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    Colonel Mactrug-Chapter 2 target who ran a school for killers and later in the book, one of his students faces a Sinanju student.

    Norbert Peasewell-Computer programmer who develops the profit program we lovingly refer to as Friend.

    Dr. Woldemar Keating-Professor at MUT who is helping Friend.

    Bradford, Melody, and Wilhelmina Wakefield-Bleeding hearts who cause all kinds of trouble.

    Mandranus Rex Smith aka Dice and Bubba-Killers for Friend.

    Deborah and Paul Potter-TV news anchor team.

    Merton Lord Wissex-Latest in the line of a new family of killers that only dates back to Henry VIII.

    Peter John-First to discover the anaerobic in his gas.

    Reva Bleem-President of Bleem International who has a gas substitute called Polypussides.

    Wardley-Her brother.

    Oscar-Her chauffer.

    Fareem-Sheik of Hamidia.

    Abdul-His son.

    Ganulle-His advisor.

    Jonathan Wentworth Bull-Army general in Hamidia.

    Winslow-His aide.


    Remo says a big hearty breakfast of meat and sugar could kill him.

    Remo says his body will not accept poison.

    Remo is given a very simple code to remember that he forgets even though he wrote it down.

    Sinanju is 30 centuries old.

    Remo tries to keep Chiun from the left wing seat on a plane, Chiun pretends to prfer the right side. As soon as Remo gets up, Chiunn grabs the left seat.

    Chiun carries a sword of Hamidia in one of his trunks.

    Remo uses the names George Armstrong Custer and George S. Patton.

    Chiun snores so loudly that he sometimes wakes himself and does not know what caused the noise.

    There is an explanation in this book as to why there are so many variations on the steps to sexual excitement ie 27, 37, and 52. The 52 step technique is to never be used on a normal woman as it would lead to insanity.

    Remo's wrists are 361.01 mm in circumference.

    Smith actually parred a hole the last time he played golf.


    Lesser Wang taught the Wissex family how to kill.

    Sinanju has an old contract with Hamidia.


    A credential is only someone else's suspicion of one's worth.

    I always have my weapons.

    I never change. I will always be sweet, lovable, and small.

    Identify yourself, say something stupid.


    Smitty finds out about an oil eating bacteria that could destroy the oil supply of the world. Remo is sent to find and destroy it.


    This was the first Supernovel. After Mr. Sapir left the series, he would return for a book now and then. This one was good but not super just longer. There were good points, Remo and Chiun leading opposing armies for one. There were also some problems. Just a couple of books back, Remo and Chiun were poisoned but in this book they say their body will not accept poison. Yet, they can eat food that would kill them.



    Lt. Richard Caan-Pilot of the F-24 Stealth bomber stolen by Zoran.

    Mills Allbright-His commander.

    Timu-Leader of the leper group.

    Ana-His sister.

    Lustbaden Zoran aka Prince of Hell-Nazi that Smith has been after since the war.

    Dimi Jevsevar-Man who helps Smitty escape the Nazis in Poland.

    Helena-His wife.

    Wilhelm Wolfe-Zoran's captain.


    Chiun recalls childhood joys of swimming in the icy waters of Sinanju where he could stay under for 7 hours.

    Smitty remembers part of his past, chasing Zoran during and after the war.

    Smitty's wife is Irma and daughter is Beth. In book 14 they were Maude and Vickie. Uh Oh.

    Chiun sends his mind to contact Shiva.

    The book mentions the previous assignment which was actually 2 books earlier.


    Swimming with dolphins at 20 knots, Remo has to slow down to stay with them.


    A master worked for Genghis Khan and was cheated when Khan loaded the tribute with bricks.

    Master Ko Wat traveled with Columbus.

    Master Hun Tup traveled with Marco Polo to China. Was attacked when he left with tribute and saved by lepers. Later, he moved the lepers to a better place.

    Chiun is the 102nd master.


    To fear death is to fear life.

    A fine mess you've got us in now.


    A ship carrying a stealth bomber is attacked. The crew is killed, the stealth bomber and its pilot are gone. Remo is sent to locate them.


