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    Lee Bob Barkins, Sam Speer, Billy-Ben Bingham, Tim-Tom Tucker, Jimmy-Joe Jepson-Among the 28 chapter two targets.

    Rocco Nobile, aka Wardell Pinkerton, III-The mafia boss who takes over Bay City.

    Happy-Building superintendant where Rocco has HQ.

    Mrs. Cochrane abd the Gavins-People who give up their apartments to Nobile.

    Douglass Windlow-Bay City Mayor who resigns.

    Peppy Ritale, Mr. Bangston, Fred-Criminals allowed to work by Mayor Windlow.

    Samuel Arlington Gregory aka The Eraser, Mark Tolan aka The Exterminator, Al Baker aka The Baker, Nicholas Lizzard aka The Lizzard-The Rubout Squad.

    Moose Gregory-Granndfather of The Eraser who gets him interested in guns.

    Walter Fingal O'Flaherty Wills Wilde-City councilman.

    Mickery-Mate on the fishing boat when Remo catches a shark.

    Denise-Nobile's secretary.


    Peter Plennary-Reporter.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wo Fat and their children, Tommy, Suzie, Eddie-Killed by The Rubout Squad as suspected drug makers.


    One of Chiun's trunks is filled with Gideon Bibles.

    Chiun calls a shark with his fingers.

    Titles Gregory thinks of for adventures, Minneapolis Massacre, Birmingham Bloodbath, Tucson Terror, Salinas Slaughter, Kokomo Kill, Westport Wipeout, Nuns of Navarone.

    Nobile knew MacCleary and Smith in WWII. Called Smith, Graham Cracker Smith because he was so dry.


    Chiun throws ping-pong balls at Remo.

    Chiun taps his fingers. Starts in steeple position then begins to tap. First, thumb to thumb, index to index, etc. Then by ones, thumb to index, index to middle, etc. Twos, thumb to middle, index to little, etc.


    Master Shang-Tu worked for Siam and was promised pay. Master went home but no tribute arrived. He returns to complain, promised again. Returns home still no gold. Goes back and kills emperor and gets his payment.


    If they are already fat, why are they going in there to eat?

    There are some types of river mud which one not only cannot make into diamonds but cannot even make into bricks.

    Trust anyone you want, but make sure you get paid.

    If you trust no one, then you never have reason to be surprised.

    Never send a boy to do a boom's job.

    Tell him Remo is here.


    When the Mafia takes over a town and a group of killers wants to wipe out the Mafia leader where is the problem? Problem is, the Mafia leader is unknowingly working for CURE and he needs protecting. Send in The Destroyer.


    Another bodyguard job for Remo. This one does have some fun in it though. Readers of Pinnacle book series from the 70s can really enjoy seeing some of the other action heroes satirized in this book. This one was always one of my favorites. I read all the old Pinnacle book series and I thought what Sapir and Murphy did to them here was great.



    Janie Baby-Folk singer, nuclear activist, and chapter 2 target.

    Tony-One of her followers.

    Bobby Jack Billings-President's brother-in-law whose disappearance causes problems.

    Luke-His neighbor.

    Mustafa Kaffir-Libyan representative who was working on a deal with Billings.

    Gavone and Derle-Secret Service agents.

    Jessica Lester aka Denise Eastwood-Secret agent working for different countries who succumbs to Remo.

    Freddy Zentz-Leader of PLOTZ, Pan-Latin Organization Against Terrorist Zion.

    Earl Slimone-Banker who funds PLOTZ and is suspected of using mob money to elect politicians.

    Cooley-One of Slimone's guards.

    Isaac Casey-Cab driver who helps Remo.


    Remo vibrates a doorknob to get it to unlock.

    Code to call Smith is "Call Aunt Larraine" on an 800 number.

    Remo has State Dept. and Ag. Dept. IDs.

    Chiun wants to enter the Olympics so he can get endorsements for Wheato cerial or Tigerpaw shoes.

    Remo works at 50% of human potential, Chiun uses all 100%.

    Golden Circle of Sinanju is used when attacked by a large group in close quarters. They allow the group to surge at them and absorb their rhythm and work with it in a circle pattern.


    Story of Master Tang-Si making soup with a nail to show villagers to use what they have and not always wait for the Master to feed them.


    Assassins need targets.

    Go make soup with a nail. Remo


    The President's brother-in-law disappears. Due to his ties to connections overseas, Remo is sent to find out what happened to him.


