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    Judge Dexter T. Ambrose, Jr.-Chapter two target.

    Vincent (Vinnie) Anthony Angus-CURE contact in the meat industry who learned too much.

    Ruth Angus-His wife and fellow victim.

    Victoria Angus-His daughter who suspects Remo and Chiun of the murders.

    Texas Solly Weinstein-Meat supplier.

    Irving Pennsylvania Fuller and Jacob Schonberger-Guards for Texas Solly.

    Peter Matthew O'Donnell-Salesman for Meatamation.

    Reverend Titus Murray-Funeral director for Vinnie.

    Rico Shapiro and Jaccalini-Some of the people that Texas Solly sold information to.

    Mary Broffman, aka Mary Beriberi Greenscab-Leader of vegetarian group that is working for the leader of the Chinese vampires.

    Charlie Ko, Eddie Cantile, Yat Sen, Sheng Wa, Gluck-Members of the vampire group.

    Delaware Torrington, Jr.-Idiot on a bus with a loud tape deck who learns what it is like to become part of the tape deck.

    The Leader-Old Chinese man who leads the vampires.


    The swine flu vaccine that the government tried to get us all to take was a ploy by the government to get us all vaccinated against a poison in our meat supply that caused Legionaires disease.

    Remo is called by many names, Boffer, Nichols, Pelham, Belknap, Schwartz, Watt, Abraham Remo Lincoln.

    Chiun begins writing a soap opera about Sinanju.

    Remo tips a cab driver a $10,000 bill for not talking.

    Smitty threatens to hire Cassius Muhammid to train remo if Chiun asks for more tribute.

    Remo says that artificially preserved meat and msg are poisons to his body.

    Smith's phone number is changed every two weeks.

    Remo can move his body so that it does not reflect light.

    Remo uses the I am Shiva line, but he does not become Shiva.


    Remo sits in a seat but his behind is above the seat and his feet are off the floor. He presses his back into the wall hard enough to cause friction to hold him up.


    The story of Master Pak and the vampires is told.

    Chiun remembers his father, who had to leave the village after he killed a member of the village who had been attacked by the vampires. Chiun had to take over. It sounds like Chiun was a child but another book said that Chiun was 40 when he took over.


    Dead is dead and wrong is wrong.

    Bad is anything that tastes good. Remo


    The last of a group of Chinese vampires tries one last fling. He gets a bunch of crazies to help him carry out his plan to wipe out all the meat eaters. Remo is put on the trail even though Chiun warns him of an old danger to Sinanju that may be too much for Remo.


    I liked this one a lot. The story moved along at a rapid pace. Remo and Chiun were at the top of their forms. Sinanju history is part of the story and Chiun's early life. There was some good satire on the Trekkies of the 70's and the anti-meat groups.



    The Colonel-Chp. 2 target from South Korea that Remo is sent to get to confess to bribing many government officials, including a vice-president.

    Gerd Mueller-Not really a character in the book, he was killed before the book opens, but it his invention that gets everyone invloved.

    Mrs. Mueller-Gerd'a wife and the victim of the mugging that gets Remo so upset.

    Mrs. Rosenbloom-Mrs. Mueller's friend who warned her not to go out.

    Reverend Josiah Wadson-Chairman of the Black Ministry Council and all around jerk who goes all to pieces in the end.

    Colonel Vladamir Speskaya aka Anthony Spesk-24 year old Russian secret police officer sent to get the device.

    Nathan-Spesk's bodyguard.

    Tony-CIA agent who befriends Spesk in a bar and tells him about the device.

    Sgt. Pleskoff-Police officer to whom Remo shows how to be a better policeman. He takes it a little too far though, and later develops Protecta-Block.

    Idi Amin-Leader of the Saxon Lords.

    Big-Big Pickens-Murderer of Mrs. Mueller.

    Tyrone Walker, aka Alik Al Shaboor, the Hammer, Sweet Tye-Youth gang member who Remo finds and keeps around while he decides if he should die.

    Rebecca Buell Hotchkiss-Part of a group of white people that Wadson sends to their deaths.

