the Caribbean.

    When men are secretly taking Chiun’s picture, Chiun knows they are there and looks right into the camera. The men are amazed by this.

    Senator Pierce and his girlfriend are killed by throwing their bodies together with such force it is nearly impossible to separate them.

    Remo can’t remember his code number and guess it to be 99 which is probably a reference to the TV show Get Smart.

    Two codes are used to tell Remo to return. He can’t remember either one. They are; Aunt Mildred wanted me to thank you for sending roses this Easter because chocolate gives her hives, and Cousin Lulu plants pink begonias only after the last frost.

    Remo whistles Born Free as he released Tony Bonelli.

    Viaselli says that Nuihc’s smile is the most unnerving thing he had ever seen.

    Chiun recognizes the art in soap operas right away. His favorite is As the Planet revolves but also like Search for Yesterday. Soap characters named are Rad Rex as Dr. Wyatt Winston half brother of Grace Kimberland who is on her fourth husband, Royce, who is have an affair with Patrice Covington. There is also her maid Rosa, husband Roland Covington and Lance Langdon.

    Chiun kills a Folcroft employee who interrupts his soap. To make is look like an accident he sticks a spoon into the forehead of the victim. Remo later hangs his suit on the end of the spoon sticking out when he finds the body in the closet. Remo and Chiun sink the body in the lake and Remo says it is the only time he is doing such a thing.

    When Remo sneaks a cigarette he tries to cover it with breath spray and mints but Chiun can tell.

    Remo doesn’t like wearing suits anymore. They are too binding especially around his wrists.

    Chiun wears a suit at one point but has had the sleeves enlarged.

    Remo notices that women are looking at and treating him differently.

    Smitty tells Remo to call him Dr. Smith or director Smith but Remo likes Smitty. Conn was the only one to ever call him that before.

    Chiun flips up a boat and balances it on one finger to prove a point to the pale pieces of pig’s ear.

    Nuihc uses fat and then short to send Chiun a message instead of fat and thin to show his disrespect.

    Chiun calls WWII the Second Idiocy of the Barbarian Nations.

    The Kamikaze idea came from Sinanju 2600 years ago. Another idea stolen by the thieving Japanese this time by Emperor Jimmu Tenno.

    A note from Smith is sent on paper that turns pink then red in the air to show if anyone has read it before Remo does.

    Smitty has his prune whip yogurt and brews some tea. He doesn’t care for Walter Cronkite. He prefers Harry Reasoner.

    Since Remo’s second month of training he has not needed deodorant.


    Remo lying flat with only the palms of his hands supporting his body one half inch off the floor.

    Climbing a rope up a cliff in Arizona desert 1000 feet up and climbing it over and over. Chiun drove the climbing spike into solid rock at the top of the climb with his hand.

    While climbing rock faces, Chiun gets upset with Remo for searching for hand and toe holds.

    Remo goes through the Hour of Cleansing when his body starts exuding a horrible odor as all the poisons in his body are being flushed out through his skin. The hour takes Remo 8 days.


    Master Thuk called it a spear. You call it a bullet.

    Wang prophesied “One day a Master will find among the barbarian lands of the west one who was once dead. The Master will teach the secrets of Sinanju to this pale one of the dead eyes.”

    Master Bang was before the sun source. His grandson, by his son Shik, pleased him very much. While the Master was away, enemies came to Sinanju and spread disease and the grandson was among the victims. Master Bang was so grief stricken he went to a shaman to bring back the grandson. This shaman hated Bang and planned to trick the Master. He brought a basket about the size of the boy and when Bang looked in the basket he found it full of snakes. The Master was bitten and died. Shik later kills the shaman. Shik has another son who becomes the father of Wang.


    Kung fool pajamas.

    Guns cheapen the art.

    Why two lungs? Why one turnip sized nose?

    Time pieces are a confidence trick invented by the Swiss

    Someone swipe your piano? Liberace reference?

    It is to mask your glow-in-the-dark whiteness.
    You don’t eat it, nitwit. You rub it on your skin.

    The only thing you have assassinated is my patience.

    Blacks are merely burned whites except angrier.

    The truth is everything you were not taught in school

    Worse than a false religion is a false religion that actually practices what it preaches.

    You must learn to rely on yourself not others.

    It is child’s play in Sinanju.

    A bolt of lightning is faster than goose droppings.

    You who would stick tubes of burning leaves between your lips.