    This one grabbed me right from the beginning. The plot worked well. Smitty got involved with an old enemy of his. Remo and Chiun did what they do best.



    Giuseppe "Bones" Bonelli-Drug manufacturer and chp 2 target.

    Shorty-Killer for Bonelli.

    Felix Foxx aka Felix Vaux-Diet doctor and killer. Develops anti-aging drug and uses it to build an army of killers for hire among other things.

    Irma Schwartz-The horse, a person who feels no pain and shows no sign of old age.

    Doris Dumbroski-Her roommate.

    Homer G. Watson, Thornton Ives, Clive R. Dobbins-Secretary's of the Air Force, Navy, and Army, killed by Foxx.

    Forsythe and Hilda-Dobbins' driver and wife.

    Senator and Mrs. Spangler-Two of the BP's beautiful people.

    Cecelia-Their daughter.

    Bobby Jay-Singer and BP.

    Seymour Burdich-Celebrity chaser and BP wannabe.

    Gary MacArdle-Police officer who gives info to CURE.

    Posie Ponselle-Old time movie actress made young by Foxx and loved by Remo.

    Ruomid Halaffa-Dictator of Zadnia who wants the U.S. leaders dead.

    Sgt. Randall Riley and Davenport-Two of Foxx's men.

    Cheeta Ching-Newscaster and Chiun's love who becomes a kidnap victim of Remo's so he can get a picture for Chiun.


    Remo climbs an electric fence without touching the fence only the current.

    Remo uses the 52 step technique on four women even though the last book said it should not be used since it would drive most women insane.

    Remo uses his own name, Williams.

    He remembers his first sexual encounter at age 14 with Roseanne Ziesiecki.

    Remo picks up vibrations in the floor of a person behind him and can tell what the person is doing.

    Chiun learns to ski.


    One eats before eating so as to be prepared for eating. The labyrinthine processes off the white mind.


    U.S. military leaders are being killed. Remo is sent to find out by whom. The trail seems to lead to a diet and fitness guru who has a mysterious way of keeping people young.


    Weak villain but a pretty good story anyway. There are a lot of Remo/Chiun vignettes that are funny. Chiun skiing made me laugh out loud. There are some contradictions from the previous book. Electricity was a problem in the last book but here it is not. The 52 step technique is not to be used in the last book, but now Remo uses it 4 times. They really needed a good editor.



    Orville Peabody aka Joshua Gray-Sent by Abraxas to kill an Italian revolutionary.

    Franco Abbrodani-The revolutionary.

    Arlene Peabody-The wife.

    Pascal Soronzo and Eric Groot-Others sent out to kill.

    Hans Bofschel and Miramir Quanoosa-The targets.

    Abraxas aka Perseus Mephisto-Leader of the plan for world dominion.

    Circe-One of his helpers.

    Michael LePat-Another aide.

    Mrs. Mikulka-Smitty's secretary.

    Samuel P. Longtree, Vehar, Beaupere-Abraxas pawns.

    Ned-Drunken pilot who helps our boys get to the right place.

    Big Ed-Manager of private airport who doesn't welcome Remo and Chiun.


    In 1944, Smitty worked on the design of what was to become the first computer, the UNIVAC.

    Chiun is watching soaps again, Ways of Our Days.

    Remo builds up incredible speed to knock down a barrier, he estimates it at one-half the speed of sound.


    Chiun mentions the time of the Great Wang as 600 BC.

    Remo remembers a story of a Master who was being forced to jump from a cliff to his death. He asks his attackers to join him on the cliff so that his people can see who is killing the Master. The Master could tell that the cliff could not hold them all and as it breaks off, he jumps back and they are killed.


    Most thoughts pass by your mind with no more impression than a butterfly's breath.

    He who has no time for beauty is but half a person.

    Chaos must be maintained to balance order.


    Terrorist leaders around the world are being killed. Smitty sends Remo to investigate and then Smitty disappears. Remo and Chiun get on his trail and find a plot to take over the world.


    Not bad. Ms. Cochran made good use of the three major players in this one. Smitty has quite a bit to do for once. There is one backslide though. For several books, Chiun has complained about how the soaps are now trash. In this book, not only is he back to watching them, but his subconscious has been affected by Abraxas because he watches TV so much.