    Ingrid-Helps Spesk get Wadson and tries to get Remo.

    Breslau-East German sent to get the device.

    Doctor Shockley-Guidance Counselor at Tyrone's school, the Malcom-King-Lumumba School.

    Doctor Bengazi-The principal.

    Miss Feldman-The teacher.

    James Rickets, aka Ali Muhammid, Ibn Faroudi, Aga Akbar, Jimmy the Blade-A friend of Tyrone's.


    Chiun's poetry robe is crimson and gold.

    Smitty offers Chiun 500 timea the tribute he is now paying if Chiun will train a new person.

    Remo severs a spinal column with two fingers going in at the navel of a victim.

    Remo uses the name Bwana Sahib.

    Remo remembers Sister Mary Margaret from the Newark Orphanage.

    Remo realizes that it is not America that has failed but New York.

    Sinanju worked for Ivan the Great.

    The book "Roots" is satirized as a book called "Heritage".


    People always show you the best way to attack them.

    He who holds the strongest sword makes his slightest whim legal.

    I really don't give a ding-dong. Remo

    Try to make other people moral and you are trying to ignite ice with a match.

    A man who decides to worry about everything will have no shortage of things to keep him busy.

    Remember the Alamo. Remo


    When a German refugee and his wife are killed within a short time of each other and groups from several different countries start looking into their belongings. The man had supposedly developed some type of secret device. Remo is sent to find out about it and decides to get revenge for the murder of Mrs. Mueller despite the advice from Chiun.


    This is one of the few early books that I have reread before. I have always liked this one. It did receive a lot of criticsm as racist when it was first published. It did show a side of our cities that many of us don't like to admit is real, but not really racist at all. It also had the humor and satire that the Destroyer is known for. Chiun's lessons about justice and revenge would be good for all of us to learn.



    Ernest Walgreen-Former Secret Service agent who is killed as a warning to the president.

    Mildred-His wife, who is killed as a warning to him.

    Lester Pruel-Former Secret Service agent who joins Paldor Security and is sent after Remo and Chiun.

    Hamis Al Boreem-Leader of a gang a street punks who decides to attack Remo and Chiun.

    Orval Creel aka Poopsie-Chairman of the House Committee on Assassination Conspiracies and Attempts, CACA for short.

    Viala Poombs-Investigator for CACA who tags along with Remo and Chiun to find out more about assassinations.

    Unnamed Director of the Secret Service-Very nervous man with many stomach troubles. Chiun helps him by getting him to think of the president as an egg.

    Sylvester Montrofort-Misshapened director of Paldor and the man behind the assassinations.

    Benson Dilkes aka Mister Mandell-Best assassin in the western world who heads for the hills when he hears that Sinanju is involved.

    Osgood Harley-Patsy set up to take the rap for the assassination.


    The last time Sinanju babies were sent to the sea was 2800 years ago.

    Remo and Chiun take the president of many teeth and funny teeth on a silent tour of the White House, including secret passages.

    While sneaking around the White House, Remo starts talking to himself out loud and gives away his location. Sloppy.

    The daytime robe is golden.

    Remo is Remo McArgle

    Nice Abbott and Costello routine when Remo mentions Schopenhauer Kant and Chiun wants to know why can't he.

    Another happens when Chiun says the address is 1600 Philadelphia Ave.


    Going High-Falling from a high place and making your body seem to fall more slowly at the bottom. You catch yourself at the bottom so that the body has no sudden push against it.

    Working Corners-Run to a corner of a wall, run around the corner on the wall, coming down off the wall to the floor, moving across the room, cutting the room into 4 triangles with the feet touching floor only 4 times on each rosetta circuit of the room.


    Before Sinanju had its full power there was a master called The Fly, because he moved quickly, then stopped. A Japanese Shogun thinks himself to be well protected. The Fly tells him of the best protectio, the Hole. He tricked the Shogun into going to see the hole, his grave.


    Don't kill across me, please. It's very rude.

    At the pther end of life is death. And at the end of death, there must be life.

    Fear not for Sinanju is among you.

