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James Bullingsworth-One of CURE's unknowing operatives who decides to know more. He discovers for whom he is working and why. When he decides to sell what he knows he is killed.

Miss Carbonal-Bullingsworth's secretary.

Henrietta Alvarez-Computer programmer and unknowing CURE operative.

Vincent Tomalino-Chapter two target for Remo, not to kill but to convince him to testify.

Nora-Little girl for whom Remo shows off by running up the lines of a ski lift.

Puffin-Her dog, JR and Timmy-Her brothers, and Aunt Geri.

Willard Farger-Politician who releases the information about Folcroft. Later Remo uses him to help get a man elected mayor of Miami.

Tim Cartwright-Mayor of Miami who was being investigated by CURE.

Laura-Farger's wife.

Marvin and Ethel Hirshberg-Some of Chiun's newfound friends who think that Remo is awful to his father. There are many such characters in this book, including; Morris, Rose, Pearl, Mrs. Levy, Mrs. Goldberg, Mrs. Kantrowitz, and Mrs. Milstein.

Clyde McAdoo-Local sheriff.

Clyde Moskowitz-City manager.

Marshal Dworshansky-Killer who is helping Cartwright hold onto his job as Mayor.

Sasha-Marshal's valet.

Dimitri-His cook.

Wladyslaw-His radio operator.

Dorothy Walker-Dworshansky's daughter and helper.

Teri Walker-Dorothy's daughter and Remo love interest.

Mac Polaney-Candidate Remo supports for mayor.

Mrs. Ertle McBargle and Gladys Tweedy-Other mayoral candidates.

Mr's Handleman and Daser-Walker's partners.

Damiano Meola, Chester Grabnick, and Nick Bazzani-Union leaders.

Alfred and Rocco-Bazzani henchmen.

Tom Burns-Newspaper reporter.

Charlie Cartwright-Campaign worker.

Mandelbaum-Local judge.

Theophilus Pedaster and Gumbo Jackson-Attackers of Polaney's HQ.


Remo says he has not had a steak in 2 years.

Remo uses plastic makeup to hide his identity rather than surgery.

His face has been accidentally put back to almost his original.

Aunt Mildred is the code for Red Alert, if CURE is compromised. Remo is to try and shut down the compromise or disappear if he cannot.

Chiun watches and is apalled by the TV show Kung-Fu.

Remo uses charcoal to blacken his hands and face for night work.

Remo picks up his new ID in a bathroom.

Remo Van Sluyter of Busby and Berkley Tool and Die. Remo Horra a fund raiser for Jones, Raymond, Waters, and Klein. Another alias used is Harold Smith.

Smitty does not like off color jokes or misspending.

Smitty has his prune whip yogurt with lemon topping.

Folcroft is said to be famous for research into the changing social patterns.

CURE gets funds from a special budget of the president through a network of grants.

A red phone calls the president.

Smitty is Harold W. Smith.

Smitty has a confidential secretary, and administrative assisstant, and project assisstants.

It has been 10 years since Remo's first assignment.

Soaps are As the Planet Revolves, and Dr Lawrence Walter, Psychiatrist at Large.

Charaters on the soaps are Dr. Carrington Blake, Willa Douglaston, and Bertrum.

Chiun calls Kung Fu "Little Dancers".

Chiun packs light with only 157 kimonos and 6 trunks.

Chiun thinks Howard Cossel runs ABC.

Chiun does not like zoos. He thinks they are barbaric.

Rather than count brochures, Remo finger weighs them but miscounts as Chiun loves to point out.


Miles and miles of ocean swimming.


It is truly written that an unjust man finds success to be the greatest failure of all.

Death is a part of life.

Sunshine is nicer. by Mac Polaney

Only a fool is free, and then, only from wisdom.

When a fool is happy, wise men shudder.

That which is not remembered every moment is lost.

People who do Chinamen's work should look for me, not me for them.

Most conflicts are won by those who help theri foe the least.

He who loses the truth with himself becomes blind.

When you think you are brilliant that is the beginning of stupidity.

He who does not know his weaknesses cannot feed the babies of Sinanju.

The Master of Sinanju spreads light wherever he walks.

An assassin who is not permitted to kill is like a man with an unloaded revolver who takes solace in the fact that at least the gun has a trigger.

Does one win war by losing all the battles?

Losers always like it better when losing.

The act of winning takes not only discipline but morality.


CURE is trying to collect information to get rid of a corrupt mayor in Miami. One of its operatives figures out the codes and finds out about CURE. He tries to sell the info to the mayor and is killed. The info is released to the press so that CURE will have to call off the investigation to prevent exposure. Smith puts Remo on Red Alert and hopes that Remo can figure out what is going on and save the organization. The catch is that Remo has to do it himself without help from Smith or CURE.