    I never liked this book, not way back then and not now. It was very slow, had little action, and no Ruby and Smith to speak of. The only highlight for me was Chiun's plan for the Olympics.



    Hubert Hefferling-Chapter 2 target, president of an energy group that was prolonging the energy crisis for profit.

    Marsha-His secretary.

    Jimbobwu Mkombu-Ruler of an African nation who plans the killing of US athletes.

    Jack Mullin-British trainer of Mkombu's men.

    R. Watson Dotty-Head of Olympic Committee.

    Brian-Escaped gorilla that Remo subdues.

    Vincent Josephs-Sports agent.

    Wally Mills-Track coach.

    Josie Littlefeather-US gymnast from Blackhand Indian Reservation in Arizona who Remo falls for and helps her become a great gymnast.

    Chuck Masters-Runner who is humiliated by Remo.

    Sammy Waneko, Tonny, and Tomas-Baruba athletes who are killed.

    Willem-Baruba coach.

    Johnny Winters and Bart Sands-Pilot and co-pilot for the Baruba group.

    Dimitri Sorkofsky-Russian KGB Colonel.

    Natasha, Nina, and Marta-His wife and daughters.

    Ilya Kaminov-His secretary.

    Lt. Protchik-His aide.

    Wilhelm Bechenbauer-West German police captain.

    Helga and Hans-His daughter and son.

    Hans Schlichter-East German runner.

    Alexi Vassilev-Russian weight lifter.


    Remo becomes Remo Everyman. Remo Black, and Abraham Lincoln.

    Smitty says it is not unusual for Remo to disappear for 3 months at a time.

    Remo overpowers a gorilla and returns it to it's cage.

    Remo wears a T-shirt that says "I am a virgin" on the front and "This is an old shirt" on the back.

    During the Olympic trials, Remo runs most of his race with his hands in his pockets.

    Remo speaks of 26 steps in lovemaking.

    Remo catches a 200 pound barbell in one hand and holds it out in front of him.

    Smitty is proud of the fact that under his management, Folcroft shows a profit.

    Chiun calls the garments he wears robes and not kimonos.

    Chiun lifts a 300+ pound weight lifter who had lifted a 600 pound barbell, and throws both out of his way.

    Remo remembers doing some boxing in the army.

    Remo creates a memory lapse of about 30 minutes by touching a spot between the shoulders and the neck on a woman.


    The Great Wang was once hired by one Korean city to represent another Korean city in a sporting competition. After he won all the events, he convinced the town to tear down their protctive wall. Then the city that had hired Wang attacked and destroyed their enemies.


    For once you speak the truth, housefly.

    Sometimes I think you are truly denser than stone.

    The best way to break into some place is to be inside in the first place.


    A threat to US Olympic athletes is made. The threat seems real so Remo is sent as one of the athletes to try and find the people responsible and make sure they cannot fulfill their threat.


    Great story in my opinion. We get to see a human side to Remo. Chiun has a lot of good scenes. Remo has a love interest who does not die but instead Remo loses interest.



    Surfer-Chapter two victim who loses toes on one foot after he destroys a sand castle that Remo had built for a little girl who told Remo he looked nice.

    Solly Martin-Businessman who had always failed until he met Sparky.

    Faud Banidegh-Supplier for one of Solly's failures.

    Moe Moscalevitch and Ernie Flammio-Torchers who give Solly an idea.

    Lester McGurl-"Sparky", young man with a flame.

    Ruby Jackson-She's back for one last time.

    Lettie-Ruby's aunt.

    Cornelia-Ruby's mom.

    Horatius Q. Witherspool-Reverend of the First Evangelical Abyssinian Apostolic Church of the Good Deal and the man who hires Solly to torch the building where Lettie lives so he can collect the insurance money. Remo leaves him on the top of a refinery smokestack.

    Irving-Cab driver who delivers a message to Smitty from Remo.

    Joey Geraghty-Magazine writer who helps Remo find Solly. He wrote a story about Arnold the Matchless whao Remo later called Irving the Matchless.

    John Barlin-Owner of a sports store who hires Solly.

    Doctor Ledore-Parapsychologist who tells Remo about fire people and gives Remo an ESP test. He tells her what is on the front of cards by looking on the backs. She thinks it is ESP but he is seeing the print imprint from the front on the back. He then shows her some more tricks he knows.

    Anthony Ziggata-President of fireman's union who starts a strike.


    Remo rotates his wrists a lot as if they were sore.

    Smitty carries a phone and a pill in his briefcase. The phone to shut down the CURE computers, the pill to shut down Smitty.