    Wisdom is always useful.

    If he paid attention to the coming and going of the sun, the worm wouldn't be eaten by the bird.

    No more Mister Nice Guy.


    When an ex Secret Service agent is killed while under maximum protection as a warning to the president, people take notice. Remo and Chiun are sent to protect him even though the president thinks he is safe and Chiun does not want to do it.


    This one really keeps you on the edge of your seat. I mean, you know that Remo will save the president, but you don't know how. You finally get it figured out but Remo doesn't. I consider this one a great book.



    Houk Hubley-Chapter 2 challenger for Remo who ends up with a sawed off shotgun in his intestinal tract.

    Sheila Feinberg-Scientist at the Boston Graduate School of Biological Sciences who was working on chromosome research and accidentally turns herself into a new breed of animal.

    Mrs. Walters, and baby Ethel-Attended protest over Feinberg's research and Ethel becomes one of the first victims.

    Captain Bill Majors-Another Feinberg victim.

    John Hallahan-Assisstant Director of the Boston FBI who becomes part of the Feinberg group.

    Pam Westcott, Marjorie Billingham-More Feinberger folks.

    Mrs. Tumulty-Rents a room to Chiun and a wounded Remo and tells their location to a mafia member who tells it to Hallahan. Later she becomes a victim.

    Mrs. Grogan and Mrs. Flaherty- Friends of Mrs. Tumulty.

    Salvatore (the Gas) Gasciano-Mafia fellow that Mrs. Tumulty gives the info.

    Tony Fats-One of Gasciano's men who almost becomes a Feinburger.

    Mrs. Purvis-Smitty's secretary, who, for ten tears has been informing on Smitty's condition to the National Foundation for Scientific Research, which is really just Smitty checking on himself.

    Jacqueline Bell, Ph.D.-Folcroft worker and victim.

    Durwood Dawkins, aka Big Mouth-Pilot who flies Remo and Feinberg to an island. Later, in a bar, he tells about the trip to the bartender who is a CURE operative, who in turn reports to Smith, who brings Chiun to the bar to find out Remo's location. He doesn't want to talk to them so Chiun puts his hand through a parking meter. The man wants his hand free so Chiun asks him where he would like it, in his pocket, in the trunk, or mailed to him. Dawkins decides to talk.


    Chiun has a new description for Remo, a coarse gruntling.

    More codes are told about. In telephone numbers, the third number is the number of times to let it ring before hanging up and calling back. The fourth number is the time of day to call. Another code has to do with the day of the week to call. On Wednesdays in months that do not contain Rs, you dial 800 plus the first 7 digits of Remo's army serial number, so Remo never calls then because he can't remember the number. If the month has an r then you use the total number of shares traded on Wall Street.

    A code of 54 dancers break 3 dowels means to meet Smith at Logan Airport in Boston.

    Remo becomes Remo Cloutier and Remo Wilson.

    Chiun uses the name Wango Ho Pang Koo.

    Chiun remembers his childhood learning about women from the west. He is told that their private parts do not go in different direction nor does it contain needles to hurt you. He was also told that he was the most unruly pupil a Master has ever had.

    Chiun gets a centrifuge even though he can do what one ddoes with his fingers.

    Smith went to Gilford Country Day School and liked Betsy Ogden. He only works 15 minutes a day on sanitarium business and 14 hours a day for CURE, 6 days a week, and half days on Christmas and July 4th. He used to love to play golf but has so little time now that he is no good.

    Chiun uses powerful stinking herbs to save Remo.

    Remo actually feels fear of these creatures.

    Smith actually laughs and discards worry for the first time in his adult life.

    Remo and Chiun return to the gym where Chiun first showed Remo Karate tricks.

    Remo says that he and Chiun have been together for 10, 12, 14 years outside.

    After Remo is wounded and regresses, he is able to smoke and eat "normal" food without being poisoned.

    Twinkies are described as chocolate flavored lumps of refined sugar.

    Chiun says there have been 100 generations of masters.