Another great read. Murphy and Sapir were really clicking. There is very little said about Sinanju or Remo's training, but there is a lot of byplay with Remo and Chiun. Remo really comes through using his wits in this book.



General Dada "Big Daddy" Obode- Leader of African nation who is suspected of causing all the trouble.

William Forsythe Butler, aka Willie Butler- Former professional football player turned CIA member working in Africa who finds his roots with the Loni tribe and beggins to think he is the fulfillment of legend.

Hillary Butler- Woman that Remo hopes to rescue.

James Forsythe (Lippy) Lippincott-Amateur archaeologist and member of a wealthy family whose money came from slave trading.

Walla-A servant.

Cynthia Forsythe-Cousin of James, taken into slavery by Willie.

J. Gordon Dalton-Washington spy in Busati.

Laurence Butler Lippincott-Head of the family.

Miss Watkins-His secretary.

Harding Dempster III-Hillary's fiancee.

Thelma-Hooker taken by Willie.

Clyde Butler-Hillary's father.

F.B.Williams-Alias of Willie

Saffah- Loni princess and Remo love interest


His name is Remo is in Chapter 3 instead of 2 but chapter 1 reads like it should have been the introduction.

Chiun is upset with the Watergate hearings because they preempt his soaps, so he spends his time overseeing Remo's exercise, much to the chagrin of Remo. Chiun says that Remo "moves like a duck".

Chiun watches the shows in his mind.

Remo complains about all the bodies of people who disturbed Chiun's soaps through the years.

Chiun thinks that in 10 years, Remo could equal him.

Smitty wears a dark suit, with a white shirt and striped tie.

Chiun speaks Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English and Loni. He says that he only speaks his own language well.

We learn that King Kong is an attack on black sexuality.

The ancient Loni could repair eyes and brains.

Remo kills with great anger and tortures the man who enslaves and drugs the girls.

Remo is known as Remo Mueller

The Aunt Mildred code is used again. This time when Aunt Mildred says to have dinner ready it means to stay put and wait for contact in person.

Remo tells Chiun that since the Loni contract was over 2000 years ago it was beford the House of Sinanju existed.

Remo calls Chiun "My father" and the Loni call him "Little Father".

Chiun wears a black Ninja outfit for night work and later wears a white Ge with a white belt.


Remo lays flat on his stomach and flips over using only his abdominal muscles.


A boast is a gift to an enemy.

Nothing in this world is without payment.

Running for one's life is the surest way to lose it.

Only an idiot lives in history.

He who can remember the good things as though they were present can live his happiness forever.

A man sitting sees many sides very well. A man running sees only ahead.

To a fool, nothing is an answer.

They faw down, go boom. Remo

If a man eats 100 hogs, does he have to eat another to know what it will taste like. Dada Obode

Sometimes the child forgets himself and must be reminded of his place.

Oh me, oh my.

Whether the cock crows or not, it will dawn.

Nina-upenda. Loni for I love you.

The stupid never learn, the blind never see.


Loni legend said a terror from the east shall join with a terror from the west and woe to the enslavers of the Loni when the destroyer of worlds walks along the Busati.

Old master protected the Loni but left and the Loni were overwhelmed but the master had promised his return.


When a former football player finds his roots in Africa and decides to get revenge on the enslavers of his aancestors. The African tribe of his heritage has an old contract with Sinanju and an unfulfilled legend that could mean the end of the Master.


IMHO this adventure was a step down from the previous few. The humor was lacking and there was a lot of filler about other characters which did not interest me.



Paul Stoner-Subject of Senate investigation ofillegal grain deal with Russia. Puts out an open contract on the government's witness.

Vickie Stoner-Daughter of Stoner and the witness.

Willie "the Bomb" Bombella-One of the many who try to kill Vickie.

Mo Morris Edelstein-Willie's lawyer.

Tyrone Jackson and Philander Jones-Two more would be assassins.

Lhasa and Gunner Nilsson-Brothers and last of the line of an old house of assassins that had met Sinanju once before.

Calvin Cadwallader-AKA Maggot, rock musician, and idol of Vickie.

Burke-FBI district supervisor.

Willie Moretti-Hood killed on an open contract.

William Blake-FBI special agent.

Burke-FBI district supervisor.

Willie Moretti-Hood killed on an open contract.

Jimmy Tolliver-Boyhood friend of Blake.

Levone Marion Bettee, Bobby Joe Hooker, Raymond Wolsczak, Herman Dorfman, and Willie Jeeter-Pro football players.