    Jean Baptiste Malaise and his 16 brothers-Chapter 2 drug smuggling targets.

    Dr. Terri Pomfret-Translator of Hamidian clues to a mountain of gold.

    Bruno-One of her bodyguards.

    Neville Lord Wissex-Member of a British house of assassins that was supposed to stay away from Sinanju.

    Pimsey-His uncle.

    Nancy-The uncle's poodle.

    Barry Schweid-Hollywood screenwriter who accidentally intercepts the files from CURE.

    Hank Bindle and Bruce Marmelstein-Hollywood producers who want to make "Hamlet with tits".

    Generalissimo Moombasa Garcia y Benitez-South American dictator who wants the mountain of gold at any cost.

    Myra Waxelburg and Dudley Rawlingate III-Members of the Vanguard Revolutionary Suicide Battalion for Moombasa.

    Walid ibn Hassan-Killer employed by Wissex who loves his "Beloved" rifle.

    Tonaka Humamota-Advisor to Wissex.

    Bentley-One of the directors of the House of Wissex.

    Hilton Marmaduke Spencer-British killer working for Wissex.

    Mrs. Cholmondley Montague and Mrs. Wilson-Spencer's neighbors.

    Ferdinand-Bull that Remo fights with.


    Smitty tries to transfer CURE record to Sr. Maartens to a company called Analogue Networking, Inc.

    Remo takes fear from a person by manipulating the spine of the person.

    Smitty uses code word Shiva for CURE files.

    Chiun asks to be called Gracious Master.

    Remo steps on a fakir and drives him down into his bed of nails. Chiun says, "If you see another one, he's mine".

    Remo hums Whistle While You Work as he kills some would be killers.

    Remo sleeps 15 minutes a night, getting all levels of sleep at once.

    Chiun watches old westerns on TV.


    Great Wang met an early Wissex and told him to work in Europe only.

    Master Puk the liar said he went to Hamidia and saw the moutain of gold but brought back no tribute.

    Master Yung Suk worked a plan to show an enemy what he expects to see and get him from behind.


    There are no new answers; only new questions.


    Clues to the location of a moutain of gold are found. Remo and Chiun have to protect the translator and hopefully find the gold. Along the way, they find an old rival of Sinanju who should have heeded old warnings.


    Another so called Supernovel that lived up to it's name. This one had a lot going on at once. Remo and Chiun on their adventure while Smitty is trying to find his lost files. There is some great satire on Hollywood and the movie industry.



    Elizabeth Drake and Richard Diehl-Archaeologists who are studying ancient Mayan ruins where strange things are happening.

    Sebastion Birdsong nee Humberbee-Draft evader from the 60s who joined the First Church of Krishna the Undraftable and was sent to work in the jungle.

    Po-Crippled Indian boy who travels with Remo and Chiun.

    Nata-Ah-Granddaughter of the king in ancient city.

    Pachenque-Son of the king.

    Quintanodan-Priest of the ancient land.

    Kurt Cooligan-Leader of the group of time travelers.

    Metters-Engineer of the group.

    Bolam-Member of the group.


    Remo and Chiun are overcome by the smell of some narcotic flowers and both are put to sleep.

    Remo lowers his heartbeat to 10 beats per minute at will.


    Squeezing water from a stone in the desert.

    Every six months, they go on training trips into extremes of climate. Tree splitting, mountain running, and swimming under arctic ice are parts of the program.


    The stench of fried animals saps my strength.

    How often must one fall from the hump of a horse to realize he is riding a camel.

    A man is trapped only by the limitations of his mind.

    your mouth usually contains more material than your brain.


    At the site of an ancient Mayan city, archaeologists are attacked by what seem to be laser weapons. Remo and Chiun are sent to investigate and end up 5000 years in the past.


    Very weak book to me. Remo and Chiun become time travelers? Puh-lease! Not my idea of a Destroyer adventure.



    Ben and Sam-Chapter two targets disposing of toxic waste illegally.

    Leith Blake, Drexel Armiated Blake, Ann Adams, and Sara the cat lady-Early victims pf the coffee.