    Remo remembers Sister Mary Margaret again.

    Remo climbs up a smooth brick smokestack while carrying a man. He goes down the side of it like he is walking down stairs.

    Remo goes by Richard Quigley and Richard Williams.

    Remo dials an 800 swingers number to get Smitty. He talks to the recording, saying he'd like to buy a plow and he wants to watch the Partridge Family. He then counts down from 5 and Smitty comes on the line.

    After Remo is burned, Chiun has him soak in a mixture of eye of toad, ground goat horn, dried calf gall bladder, droppings of water fowl, pickled tongue of newt, and salamander organs.

    Chiun can tell that Remo has had sex.

    Remo and Chiun can tell that a man who has a flashlight does not have a gun because his balance is only off by a flashlight.


    Master Tung-Si the lesser met and was defeated by the fire children of Mongolia. They put a curse on Sinanju saying that one day, one of theirs would defeat the youngest master and end the line of Sinanju.

    A Master is not allowed to willingly take the life of a child.


    A fish out of water might not like the first few minutes, but he can see that the next minutes will be even worse.

    Look at you, looking like dog doo-doo.

    Doing good is still good, even if it is done for the wrong reason.


    Remo quits again because Smitty tells him to kill Ruby, who has quit. When Remo learns that Ruby is killed in a fire he wants to get the people who started the fire. The fire starter turns out to be an old enemy of Sinanju.


    Another winner. A good villain for Remo to hunt down. Some good byplay between Remo and Chiun. We see some more humanity from Remo. All in all an enjoyable read.



    Karl Webenhaus-Man who found the oil tree and is killed for it 20 years ago.

    Josefina aka Joey Webb-His daughter, who Smitty helps to support. She also becomes Remo's love interest and lives!

    Roger Stacy-His partner and murderer.

    Oscar Brack-The man who saves Stacy and Joey in the jungle and helps to raise Joey.

    Danny O'Farrel-Joey's fiancee.

    Pierre LaRue-Lumberjack at the camp.

    Harvey Quibble aka Lance Alright-Accountant at the camp, but secretly he is much more.

    Cicely Winston-Alright-Rich lady behind the Mountain High ecology group.

    Ararat Carpathian-Aide to Cicely.


    Remo walks across water.

    At the beginning of the book Remo is have trouble with his concentration but he gets it together later.

    Smitty is having his prune whip yogurt with lemon topping.

    Smitty is said to be near 60.

    Chiun calls milk shakes, milk jiggles.

    Remo is Remo O'Sylvan.

    Chiun always carries a Cinzano ashtray in his bedroll.

    Remo feels the tension in a trigger finger.

    Chiun stops Joey from crying with a touch on her shoulder.

    37 steps in lovemaking.


    Poison masquerades under many names.

    Beware of emperors using new words.

    You are not much but you are all I have.

    The world is filled with people who will look at duck droppings and diamonds and fill their pockets with duck droppings.

    Trees are free. Free the trees. Mountain High slogan


    A plot to destroy an experiment with oil producing trees is discovered. Remo is sent to protect the project and its developer who has been partially supported by Smitty since the death of her father, an old friend of Smitty.


    This one is also in the top half of the books I have read. It is a good fast-paced adventure. There is a lot of Chiun and Remo. The action is good and the humor is well done.



    Arnie, Billy, and Jackie-Chapter 2 targets who were running a pool in a hospital on when patients would die, helping some of them along at times.

    Elmo Wimpler-Inventor of the invisible paint.

    Curt and Phyllis-His neighbors.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mason-Robbery victims of Elmo.

    Flora-Their maid.

    Tony and Jack-Mob guys trying to hire someone to knock off a witness.

    Romeo-The witness.

    Emir of Bislami-Deposed leader who is dying but whose country wants it to be soon.

    Princess Sarra-His sister and Remo's love interest.

    Perce Pakir-Right hand man of the Emir.

    Randisi-FBI agent in charge of security.

    Willy-Janitor in building where Elmo did a murder.

    Bats Agron-Mugger in the park who goes after Elmo.

    Hal Barden and Mark Simons-Contract magazine publishers.

    Slits Wilson, Willie the Whip, Tailor Taylor, Big Louie-Hired to kill Remo.


    Remo is Remo Schwartzenegger.

    Remo has become smart again figuring out many things, getting ideas etc.

    Chiun is hit in the chest by an invisible knife.

    27 steps of love.

    The thought of drinking alcohol makes Remo feel sick.


    Running full speed across peanut shells, crumpled paper, and marbles without sound.