Farmer Tyrus-Landowner

Abdul Hareem Barenga aka Tyrone Jackson, Sweet Harold-Sent on a hit. Members of the Black Army of Liberation of Free Africa.

Piggy-Friend of Tyrone.

Big Bang Benton aka Bennet Rappelyea-DJ.


Pepperidge Barnes-Field lieutenant for Nilsson.

Bubbles-Dog in Remo's hotel.

Louse #1, 2, and 3-Musicians with Maggot.

Johnson-Doctor for Nilsson.

Stephanie Hazlitt-Smitty secretary.


Aunt Mildred will visit tomorrow. She would like the green room. Code meaning Smith will phone for a meeting in Atlanta.

Remo goes through the night of the salt, a time when he will doubt himself. This is a sort of right of puberty in Sinanju.

Remo tries out as middle guard for the Atlanta eagles and injures much of the team.

Remo dials an 800 number to contact Smith.

Remo is in his 30s and has been with CURE for over 10 years.

Chiun has 59 stages of relaxation. Sleep is number 52.

Other rock groups in the book are Hamilton Locomotives, Purloined Letters, Nells Borson and the Cockamamies, and the Hindenburgh Seven.

Soap character Mrs Cabot.

Chiun had the Night of Salt at age 12.

Remo is just shy of 6 feet tall.

Remo feels the air pressure of someone approaching.

Remo alias Abraham Lincoln.

Chiun replaces all SONY marks with Made in Korea.

As the Planet Revolves is the soap.

Remo whistles Whistle While You Work.

Vickie exposes herself to Chiun and barely survives.

Sinanju has over 1000 years of hiring out masters.

Remo makes a death look like an accident by shredding an elevator cable.

Maggot's hit is Mugga, Mugga, Blink, Blink.

Hotel Carlton.

Maggot is a health addict taking lots of vitamin pills. weighs 155 and has a pulse of 58.

Chiun lets Nilsson bump into himto see if he blinks.

He also allows him to push him aside out of respect.

Sister Carmelita taught Remo.

Remo wears a watch but doesn't need it.

Mosquitoes don't bother Chiun.

Remo can shorten his body to melt into a crowd.

Chiun looked queasy on a helicopter.


In the year 1282, Japan stole the art of the Ninja from Sinanju.

Nilsson thinks his family bested Sinanju at Islamabad.

A former master was hired to protect someone but was not told the location so person was killed but Sinanju was not blamed.


They should be all with that which is all.

How will you be able to tell when you do something foolish since it is so much like everything else you do?

There is a time for everything under the sun.

One tells the enemy to destroy him.

Tell them Remo sent you.

Don't expect the mountain to tremble at the breeze.

To a fool, nothing makes a difference.

The Master of Sinanju tarries no place where people sing mugga, mugga, mugga, mugga.

The highway system works perfectly until someone decides to use it.

One can take nothing to the Great Emptiness because to find it is to fill it.

The secret of the world is to see not just to look.

Where walks the Master from the east, let all other men give way.

Gotta ball that Maggot. -Vickie Stoner

The harder one tries, the less one understands.

In time, even a rock learns to be worn away by the water.


The U.S. government has a case against a very important man in an illegal deal with Russia. The chief witness has to be protected but she has a knack for disappearing. Remo has to protect her but first he has to find her, over and over again.


Always one of my favorites. The satire of the rock star and his groupies is great. The fact that Remo keeps losing the person he is to protect is hilarious at times.



T.L. Broon-President of IDC, a computer conglomerate, who learns of Folcroft.

Blake Corbish-An IDC vice-president who is sent to find out what Folcroft is all about. He does this by kidnapping and torturing Smith. Later, Smitty gets him with a pen.

Holly Broon-Daughter of T.L.

Pasquale Riotti aka Patsy Moriarty-sent by Corbish to kill Smitty, but Smitty gets him with a car.

Angelo Giordano aka Arnold Jordan-Chp 2 target, drug dealer.

Maude-Smitty's wife.

Jesse Rolfe Prescott-Minister

Josiah Brown-Founder of IDC.

Teri Corbish-Wife of Blake.

Fred Finlayson-Administrative assistant to the president.

Jessie-Holly Broon's maid.

Hildie-Smitty's secretary.


This book tells a lot of facts about Smitty's early life and WWII career.

Maude is Smitty's wife.

Vickie is his daughter.

Nathan Smith is his father.

Chiun says he discovered America 12 years ago.

Remo says he first went to Folcroft 10 years ago.

Remo relates that a woman with a gun is more difficult to figure out than a man. A woman needs no reason to shoot. He reads the tensing of the knuckles to know when.