    Johnny Arcadi, Amfat Hassam, Paul, "Pappy" Eisenstein, Hector Gomez-Drug dealers who Remo questions about the coffee.

    Sandra Hess aka Sandy-Hassam harem member.

    Yasmine-Hassam's wife.

    Joey-Hassam bodyguard.

    Sloops and Tyrone-Workers at coffee warehouse.

    Hugo Donnelly aka George Brown-Undersecretary of the Interior for imports and exports.

    Arnold-His son.

    Esmeralda-His wife.

    Darcy devoe aka Linda Smith-Arnold's wife and the brains of the group.

    Thompson-Helicopter pilot.

    Belloc-One of Donnelly's hoods.


    This book says Smith has nothing to do with the running of the sanitarium, but an earlier book mentioned how Smith was proud of the fact that he ran the sanitarium and it showed a profit.

    It took 4 years for Remo to learn to control the pupils of his eyes.

    Chiun gets Smith into the Folcroft hospital under the name Mr. Wang, a common name.

    Later, Chiun gives Remo's name as Remo Wang.

    Chiun admits to Smith that he understands about CURE.

    Twice Remo escapes from traps by coiling all his muscles as a spring and then uncoiling with the speed of a bullet to break through walls.

    Smitty developed the capability to put pictures in dot patterns on paper before Xerox.

    Harold W. Smith born 1925, lives at 426 Westacre Lane, Rye, NY. Married Irma Winwood Smith, born 1927. Daughter Beth Jo Ann, born 1955.


    Heroin laced coffee is making addicts of the U.S. population. Remo is sent to track it down. Smitty gets involved too and is shot and has his briefcase stolen. Remo has to hurry to stop the coffee and to stop Smith from shutting it all down.


    I don't know about this one. It never really got me interested. The plot was ok, I guess. The villain was a mystery for a while. But, it just did not have that Destroyer feel to it. Very little humor. The satire was missing. Just too much of a straight adventure novel.



    Manuel and other members of the Managuan Liberation Front or MLA- Chapter two targets.

    Raymond Rossner, Ivan Nyrghazy, and Francine-Hostages of the MLA.

    Ancion-Inca warrior who uses a bola for his weapon.

    Kirree-African who uses webbing made of grasses.

    Jilda aka Gullikan the Golden Lady-Viking warrior woman and love of Remo's life.

    Emrys ap Llewellyn-Welsh fighter.

    Griffith ap Emrys-His son.

    H'si T'ang-Old Master who was Chiun's teacher who has the same powers as the Dutchman but can control it and the power to heal.

    Mrs. Mikulka-Smith'a secretary.

    Irma-Smitty's wife.

    Jeremiah Purcell-The Dutchman returns to kill Chiun.

    Mildred Pensoitte-President of the Earth Goodness Society that is trying to kill the President of the US.

    Robin Feldmar aka Birdie-Another leader of the EGS.

    Vishnu-Chairman of the End Racist America movement.

    McHale-President of Du Loc College.


    If Smitty does not contact the CURE computers in any 168 hour period, they will erase and shut down.

    Smitty remembers having to kill a womaan while he was in the OSS.

    Remo feels fear a lot in this book.

    Smitty uses the name Harry Smith.

    Remo tries to use the 52 steps on Jilda but gives it up just to enjoy himself.

    Dutchman loves snakes and they seem to like him too.

    Smitty is tempted by Pensoitte but he stays faithful to Irma.

    Jilda takes Griffith to raise.


    Viking history of Gullikan, the Golden lady being plucked from the earth by Freya, goddess of love and pleasure, and put in the heavens as a star.

    The Master's Trial was started by the great Wang as a way to prevent wars among the people who keep the ancient ways. Only the best one of each group will do battle once each generation.


    There is always safety among persons of honor.

    Only the young wish to live forever. H'si T'ang


    Several plots here. Remo is off to fulfill the Master's Trial while Smitty is trying to keep the President alive. Chiun, meanwhile, is taking care of the Dutchman.


    After a couple of weak books, now we have a great one. The three main characters are all busy in different areas. There is also a lot of tradition and history and we get to meet another master of Sinanju. I loved it!