    Master Ding worked for an Emir during the time of Alexander. The Emir dies before paying and his family said the debt died with him.


    No one whips the silent dog.

    Respect, unlike water, runs from low places to high places. This means that you should respect everyone you meet. I, on the other hand, am to be treated with respect by everyone.


    The deposed Emir is in exile in the US. He is dying but the new leader of his country wants him to die sooner and puts out a large contract. Smitty wants him kept alive which could be difficult with an invisible killer coming for him.


    Only a fair story. Seemed to have been ghost written. There were some out of character happenings for Remo and Chiun. The story moved along ok but it just did not feel right.



    Chapter two baddies are the manager and a clerk of a store selling shoddy merchandise at inflated prices where Remo goes to buy some potting soil.

    Max Snodgrass-CIA Head of Operations.

    Bernard C. Daniels-Former CIA agent who gets himself in a big mess.

    Denise Saravena Daniels-His wife.

    Robert Hansen Jackson aka Doc Jackson-Friend of Daniels.

    Malcolm-Grand Vizier of the Afro-Muslim Brotherhood.

    Gloria X aka Gloria Sweeney-Head of the Brotherhood who plaays a big part in the nuclear arms deal.

    Calder Raisin-Director of the Union of Racial Justice and target of the Brotherhood.

    Robar Estomago-Hispania's ambassador to the UN and man behind the arms deal.

    El Presidente Cara De Culo-The dictator.


    Chiun is 50 years older than Remo.

    Remo can tell the exact weight of an item on his deltoid muscle.

    Chiun's modesty becomes a point when Remo thinks Chiun has been wounded and tries to disrobe him.

    Remo gives his name as Idi Amin.

    Smitty worries that Folcroft employess are stealing bread when the bread bill goes up.

    Remo sees the tension in the hand and the flexing of finger muscles before firing a gun.


    An assassin who does not assassinate is a useless assassin.

    A boom destroys the purity of the assassin's art.

    Why are you so constantly amazed at what I say?

    Fick-fick forever. Gloria X


    A CIA agent returns from a mission and begins telling secrets. Remo is sent to get rid of him. Then, when another country tries to kill him, Smith tells Remo to protect him. Next, Russia is getting involved, nuclear weapons are mentioned and Remo is hip deep in it again.


    This book started out realy well but somewhere along the way it lost me. I think the problem is the book spent too much time on other characters. I sedom like the books that do that. Barney Daniels is a good character but he is not Remo. Way too much of the book dealt with Daniels and his problems. Remo is barely needed and Chiun even less than that.



    Artemis Thwill-Preacher who enjoys killing. He gets the troops under control.

    Samantha-Wife of Thwill's first victim and then becomes Thwill's wife.

    Andrew Fitzroy King-Army lieutenant who tries to blow the whistle and is killed.

    Father Malcolm McConnell-Army chaplain killed by Thwill's army.

    Sgt. Bill Grimes-Lures McConnell to his doom.

    Arlington Montgomery-Army general at Ft. Wheeler.

    Major Van Dyne-Aide to Montgomery and part of the plot.

    Osgood Nooner-U.S. Senator who masterminds the whole deal.

    Randy Nooner-His daughter who lures Remo to his almost doom.

    General Elalhassein-Quatti general.

    Joshua "Jay" Miller-Records clerk in D.C. who unknowingly helps Nooner's plan to work and is then killed.

    The Sheik-The last of the line in Quati rulers. Mentally deficient and is being led by Randy.

    Rajii Zel Imir Adassi-Caretaker for the Sheik.

    Jola-His daughter.


    This book actually describes Chiun with a mustache. I think all the rest just mention a beard.

    Remo has the Dream of Death, a coming of age in Sinanju. It is the beginning of the next stage which should last 20-30 years.

    Aunt Mildred is arriving at 11 AM means to call Smith on his 7 digit code number at 11 PM.

    Remo is again singing the Disco lady song to annoy Chiun, but at the end of the book, it is Chiun who sings it.

    There are 52 steps in lovemaking.

    Chiun throws a spear so fast it breaks the sound barrier.

    Chiun drinks poisoned tea without realizing it.

    Remo's attention wavers and he is shot by an arrow.

    Chiun saves Remo by communicating in his mind.

    Remo is able to pinch certain nerves in the neck of a man to paralyze everything in his body except his writing arm.


    Sinanju never worked for Quat. They were too cheap.


    A monumental force from the west will seek to destroy Shiva.

    Only Shiva can kill Shiva.