    Every time a bell rings another white female has been impregnated. H’si T’ang

    You’re not much of a people person are you?

    Die as you wish but when you do, don’t come crying to me.

    Never should an assassin attempt to be anything but an assassin.

    And what moonbeam were you chasing while I did all your work for you.

    Do not presume to urge the Master to caution, ghost skin.

    It is not impressive when a man is taught to sing, I, on the other hand, have taught a pig to sing.

    Just how stupid aren’t you?

    I was supposed to be Sky King.

    That’s the biz, sweetheart.

    Geez, Louise.

    That shifty eyed puppet president is up to no good.

    If you think I’m putting up with abuse from you for 30 years, you’re crazy.


    This book reports the goings on around the adventure, Created, The Destroyer. While Remo was training and going on his first missions, Nuihc is operating in the realm of organized crime. He and Chiun find out about each other as Nuihc plans to kill the president. We learn much more of the reasons for Nuihc’s feelings toward his uncle and Sinanju in this book. We also see some of the early training of Jeremiah Purcell.


    Absolutely wonderful book. Jim Mullaney has brought Nuihc back and I loved it. This is the kind of story that should be used for a movie or the possible TV series.



    Sonmi-Nuihc’s aunt and last of the bloodline of the Lost Master.

    Paul “Munchi” Grunladd-Software company worker who goes berserk and becomes the chapter 2 target.

    Pullyang-Caretaker of Sinanju.

    Hyunsil-His daughter and new caretaker.

    Becky, Barky, or Binky-Remo’s realtor. He wasn’t too sure about her name.

    Guy Philliston-Head of the British agency The Source.

    Thomas Smedley-Top agent for The Source. He wears a black bowler hat that is magnetized and bulletproof. I assume he and his partner are patterned after The Avengers TV show.

    Mrs. Knight-His partner.

    Benson Dilkes-One of the would be assassins of Remo.

    Francine Standish-Associate of Dilkes.

    Mr. Freeman-Neighbor of Dilkes father.

    Jean-Pierre Sevigne-French assassin.

    Amwala Mohtat-Afghan assassin.

    Nuihc-The black sheep of the Sinanju family.

    Purcell-Folcroft escapee who is now in Sinanju.

    Herman Heyse-German Chancellor, called Willhelm von Murderdtrasse By Remo.

    Kim Jong Il-Leader for life of North Korea.

    Kye Pun-Korean general.

    Shun Duk-Korean agent and General Kye’s bodyguard..

    John Doyle and Allen Horsman-FBI agents.

    Lost Master-Last of the night tigers slain when The Great Wang became the only Master of Sinanju. He placed a curse on Sinanju at his death.

    Dr. Carlson-Mark’s doctor.

    Rebecca Dalton-Dilkes helper.

    Colonel Mundhir al-Rasul-From Iraq.

    Captain Ralph Chauncy-USS Darter captain who makes delivery each November 12 to Sinanju. He has done this for 7 years after replacing the last commander Admiral Lee Enright Leahy. This time he is taking Smitty and Mark.

    Lai-Cousin of Chiun’s.

    Rasputin aka Raspoopin by Remo-Spectral guardian of the old Czar’s son Alexis Romanov who is still a young boy through magical means.


    Remo and Chiun have moved into a new home. It is halfof a duplex but the other half never gets rented due to odd happenings. It is in Stamford, Connecticutt, near Milton. To get to the house you go down Gingerbread Lane to Hopscotch Road at the end of Billy Goat’s Bluff.

    Remo is now in the Hour of Judgement, a time when he is being watched by former Masters from the Void.

    The Time of Succession is here.

    Chiun is enjoying Mexican soap operas.

    Pullyang is killed by Purcell.

    Pullyang was not allowed in certain areas of the Sinanju Treasure Chamber.

    Chiun is stil operating a post office box.

    Smitty is taking it easy on Mrs. Mikulka now in hopes that she will not retire. She comes in at 8 am instead of 5:55.

    The mysterious envelopes that Chiun has been sending out for several books are explained. They have been invitations to try and Kill Remo since he is about to become Reigning Master. This is another Sinanju rite.

    In England Remo notices a painting of Henry II with what appears to be an ancestor of Chiun standing with him.

    The Queen attempts to kill Remo.

    The Queen has an old picture of Chiun in her purse.

    Remo can shut off his pores to keep poison from entering through his skin.

    The old Remo shows up when he gives Mrs. Knight a feel as she attacks him.