Wild Bill Donovan was in the OSS with Smitty as was Conrad MacCleary.

Chiun calls Corbish Mr. Garbage.

Maude calls Remo Mr. remo.

Maude is chubby and middle aged. She has a face like frozen biscuit dough.

There is a section of the Sinanju scrolls called Chiun's Mad Emperor.

Chiun's alias is Mr. Park.

Smitty booby traps a room so Remo can't kill him.

Smitty eats yogurt on lettuce.

Remo whistles.

Remo's nervous system is undergoing great changes.

800 number to reach Smitty.

Smitty stands up to torture very well.

Three days out of the office is unusual for Smitty.

Chiun is in his eighth decade.

Remo wonders if Smitty has a heart.

Soap characters are Dr Rance Remerow, Mrs Jeri Tredmore, and Bruce Wilson.

Chiun worries that Sinanju will be blamed if Smitty is dead.

Chiun thinks Remo is crazy when he talks of serving CURE under a new emperor. He makes Remo lay on his back and breathe to return his thinking to normal.

Mention of the Hebrews wandering in the desert and Sinanju was there.

Sinanju cannot serve a succeeding emperor for he buries the sword of the old.

Another mention of the Kung Fu TV show as a white man whose eyes are made to look normal.

Smitty was raised in Vermont and wanted to be a lawyer. Not even his parents, Nathan and Mrs Nathan called him Harry.

Story of Smitty being repeatedly beaten up by a school bully who wanted to cheat off Harold. The bully finally gave up after beating harold several times but never getting answers.

Smitty got a scholarship to Dartmouth, went to harvard law and was teaching law at Yale when WWII broke out. This flies in the face of later reports of Smith being born in the 20s.

Smitty was a colonel in the OSS and helped shut down SS Obengrupper Fuehrer Heinz Raucht.

Chiun speaks of Persia and the melons.

American post office box mentioned.

Cost of shiping gold to Korea is 175 times the amount of the gold itself.

Smitty had a bank account as William Cudahy Denson. He buys a car as William Martin.

Smitty was once commissioned to syudy the effects of auto impact on the human body.

Remo alias is J Walker and Velspar Rombaugh Plekostian.

Remo gets punched in the stomach by a woman.

Remo visits the President.


A fool is always in a hurry.

Obscenity is the first sign of a man out of control.

What do you call a pale piece of pig's ear? You.

A fool sprinkles his life away like confetti on the ground.

The Master of Sinanju is never a servant.

He wants to exercise muscles he has never used before.

One does not ask for life. But it is all you have and you must live it and honor it and at the right time surrender it with dignity and grace befitting the best that is in you.

He who sees disturbing things perhaps has no need of eyes.


A computer conglomerate learns of the information held in Folcroft computers. They want to learn the reason behind Folcroft. The man who finds out the secrets wants to use them to become President of the United States. Remo is sent by the supposed new head of CURE to find and eliminate Smith. Remo has to figure out who is really in charge and who to eliminate.


Another winner! Remo and Chiun take a backseat more or less in this book but we get to find out more about the head of CURE. We learn plenty. Smitty has had quite a past and was well chosen to head CURE.



Ms. Kathleen Hahl-Hospital administrator who is behind the murders.

Dr. Daniel Demmit-Anesthesiologist from Elkton, MD, who commits some of the murders.

Nathan David Wilberforce-IRS assistant director from Scranton who Remo is assigned to protect but dies in the hospital.

John and Nancy Boulder-IRS agent and victim and his wife.

Mrs. Wilberforce-Nathanís mother.

Antonio Stacio aka Anthony Stace-President of Stace realty, director of First National Agricultural Bank, First Aggie. He also controls numbers, sports gambling, trucking, and several labor unions.

Mrs. V. Hansen-Bank teller.

Bonifacio Palumbo and Salvatore Messina-Men sent to work on Nathanís brakes in hopes of killing him.

Moe Klein, Johnny (The Pig) Pigellino, and Willie (Sweet Willie) Williams-Tried to kill Nathan and end up falling down an elevator shaft.

Pietro Scubisci-Recurring Mafia Don.

Marvin (The Torch)-Arsonist who tries to do in Nathan.

Nick (Nicholas) Banno-Hired Marvin.

John (Sweet Johnny) Larimer-President of First Aggie and keeper of playmates Fifi, Honey, Pussy, who gets burned by John and told by Remo to use vitamin E on them, and Snookums. He works for Stace and hired Banno.

Miss Baines and Miss Marshall-Remoís nurses while he pretends to be a patient.

Mr. and Mrs. Downheimer-Patient and wife who play Kalah, an ancient African game played with stones.