    D. Desmonf Dorkley-Torch and chapter 2 target.

    Amanda Bull-Schutz-Leader of the FOES (Flying Object Evaluation Center) in their anti-nuclear campaign. Has a hair growing from her nose that she will not remove. Not important, just odd.

    John Schutz-Her short term husband.

    Edmond Bull-Her father.

    Orvill Sale, Lester Gex, Lucy Lamar, Marsha Gasse,-Other FOES members.

    World Master aka Hopak Kay (large hairy dog)-Being in the flying object.

    Pavel Zarnitsa-KGB agent.

    Chuzhoi Zarnitsa-Brother of Pavel, Gru agent and a little more.

    Natalya Tushenka-GRU agent.

    Elvin Gunn-Air Force captain who watches over one of the missiles.

    Thad Screiber-Reporter.


    Chiun starts getting on Remo about growing his nails long as the next phase in his training, The Killing Nail.

    Remo says that there is not that much money being sent to Sinanju, that Chiun could make much more doing tricks on TV.

    Chiun calls frisbees, whizzbees.

    Chiun works a Rubik's Cube in 6 seconds and can do it blindfolded.

    Remo does a lot of reading and studying for his assignment.

    Chiun is back to watching reruns of As the Planet Revolves and The Young and the Wanton.

    Remo becomes Remo Greeley.

    Chiun calls the burns that Remo gets "education" burns since burns are measured in degrees.


    Master Huk-Fought a snail maze, one that forces you to the center with traps along the way.

    Master Wang got the source for Sinanju teaching from a ring of fire that came from the sky.


    Emptiness is always temporary.


    U.S. nuclear missile bases are being attacked by a group of UFO nuts. Remo is sent to infiltrate and stop them. Problem is, they are following a space alien who Chiun thinks may have visited the Great Wang.


    This one was a big drop from #55 but still an ok read. A bunch of loonies following a space creature is believable. Big question though about how Chiun could be taken in so easily by the pseudo alien. He can tell one Russian by his smell but picks up nothing from the alien? I don't think so.



    Miles Quantrill-Rich man behind Dream Date.

    Bill Peterson-College victim of Quantrill.

    Wanda Well-Call girl that Quantrill used in videos.

    Jose (Wally) Donner-Man who kidnaps the girls for Dream Date.

    Deke Bauer-Runs the prison where the women are kept and was also a commander of Remo's in Vietnam.

    Consuelo Madera-One of the girls in the prison.

    Miguel-Her brother.

    Karen Lockwood-Girl who escapes and is found by Remo.

    Sam Wolfshy-Kanton Indian who tries to borrow everything and works as a guide for Remo and Chiun.

    Harry-Sam's uncle.

    Kains Brickell and Robert T. Dexter-Guards at the prison.

    Al Meecher-Man killed by Bauer for his apartment.


    Chiun is carrying all 27 trunks again.

    Soap discussion with a chambermaid about All My Relatives.

    Chiun is now in love with Mona Madrigal, a soap actress.

    Smitty wears a brown suit!!!!!!! He is in disguise though.

    Sam thinks that Remo is part Indian.

    Seven men are able to sneak up on the camp where Remo and Chiun are? This should not happen.

    Remo remembers part of his Vietnam experience that has to do with Bauer and Conn MacCleary. Bauer was killing civilians and Remo was trying to get Conn do stop him.

    Remo and Chiun dive from a burning building to a building across the street usinf the Falcon's Glide but they have to hit the other building while inhaling to be safe.

    Remo remember watching old westerns in St. Theresa's orphanage with Sister Bridgett and Sister Mary Agnes.


    Story of the Great Wang. Once he was celebrating with the villagers and did not hear the cries of a drowning child. As punishment, he put himself in exile for thirty years and Sinanju was nearly destroyed.


    Sometimes the only way to lear is to fail. Wang the Great

    (Instead of the sound of one hand clapping) "If you are not utterly silent, you will hear the sound of one hand tearing the tongue from your throat.


    Many people are being reported missing and many bodies are turning up. Remo is sent to investigate and finds a plot to take over the U.S. using kidnapping and blackmail. He also finds a sadistic officer from his past.