    He gives Smedley great pain as he squeezes the web of skin between his thumb and forefinger.

    Past attempts on Remo’s life are mentioned, Montrofort, Nilsson, Spenser, and Wissex.

    Mark Howard keeps a drawing of Superman done by his nephew on his desk. Smitty hates it.

    The events of 9-11-02 are mentioned.

    Mark calls Smitty at suppertime and saves him from meatloaf.

    Remo is saved by Shiva again but this time Remo is able to control Shiva.

    Smitty and Mark become the first foreigners since Kublai Khan to view the Rite of Transfer.

    The Great Wang speaks with Chiun and tells him he has a future other than retirement. Chiun is overjoyed.


    You scared me half to death! The next half is on the house.

    What the ding dang is going on?

    What’s in England? Beef eaters with pasty skin.

    Did you do the Queen of England? You have done it again. I pray to my ancestors that each last time will be the last time.

    Our most holy tradition is cash up front.

    I do not trust thst you will stay on the proper side of the little lines in a coloring book, let alone the streets of a foreign land.

    50 is a child still learning. 60 is the beginning of understanding. 70 is the application of knowledge.

    You were silent for more than three seconds. I was afraid you were dead.

    Are you going to listen or are you going to waste the rest of the day drying your flapping tongue in the sun.

    At least I get to kill a Frenchman.

    The only dirtier than a Frenchman’s ass is his feet.

    I can do without the Jerry Lewis impression.

    You’re running like French Cheese.

    You will do as you always do. You will make me proud.

    Who’s that Goomer? (A Beverly Hillbillies reference?)

    In distance there is safety.


    Come out come out or I’ll blow your house in.


    Master Noo served in 650 BC

    Master Tho was the first to go to China.

    Master Jopki was 900 years after Tho.

    Silver coins were minted for Master Lik by Themistocles.

    The Great Wang had to prove his worth to everyone after he became the only Master. This began a tradition of each new Master taking on the best assassin from each country. Wang also learned the value of advertising.

    Chiun father had the French assassin surrender to him in his trial. He took the assassin to Sinanju where he tried to sully the virtue of the Master’s sister. His head now sits in the Master’s attic in Sinanju.

    Master Hwyack searched for 18 years for the Vandal champion who ran from the contest..

    Master Lee-Piy was the first to serve Spain. He assassinated Pope Calixtus III in the 15th century.


    Remo is being attacked by so called assassins from all over the world. An old enemy of Sinanju is back from the dead. Another old enemy has escaped from Folcroft and gone to wreak havoc on Sinanju. If Remo survives he will becom Reigning Master, if he survives.



    Jennifer Lonig-Follower and victim of Jack James in 1978 in Jamestown.

    Tammy from Denver-Another follower.

    Carlos Whitehall-Finance Minister of Mayana.

    Blythe Curry-Hume aka Jack James-President of Mayana and former religious cult leader of the Holy Assembly of God Church. He had his followers commit mass suicide with spiked Kook-Aid when an American congressman, Lenny Rand, came to investigate the cult in Mayana. Supposedly, James died, too.

    George Jiminez-Deputy Finance Minister.

    Dr. Mike Sears-So called head of Vaporizer project.

    General Kye Pun-North Korean who has been assigned as liaison between the Master and the government.

    Shan Duk-Bodyguard from 129 whose head went into a jet engine, with Remo’s help.

    Captain Frederick Lenn-Taking garbage to Mayana on a ship.

    Bob-One of his sailors.

    Eileen Mikulka-Smitty’s longtime secretary who is trying to enjoy the extra time off she now has and remembers a former pet cat, Mr. Tiddles, as she watches reports of the poor kittens in this book.

    Kieran Mikulka-Her son.

    Nikolai Garbegtrov-Former soviet premier who now has a USA #1 birthmark on his forehead.

    Petrovina Bulganin-Russian agent for Anna Chutesov.

    Anna Chutesov-Director of The Institute, a super secret Russian agency.

    Pavel Zatsyrko-Head of SVR another Russian agency.

    Hyunsil-Daughter of Pullyand and new caretaker in Sinanju, the first female to do so.

    Kim Jong Il-Leader for Life in North Korea.

    Dr. Hiro Taki and Dr. Toshimi Yakamoto, formerly of Nishitsu-Workers on the Vaporizer project.

    Alexei Aliyev-Supposed janitor at the Vaporizer but formerly worked on the Krahseevah project for Russia.