Clyde and Naomi-Lab cats born the same time but look years different.

Freddy and Al-Lab assistants killed by Chiun.

Drs. Walker and Royce-Robler Clinic doctors.

Dr. Hildie-Developer of aging drug.


Remo remembers some of his early training and at one point he asked about growing his nails longer so he could do some of the things that Chiun does.

Remo eats a meal of rice and is very careful not to eat any rice that any meat juices may have touched.

Chiun can tell the temperature of the air.

Chiun gets upset because eye doctors are ruining eyes with glasses instead of training people to see.

There is an instance in the book where exact dates are used. The year is 1972. The book was printed in 1974. This is not a big deal but it does give a better indication of Remo's age.

The Robler Clinic is outside Baltimore.

It really isnít called Feast of the Pig but Remo doesnít care.

Remo has noticed a change in his nervous system in his 10 years of training.

Chiun makes Remo and Christmas tree from a pulled up yard shrub, hung two tennis balls, a popped golf ball, a slice of apple, and one yellow bulb from it.

While trying to sleep Remo does his breathing exercises, 2 in, hold 2, exhale for 2 counts. This would block out everything except Chiunís snoring.

Code Aunt Mildred is going to visit at 9 am means it is time to leave.

Remo wears a Light blue shirt, a gray blue blazer, and gray slacks.

The smell of hamburger cooking repulses Remo.

He orders a meal with rice and eats the rice. He is careful not to order a beef meal because some of the juices might get in the rice and the msg could kill him. It is one of the few poisons his body canít reject.

Chiun is taping soaps As the Planet Revolves and The Young and the Drastic. Characters named are Dr. Ravenel, Marcia Mason, Dorothy Dunsmore, Claire Wentworth, and Rad Dexter.

Remo remembers Sister Mary Francis from the orphanage.

Remo decides he is part of the Regular Established Reformed American Rite of Sinanju.

Chiun wrote to the TV networks suggesting soap be shown on Sundays and holidays instead of fat men hurting each other.

Chiun is Dr. Park again and Remo is his rich patient Mr. Williams.

Remo wears dark glasses to annoy Chiun.

San Francisco is one of their favorite cities because Chiun doesnít stand out.

Chiun would rather watch a horse faced lady plumber sell soap than listen to Remo.

Remo took chemistry and Weequahic High School in Newark.

Chiun cures a man of his abdominal pain with what sounds like acupressure.

Chiun wanted Barbra Streisand as his Christmas gift and is still griping about it at the end of the book.

Remo whistles Deck the Halls.

Remo tells his real name to a person, and then kills her.

Remoís eyes are said to look Asian.

Chiun says to kill the 6 sickest people as a lesson to the others.

Smitty doesnít think Remo is very smart.

Remo thinks it is shameful that Chiun has robbed him of the pleasure of sex.

Chiun helps Remo expel the aging poison from his body.

Chiun gives Remo a dice lesson and tells Remo a story of Chiunís teacher who taught Chiun the perils of gambling.


Merry Feast of the Pig.

Deck the streets with fallen bodies, fa la la la la la la la la.

Even the greatest of artists has difficulty molding hardened clay.

He who cannot defend himself owns nothing.

For a fool, the sun never rises.

No one changes unless he allows himself to change.

Illness is a sign of lack of discipline on the part of the patient.

If your mind is a slave to every noise, do not blame the noise for your subservience.

It is not a master that makes a slave, but a slave who makes those about him a master.

Even the greatest of artists has difficulty molding hardened clay.

I already have a cow, he talks back to me.

Clumsiness always wins an audience.

Your ignorance never fails to astound me.

Merry Feast of the Pig and to all a last Night.

Even the Master cannot turn mud into diamonds.

Sunglasses are just another crutch for a muscular cripple.

They grow old only who have been waiting to grow old.

No one grows old who will not grow old.


Running on the rail of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Practicing Ninja side crawl. Puts back to a wall, one foot crosses over the other faster and faster.

Listening exercises. Trying to pick up every sound around and differentiating each one.

Chiun uses lacquered wooden balls to demonstrate the difference in eastern and western styles of attack, one at a time as opposed to several at once from different directions.


Several IRS agents have been dying mysteriously. Remo is sent to protect the next likely target. He dies in a hospital of complications. Remo and Chiun are sent to the hospital as Dr. Park and his special patient Mr. Williams.


A lot of good stuff in this one. Chiun gives Remo a Christmas tree and wants Barbra in return. Remo celebrating the Feast of the Pig. Remo gets poisoned again and is saved by Sinanju and Chiun. I did not like it as well as 14 but it is a good one.

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