    Legend says that Shiva can be sent to death by his kind or Chiun's kind, meaning, from Sinanju or tigers, for legend says that even Shiva must walk with care when he passes the jungle where lurk other night tigers.


    Correctness means never having to say you're sorry.

    Any idiot can write a book.

    Is the mighty oak old because it is not a green, sap spewing twig?

    Glory be to me.

    Pain never kills. It is a sign of life.

    Death has no pain, but living does.


    A scientist who is trying to unlock our genetic coding becomes a new life form, part animal, part human. Remo and Chiun are sent in to deal with her. Remo is wounded and later captured by them, losing Sinanju in the process. Will he regain it in time? Can even Chiun save him?


    This one was a little strange at the time it was published but now, genetic research is not so unusual. It is a good fast-paced novel that shows that Remo is still human. He feels fear and can lose Sinanju very quickly.



    Rev. Prescott Plumber-Accidental inventor of the mung machine.

    Sister Beatrice-Plumber's love and first victim of the machine.

    Generalissimo Sacristo Juarez Banista Sanchez y Corazon-Dictator of Baqia.

    Dr. Schwartz-His dentist.

    Juanita-Corazon's cousin and predictor of doom who becomes a victim of the machine.

    Dr. Bissel Hunting Jameson IV-Second director of the British Royal Academy of Science.

    Manuel Estrado-Major of Corazon's army.

    Anastas Bogrebyan-Russian ambassador.

    Ruby Jackson Gonzales-Self taught CIA agent sent to Baqia.

    Mrs. Colon-Operator who puts Ruby in touch with Smith.

    Samedi-Holy man and leader of the undead.

    Edved-Son of Samedi.

    Private Torez-Unfortunate flagpole climber.


    Remo says that one reason his senses work so well is because his body does not waste energy processing bad foods like red meat and alcohol in intestines designed for fruits grains and nuts with a memory of the sea to absorb nutrients from fish.

    Remo watches the ridges on a trigger finger to know when it is about to fire.

    Remo is known as Dodo, Fish, and Turkey.


    As a student of Sinanju nears perfection, there is a throwback to pretraining ideas.


    Why bother to explain to a fool.

    Even a chipped pitcher is better than none at all.

    He look like a fish, he got no lips at all. Ruby

    Ditfrimmy. Remo


    An island dictator gets a new and powerful weapon. Everyone wants it. The president sends Chiun to get it. The CIA sends Ruby. Then the fun starts.


    I may be in the minority here, but I like Ruby. I have always wanted her to come back. This book reminds me why. It does not have a great villain but it has the satire and action I like. We also see Remo and Chiun made helpless.



    Hastings Vining-Chapter 2 target for Remo, who was working some illegal grain deals with he Russians and was protected in a sandwich defense.

    Big Jack-His bodyguard.

    Walker Teasdale III-Member of the new army who is killed as an example.

    Anderson Drake-Trooper in the army who kills Teasdale.

    Lt. Colonel Wendell Bleech-Commander of the army.

    Baisley DePauw-Secret leader of the group.

    Ruby Gonzalez-CIA agent and wig maker who needs Remo to help find her brother.

    Lucius Jackson Gonzalez-The aforementioned brother, who is kidnapped by Bleech and his army.

    Big Red aka Ibrahim Al Shabazz Malik Muhammid Bin-Friend of Lucius who is also kidnapped.

    Mrs. Gonzalez-Ruby's mama.

    Miss Purvis-Smith's secretary.

    Joe and Willie-Guards at the DePauw mansion.


    Remo feels bones swell just before they break.

    Chiun explains the great balance of the universe, how Sinanju gives great things but with them comes weakness. Certain foods are poison, soaps can take off skin, etc.

    Chiun is about 85.

    Remo does a TV commercial for Vega-Choppa.

    Chiun offers Ruby 3000 gold pieces if she will have a son by Remo.

    Chiun likes Ruby for her mind which is better than Remo's.

    Smith goes for a golf game, buys a used ball for 25 cents. He only plays one hole and gives the caddy the ball as a tip instead of his usual 50 cents.