    Vlad Korkusku-SVR agent.

    Gennady Zhilnikov-Submarine commander who is sinking garbage ships.

    Olga Chernovaya-Zatsyrko secretary.


    Sinanju has an annual rising tide of mud as the winter snow melts. Remo says there are two seasons, winter and mud.

    The Master’s House of Many Woods is built on many different styles and is now Remo’s residence in Sinanju.

    Remo thinks the Sinanju inhabitants are dumber than they are lazy.

    The Horns of Welcome are rock formations in the shape of curved horns.

    Chiun has made a pet of a genetically engineered animal and calls it Remo.

    Remo has a feeling of completeness now.

    Remo can send words as vocal daggers to only be heard by the one to who he sends them.

    There is a running story through the book about three kittens named Muffy, Tuffy, and Sam. They are trapped in a storm drain and we read about their plight all through the book.

    Mrs. Mikulka arrives at work a minute late and Smitty hopes it is not the start of a trend.

    The Sinanju 800 number is back in service.

    Chiun now watches a 51” HD TV that was given to Remo by Kim Jong Il. He also has a satellite dish to get the Mexican soaps.

    Remo answers the phone “Captain Clyde’s Clam Shack.

    Remo’s alias is Dr. Henell.

    The Green Earthers, a conservation group plays a part in the story.

    Remo goes through the Rite of Departure as he leaves Sinanju. He insults the people but they don’t understand his English.

    On the plane Chiun takes the window seat until after takeoff and then switches seats with Remo.

    Remo has trouble with a cell phone, Chiun doesn’t.

    Remo did the Sinanju amnesia act on Anna and Garbegtrov.

    On a boat deck Remo and Chiun remain dry in the ocean spray while everyone else is damp.

    Smitty doesn’t like cats.

    Smitty doesn’t get a Star Trek reference about beaming up.

    The President chews on the inside of his cheek and the press accuses him of smirking.

    Smitty’s alias, General Smith, Agent Smith, Field Director Smith, and Undersecretary Smith.

    Chiun is now the Master of Sinanju Emeritus, a title conferred on a Master on the edge of the Time of Seclusion but who still is working.

    Castro sees and recognizes Remo.


    Go Dallas Cowboys, John Wayne, and Mickey Mouse.

    I am Chiun, the human alchemist. I am the only one who has taken mud and transformed it into diamond.

    I hear enough Russian whining at the Olympics.

    Reserve mercy for those with coin to pay, punish the rest. Great Wang

    When whites speak, who listens? Chiun

    (He) has garbage on his tongue as well as between his ears.

    I am not your enemy.
    Tell that to someone who hasn’t smelled your breath.

    Fish swim, Russians scheme.

    Because I do not take pride in being an ignoramus.

    I doubt you were the most popular kid in the assassin’s teen chat room.

    Keep dreaming round eyes.

    If you’re the one trying to kill us, you’re going to get the Chernobyl of wedgies.

    If you’ve got the urge to kill and maim, use a Russian cookbook.

    If I am expected to catalog those things which you do not know, I will have to ask the gods to extend my life by another 500 years.


    A Chinese baker tried to steal a gold ingot and Master Nun had him flayed alive and forced him to cook his own skin.


    A wondrous new way to dispose of the world’s garbage is on display in Mayana. Someone is sinking the garbage ships that are heading there. The American President and many other world leaders are also going to see it. Smitty smells trouble and sends in Remo and Chiun. The real plot is to kill all the leaders that show up.


    This is a good Destroyer adventure. It doesn’t have the tension of the previous books or the feeling of something big coming up but I figure it is because Jim knew his time was about over as writer and doesn’t want to leave a lot of loose threads like a previous author did.



    Burt Solare-Retired ad agency exec who starts Lubec Springs only to become a food supply later.

    Helen-His wife.

    Mrs. Parkasian-Their housekeeper.

    Owen Grude-Burt’s neighbor and partner in Lubec.

    Judith White-The Tiger Lady aka Judy Fishbaum.

    Faysal al-Shahir, aka John Smith, aka Jiffy Lube-One of the chapter two targets in Arkansas and member of Al-Khobar Martyrdom Brigade.

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Tiflis-Vaunted Press copy editor.

    Candi Bengal-Secretary.

    Jimmy Simon, Jeff Malloy, O’Reilly-NCY police officers.

    Maude Smith-Wife of Smitty who is surprised to hear her husband whistling in this adventure.