    Fast moving, exciting adventure. Good use of humor and action. Not a great dangerous bad guy but one who does need to be stopped and Remo is just the one to do it.



    Duncan Dinnard-Crooked police chief and chapter 2 target.

    Sally-His girlfriend.

    Leo-His bodyguard.

    Billy Martin-Boy arrested for killing his parents, is bailed out and then killed.

    Allen-His father.

    David-Their neighbor.

    Judge Turner-The judge who let Billy out on bail.

    Harvey Weems-Lawyer who was hired to post bail for Billy.

    Blackie Danelo-Works in building where Weems was.

    Lou and Samuel-Workers at auto plant.

    Danny "the Man' Lincoln-Drug dealer who helps Remo.

    Laura and Carla-Two of his girls.

    Palmer-Police detective.

    Louis Sterling-Worker at auto plant who is killed.

    Lorenzo Moorcock-Preacher of the Church of Modern Day Beliefs who is behind the drugs and killings.

    Rafael Cintron, Antonio Jimenez, and Pablo Santoro-Mexican connections.

    Jim Burger and Donald Wagner-Two of Moorcock's workers.

    Jack Boffa-Auto plant foreman.


    This book says that Remo was a rookie cop when he was framed by CURE.

    Remo becomes Remo Randisi.

    Remo touches some addicts on the fifth vertebrae and cures them.

    Remo and Chiun are blinded by heroin powder thrown in their eyes. Very sloppy.

    Death of a thousand breaks is used. All bones are broken without killing the victim.


    It is not necessary to compliment a man whom one is about to assassinate.

    Children are promises of greatness.

    Do not expect anything and you will never be disappointed.

    I'm as refined as the next white lout. Remo


    Children in different areas of the country are being murdered. Remo is sent to find out why. He finds lots of money and drugs and a very odd preacher.


    Pretty good story. Remo does some good investigating. He shows some intelligence. Smitty is pretty well absent though.



    Aldrich Hunt Baynes-President of Just Folks Airlines who becomes the leader of the Kali followers, the thuggees.

    Ban Sar Din-Man who began the new Kali group.

    Reverend Tee Vee Walker-Tried to control the thuggees and became a victim.

    Holly Rodan-Chief thuggee.

    Joshua and Kimberly Baynes-Baynes son and daughter who become followers.

    Evelyn-Baynes' wife.

    Mrs. Cunningham-Baynes' neighbor.

    Hilary-Her maid.

    Ivory-Wants to get Kali for her people.

    Albert Birnbaum, Beatrice Bixby, Walford family, Dirk Johnson, Samantha Hall, Roderick Van Cleef, Miles Patterson, Herb and Emmie Palmer-Victims of Kali.


    When a lady tries to touch Remo, his skin moves away from her touch.

    Chiun starts his plan to Stop Amateur Assassins with posters and petitions.

    Remo can raise his blood pressure at will.

    Sinanju tribute has risen to 17 weights of silver and 9 weights of gold.

    Smitty's wife Irma has won prizes for her flower garden 14 years in a row. Now we know how she fills her time.

    Smitty now has a combination lock on his briefcase and if opened incorrectly, it explodes.

    Remo serves as an airline steward for a short time and when a pilot tells Remo to make him a cup of coffee, Remo sticks the pilot's head in the pot and says "You are now a cup of coffee".


    Master Wu the disgraced brought about the fall of Rome. Around 600 AD, Wu protected the roads of Rome. He did a good job and left. The roads went back to the robbers and this led to the downfall of Rome.

    Wu also met Kali and killed for her. He was also killed by her but was able to throw the statue into the sea before he died.


    Sulking is never a sufficient response to anything.

    An auto kills. A fall kills. A mushroom kills. We do not kill.


    Airline passengers are dying around the world. Remo is sent in to figure out by whom and to stop it. He finds a former problem for Sinanju and falls under it's control.


    I have never liked this book and I still don't. I know there are probably some out there who like the Kali books but those books just get on my nerves. The book just has too much to do with the followers and victims of Kali and very little to do with Remo and Chiun.

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