    Chiun learns to use a CB radio to talk to truckers. They call him ratchet jaw. He wants them to be quiet for 75 minutes so he can recite a short Ung poem.


    In 427 AD, the Master of the time learned to defeat the sandwich defense, where the top and bottom are protected so you attack the middle.


    Racism is most obnoxious from an inferior race.

    Disco Lady, won't you be my lady. Unknown

    Anything you say, Dodo. Ruby


    A racist organization is trying to bring back slavery. Black men begin to disappear. One of them is Ruby's brother. She finds Remo to get his help. Remo has quit Smitty so Smitty goes to investigate the disappearances.


    This is just a fair book to me, in plot anyway. The side plots of Ruby and Chiun working on a Sinanju heir and Smitty getting involved in the action make the book worth reading though.



    Obersturmbannfuhrer Ernest Scheisskopf-Head of American Nazidom Party and chapter two target.

    Freddy-His guard.

    Admiral Wingate Stantington-New head of the CIA who cancels Project Omega without knowing what it is.

    Mrs. Amelia Binkings-First step in Project Omega. She sets the wheels in motion after not redeiving her daily phone call that she had been receiving for 20 years.

    Dr. Rocco Giovanni-Doctor for the Russian ambassador to Rome and his killer.

    Vasssily Karbenko-Russias top agent and admirer of American Cowboys.

    Norton-CIA librarian.

    Anatoly Duvicevski-Russian ambassador to the US.

    Semyon Begolov-Russian ambassador to London who is killed.

    Andre-His valet and killer.

    Igor Gruboff-Russian spy in US.

    General Arkov-Russian general who is trying to protect the premier.

    Nina-Premier's wife.


    Remo uses the name Oberlieutenantsturmbannfuhrergauleiterreichsfieldmarshall O'Brien when he goes after the Nazis.

    Chiun says he volunteered to kill Hitler. this contradicts a story in #27, The Last Temple, where Chiun says he was hired by Germany who then refused to pay after Hitler killed himself.

    Chiun gets a Davy Crockett hat and a Mickey Mouse watch at Disneyworld.


    Story of Master Ung, who followed the Great Wang, and a Japanese warlord. Ung was hired by the warlord for protection from unknown enemies. Ung puts suspicion on the sons of the warlord and kills all seven of them. He then kills the warlord because he had been hired to do so by the real enemies.

    El Cid was killed by Sinanju after he refused to pay for services.


    It is hard to defend yourself against an assassin when you do not know who the assassin is.

    Danger comes wearing no banners.

    One cannot describe a stone wall to a stone wall.

    I am always amazed by the depth and breadth of the things you do not know.

    All my life is bogged down by trivia.

    Some women find me attractive. Remo
    Some women put cheese in their potatoes. Ruby

    That's what I get for trying to be a nice guy. Remo

    That's show biz. Remo

    Whoopee ti-yi-yo. Remo


    A new head of the CIA decides to cut spending and cancels Project Omega without even knowing what it is. It is a plan set in place by President Eisenhower and planned by Dr, Harold Smith 20 years earlier. The plan was to strike back at Russia if we should lose a war to them by killing their ambassadors and their premier. When the ambassadors are killed, Remo is sent to protect the premier from an unknown enemy.


    Pretty good spy novel but not necesssarily a great Destroyer novel. It has some good points to it. The opening to the public of formerly secret files gets some good commentary. Chiun and Ruby get some good play. I have noticed in the last few books that Remo seems to be getting dumber. I guess this was the point in the series where Sapir and/or Murphy decided to lower his IQ.



    Kenroth Winstler-Chapter 2 target, a crooked lawyer.

    Ernie Bombarelli-Another target, manufacturer of defective fireworks.

    Jeffrey and Marcia-Would be drug users who see remo in action and think they are on a big trip.

    Wesley Pruiss-Gross magazine publisher who decides to get into solar energy which puts his life in jeopardy.

    Theodosia-His companion.

    Flamma aka Blow Blow LaFlume-Model for the magazine.

    Rev. Higbe Muckley-Anti Pruiss religious leader.