    Bobby Bugget-Singer.

    Jude Weiss-His agent.

    Mr. Armour-Former heavyweight champ and ear biter.

    Mary-TV news anchor.

    Barry Schweid-Producer.

    Andrew Mills-Scientist at GenPlus.

    Dr. Emil Kowalski aka The Cow-Helper of Judith’s who gets his gens mixed with cow genes by Judith.

    Lance Drew-Folcroft doctor.

    Aldace Gerling-Folcroft head of psychiatric medicine.

    Kathleen Purvish-Folcroft secretary.

    Dr. Jesus Avalos-Examines Judith and her unborn litter.


    Smitty mentions a Josef Menk, a Gestapo officer who had Smitty tortured.

    Remo takes out a terrorist group in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Smitty leaves the office at 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays now.

    Remo whistles La Cucaracha.

    Remo uses the bang-crunch technique for cockroaches and terrorists, also uses pop-splat, crack-crack-whomp, and thump-bong.

    Remo has been traveling all over the country for months killing terrorists.

    Chiun wears his garments of celebration, black trousers, tight in the ankle, and a short black robe.

    There is an Aunt Bee reference to a woman on a plane. An American TV character.

    Chiun severs a man’s jaw with his fingernails.

    Smitty won’t repaint his house because the paint it has on it was guaranteed for 30 years and has two years to go, even though the company is out of business and the paint has faded.

    Smitty is on the gold course when Mark calls him back to Folcroft.

    Smitty used to golf in the 60s with Dr. Robert Glass, George Garner, and Phillip Lassiter.

    Smitty tips his caddy 1.25.

    There is a mention of a movie star shoplifter.

    Chiun finds a loophole so that Remo can serve a succeeding emperor. Smitty has an old picture of Folcroft hanging in his office. It was there when he started and he left it there.

    Smitty’s health is improving since Mark had eased his burden. Chiun says he has several more years left.

    Mark’s alias is Dr. Marx.

    A Martha Stewart like genetic hybrid makes doilies out of human veins.

    Smitty has kept some of Remo’s sperm frozen at Folcroft for 30 years.

    Smitty reads a Super Nova article by Allison Braverman.

    Chiun still likes Wylander Jugg.

    Remo uses the Flying Wall to glide over the surface of water for 50 feet before letting gravity take hold.

    Smitty gives Mark the poison pill that had belonged to Conn MacCleary.


    Abra Cadaver

    I don’t take orders from your helper monkey. (Remo speaking to Smitty about Mark)

    His mind is as empty as his promises.

    Hurry up Great White Lunkhead.

    Hey Gunther Toody.

    Don’t be so certain white man.

    Dreams are baby stories created by the gods to keep brains of dimwits busy at night.

    The duck doesn’t let his environment influence what he becomes. He is clever enough to remain a duck.

    If I give you a shiny nickel will you think with your mouth closed?

    I guess I was stupid.
    Do not guess for I am here to tell you when you are.

    Stay tuned.


    Master Cung bamboozled 300 armfuls of silk, a skepfull of Sui Dynasty myrrh, 20 golden flagons of rice wine and either 30 peasants or pheasants from China.

    Wang prophesied that “Even Shiva must walk with care when he passes the jungle where lurk other night tigers.”

    Master Songjong was a pupil of Vimu. He let his Master go to slay a princeling that he should have done himself and Vimu died. Songjong goes to Babylon to work for Nebuchadnezzar and helps him defeat the Jews and destroy their city. They capture Daniel and Daniel gains favor with Nebuchadnezzar and gets him to forget Songjong so Songjong leaves.

    Master Pak met blood drinkers.

    The second lesser Wang was the first master to encounter succubi of the Nile.

    Master Tup Tup was defeated on his first day as a Master by the Dravidian conjurer.


    Dr. Judith White, the Tiger Lady, returns and gets her formula into drinking water. Mark and Mrs. Mikulka get infected among other notable people. Her ultimate plan seems to have something to do with Remo and giving birth to the ultimate being.


    After the last book I mentioned that Jim seemed to be tying up loose ends so as not to leave anything in question when he left and then he goes and gives us this book. It is a good story and sets up what could have been something special. It remains to be seen if the new author will try and finish it or just forget it as Jim did when he took over for Will Murray. I reall hate it that Jim Mullaney is leaving the series but I wish him well and hope the new author can fill Jim's sandals.

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