    The sun shines nicely in Sinanju.

    Disco Lady won't you be my baby?

    Duck, oh, duck, baby. Duck, Remo. Oh, duck. Randy Nooner


    Soldiers are disappearing around the country andd chaplains are turning up dead. Remo is sent to find out about it and finds a plot to take over the U.S. with our own army.


    Pretty good story but has some strange happenings. Chiun cannot detect poison in his tea. Remo has to have help again to get rid of poison. Remo doesn't sense an attack about to occur. Sounds like some of the recent books. There are some positive things, too. Remo making a passage to adulthood in Sinanju. Remo has some intelligence back after losing it for some books. I would rate this an average book. Not great but too good to use as firestarter.



    Jeremiah Purcell aka The Dutchman-Pupil of Nuihc who has amazing mental abilities.

    Pap Lewis-Man who tries to adopt Purcell, but luckily he was turned down.

    Fabienne de la Soubise-Island girl who becomes Remo's love interest.

    Sidonie-Housekeeper for Remo and Chiun on the island.

    Pierre LeFevre-Driver for Fabienne.

    Sanchez-Mute helper for Purcell.

    Alberto Vitorelli-Cook the the ship Coppelia.

    Hank and Emily Cobb-Tourists on the ship.

    Matthew Caswell-Doctor on the ship.

    Giuseppe Battiato-Radio operator on the ship.


    Remo was working for CURE before Kennedy was assassinated.

    The Dutchman started traing with Nuihc at age 10. He is 24 in this book.

    Remo can focus his hearing to such a degree that a loud noise could shatter his nerves.

    Smitty had a stamp collection as a child.

    Chiun's ceremonial robe is blue.


    Flying Wall-Dive off a cliff into shallow water, but nstead of entering the water, you skim across the top of it.


    Stupid is always inscrutable.


    Bodies are discovered off the island of Sint Maarten and Smitty suspects Remo is the killer. He orders Chiun to get rid of Remo but Remo did not do the killings. They were done by a student of Nuihc who has sworn to kill Remo and Chiun.


    This book is a real Destroyer adventure. There is a real danger to Remo and Chiun. Remo and Chiun show great love for each other. Their byplay and humor is a big part of what makes this book special.



    Mrs. Delphine Miller and Archie-People who help Remo in chp. 2.

    Sheila-Mrs. Miller's niece.

    Tony Marotta-Chp 2 target, a gun supplier.

    Mr. Gordons-The survival robot survives for another go at Remo.

    Dr. Frances Payton Holmes-Lush inventor of the LC 111 computer.

    Ralph Dickey-Her assistant.

    Mikhail Andreyov Istoropovich-Top Soviet agent who is out to steal the LC 111.

    Yuri Alexovich, Grigori Seminov, and Gorky-More commies.

    Lewis J. Verbanic and Marco San Miguel de Ruiz Gonzales-Garbagemen who first see Mr. Gordons at the dump when they bring in the LCC 111.

    Helen Wheels-Druggie who helps Remo find out what happened to the LC 111.

    James Addington Blakely-Crooked judge who release a witness to the Russians.


    Remo favors his right side and works at correcting that so that he has balance.

    Chiun calls bullets boom droppings.

    Chiun falls in love with Cheeta Ching.

    Remo is caught unawares by Gordons disguised as a table. Gordons is able to plant a transmitterunder remo's skin causing him many problems. He loses control of his body, tap dances, stands on his head, falls down, and does many other things that he cannot control because his balance is off.

    When Chiun was 12 he was stung by a bee and the imbalance caused by the stinger made Chiun lose his balance.

    Remo and Chiun climb a wall and use the suction of their palms to hang on the wall for a few seconds.


    Catching bullets in each hand, trying to get equal number in each hand to improve balance.


    We never take killing personally.

    Life is not total.

    Become old, and, perhaps you will become wise.


    Russia has developed a bacteria that they plan to send to the moon to poison it so that we cannot use the moon any more. We develop a computer that can stop their plan. They try to steal it. Gordon's gets it and becomes it. Remo is in trouble again.


    This story was ok but had some definite weak points. The return of Gordons was ok. He finally gets creative but with predictable results. Remo loses his abilities in a somewhat suspect way and then regains them in too easy a manner. His loss does create some comedy for the book and gives Chiun lots to carp about but it should not happen. Then after suffering through this almost to his death, Remo decides to breathe properly and what do you know, he figures out the problem and fixes it. After 12 years, you would think even Remo would have learned that proper breathing is everything.

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