    Sister Corinne-His secretary.

    Will Bobbin-Assisstant director of community relations for the National Fossil Fuel Institute.

    Rachmed Baya Bam-Indian healer for Pruiss.


    Remo uses Remo McElaney name.

    He has ID as FBI, CIA, Treasury, and Jersey City cop.

    Remo offers cab drivers 100.00 for short trips and will deduct 10.00 for each time they talk. One of them ends up owing Remo 40.00 and will not wait for Remo because he is not "made of forty dollarses".

    Remo feels enough heat through a wooden wall to tell that a light is on in a room.

    Even Remo has trouble unhooking a bra.

    Remo gets to step 22 with a woman for the first time.

    Chiun apologizes for the first time.

    Blue robe for morning, white brocaded robe for teaching.

    According to Chiun, the Chinese are slothful and eat cat meat. Japanese are grasping and avaricious. Vietnamese would stick it in a duck if the opening was bigger.


    Before the Great Wang, there was a group from South Korea called the Koguryo. They overran the north except for Sinanju and went on to Japan. With them they took part of the Wa family. The Wa were very small people who were made fun of until a Master had taught them how to use knives. Later, they tried to kill the Master and were banished. Legend says that a young master will end them later.


    A lion never has insomnia.

    Birds fly and fish swim.

    Who is a better person to be confused that you.


    A dirty magazine publisher decides to go to work on solar energy which puts his life in danger. Remo and Chiun have to protect him from an unknown enemy which,, in part, turns out to be an old enemy of Sinanju.


    Pretty good story with a repetitious plot. Protect someone from an unknown. After a few books with Ruby, I missed her here. She was on vacation and Smitty might as well have been since he did so little. There were some good scenes with Remo and Chiun. There is a little Sinanju history which I always like. Not a great book but far from a bad one.



    Tilhaus-Chapter two target along with 3 other members of the Cypriot Liberation Army.

    Zack Meadows-Private eye who gets in over his head.

    Flossie-His girlfriend.

    Mr. Armaducci-Meadow's building super.

    Jasper Stevens-Medical Technician who involves Meadows.

    Elmer Lippincott-80 year old owner of Lippincott Industries.

    Gloria-His very youthful wife.

    Gert-Elmer's cook.

    Elmer Jr, Randall, and Douglas-Sons of Elmer.

    Mariko Kakirano-Japanese businessman who is dealing with Elmer Jr.

    Gerald-Jr.'s secretary.

    Janie Wanamaker-Randal's secretary.

    Dr. Elena Gladstone-Doctor for Elmer Sr. and director of Lifeline Laboratory.

    Dr. Jesse Beers-Doctor for Mrs. Elmer Sr.

    Patrolman L. Blade-Cop who does not want to report a mugging on Remo.

    Herman-Guard at Lifeline Laboratory.


    Remo writes an Ung poem.
    Oh flower.
    Oh, flower with petals.
    Oh, flower with pretty petals.
    Here comes a bee.
    It is a big bee.
    Oh, bee, see the flower.
    Oh, flower, see the bee.
    Open flower.
    Accept the bee.
    Fly fast, bee, and greet the flower.

    Smitty does not like this president. (Carter)

    Remo and Chiun wipe out the defensive team of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Chiun learns to play pinball but his game is cut short when Remo tilts the machine.


    Touch tourniquet shuts off blood in major arteries while allowing blood to the brain through smaller vessels. This was done to stop the spread of a poison.

    Chiun explains the field of force around a person and if you are in tune with it you can feel when someone enters your field.


    One does not overly concern oneself with the doings of nincompoops.


    The President has convinced a wealthy industrialist to use his resources and work with Japan to open trade markets with Red China. When one of the sons of the industrialist dies and the President receives a letter telling of a plot, he decides to call Smith. Remo and Ruby are sent out to try and find out what is going on but they have so little to go on that they go in different directions to see who can figure it out first.


    Another tired protect someone from an unknown enemy plot. No threat to Remo at all. He becomes a so-so detective along with Ruby who is not really herself in this book. Did not care for this book much at all.

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