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    Abner Buell-Computer genius who is trying to start WWIII as part of a game.

    Joseph Casey-Police detctive working with Buell for a while.

    Waldo Hammersmith-First victim of Buell's games.

    Millicent-His wife.

    Pamela Thrushwell-British secret agent who refuses to take part in the games and becomes a target instead.

    Armbrewster Naismith-Colonel in U.S. missile installation.

    Marshal Ivan Michenko-Russian computer expert who gets in games with Buell which give Buell access to Russian computer system.

    Marcia-KGB agent who poses as Buell's girlfriend.

    Bipsey Boopenberg and Dudley Sturdley-Workers at Bingham Publishing where Chiun has taken his book.

    Hamuta-British killer hired by Buell to kill Remo.

    Bernie Bondini, Stash Franko, Elton Hubble-Three goofs set up to try and kill Remo.


    Aunt Catherine called means for Remo to call Smith.

    Aunt Millie is ill means for Remo to stay where he is.

    Smith gives Remo a computer, Remo throws it a quarter of a mile into a river.

    Remo remembers his unsuccessful attempts to memorize the Gettysburg Address as a child.

    Remo cannot tell that an area has cameras and microphones around.

    Remo can feel pressure from someone aiming a gun at him.


    The best defense against an attacker is in the attacker's mind.

    Kindness can warm the soul but it cannot fill an empty belly.


    Smith uncovers a threat of nuclear war in the computer network. Remo has to find out who is behind it and stop it. Remo becomes a target and Smith is told to kill Remo or the nuclear war will start.


    Interesting book. I guess I liked it. Not a great story but OK. Just had too little of Remo and Chiun although the stuff about Chiun and his would be publishers is great.



    Chapter 2 targets are more folks who got hold of CURE secrets.

    Waldron Perriweather-Insect lover and activist trying to give the world back to the bugs, er, excuse me, the insects.

    Winston Hoag-Cropduster killed by the Species Liberation Alliance.

    Dara Worthington-Part of the IHAEO labs, the International Health, Agricultural, and educational Organization.

    Dr. Ravits-IHAEO scientist.

    Dexter Morley-Perriweather scientist.

    Barry Schweid-25 year old computer nerd who Smitty uses to help redo CURES defenses. Same name as a screenwriter in #52 who got hold of CURE secrets.

    Ambasa Francois Ndo-Director General of IHAEO

    Claude Ndo-President for eternity of Uwenda.

    Nathan and Gloria Muswasser-Perriweather helpers.

    Anselmo "Boss" Bossilini and Myron Feldman-Hit men for Perriweather.

    Rance Renfrew and Lance Larew-TV newsmen.

    Mrs Mikulka-Smith's secretary for 17 years.

    Keenan-Her son who steals some CURE files.

    Salmon-Friend of Keenan.


    Chiun kills a computer salesman who put Chiun's name on a screen and then the name was deleted.

    Chiun spends most of the book trying to get Remo to wear a kimono.

    Remo and Chiun can control their skin to keep off insects.


    Sticks and stones may break my bones but being ignored will never hurt me. Remo

    Only a white man would search for a bomb by trying to locate a bomb.


    Entomologists (bug scientists) are being killed while working on some very important discoveries. Remo is sent to protect the last one but he is killed anyway and a new species of fly is being developed that could take over the world.


    Very boring so called supernovel. Could have been cut by a third to make a pretty good regular book. The best part to me was the Barry Schweid side plot and seeing some humanity from Smitty.



    Juan Valdez Garcia-Murderer and chapter two target.

    Chico, Paco, and Napoloen-His children. Remo makes them watch the killing of their father.

    Gonzalez y Gonzalez y Gonzalez-His guard.

    Prince Wo-Ancient employer of Sinanju who did not want to pay properly so he and his peolpe ran away.

    Reginald Woburn-Latest leader of the Wo family.

    Drake-Woburn's family butler.

    Others in the Wo family;
    Abner Wooster
    Du Wok
    William and Ethel Wonder
    Jim Worthman
    Maui Wosheeesha
    Horako Woshimoto
    Kee Wok
    Rutherford Wobley
    Lee Woton

    Kim Kiley aka Karen Wolinski-Actress.

    Rafe Stokes-Hunter.

    Bonefish Charlie-Island guide.

    Basket Mary-Basket maker.

    Warner Dabney-Security man who tries to bug Remo and Chiun's condo.

    Robert Cawon-Wo valet.

    Dale Freewo-Secret Service agent.


    Remo is going through the hiding time. A time when young masters need to be separated from everyone. It makes Remo very touchy and impatient.

    Remo is back to using 37 steps in sex.

    Chiun is writing of Remo is the scrolls and trying to figure out how to describe him without saying he is white.

    Remo and Chiun are temporarily blinded by intense bright lights.


    Chiun teaches Remo to walk on water by using a back and forth motion with his arms to set up a wall of pressure to push the water away from him.


    Remo mentions Masters Pak, We, and Deyu.

    Master Wo Lee the nearly great used the water walk to escape through a pond of man-eating fish.

    Master Pak was hired by Prince Wo 2000 years ago to remove the Prince's brother secretly. When the brother died in a seeming accident, the Prince did not want to pay. Pak made more seeming accidents to show his point, Pak then tried to double payment for Master to keep quiet. Pak wanted a public apology so Wo decided to kill Pak. Seven stones were made, each with a way to kill the Master; sword, poison, treachery, fire, sea, spears and the seventh if all others failed, time.


    To feel perfect can be a lie.

    When death speaks, everyone listens.

    A wandering mind gathers only moss.

    It is one of my truly outstanding qualities that no matter how stupid you are, I never tell you about it.


    Remo is not at his best and needs time off. He and Chiun go to an island where a discovery has been made. A stone carved in a language that no one knows, except the Wo family, former employers of Sinanju who now want revenge.


    Now we're talking Destroyer. This book has what I want in my Destroyers, history, humor, fast paced action, Remo in trouble. None of that talky filler that is started to show up in the books after Signet took over the publishing.



    Robert Wojic-Chapter two target for testimony about cocaine dealers.

    Reemer Bolt-Director of marketing for Chemical Concepts of Massachusetts.

    Kathleen O'Donnell-Head of research and development for CC of M.

    Jim-One of Donnelly's technicians.

    Alexei Zemyatin-Russian field marshall.

    Kuryakin-Russian junior officer.

    Dimitri, Semyon Petrovich, Ivan Ivanovich, Pylor Furtseva-Russian officers and killers.

    Aubrey Winstead-Jones-British colonel.

    Guy Philliston-British intelligence officer.

    Toksa-Korean general.

    Kim II Sung-Korean President for Life.

    Sayak Cang-Head of Korean intelligence.

    Valery, Comte de Lyon-Temporary owner of part of the stolen treasure.

    Eckman Ramirez-Central American leader who Remo was told had the weapon.

    McDonald "Hal" Pease-U.S. representative sent to Russia.


    Chiun kills 3 conventioneers who were singing in the hotel.

    Chiun remembers eating a piece of meat as a child and his father made him vomit it back up.

    Chiun had trouble remembering Master Tak when he memorized the Masters as a child.

    Remo whistles while he works in rhythm with his body to make everything more harmonious. Favorite tune seems to be "Whistle While You Work".


    The weak disguise themselves in dull colors of the ground. But the deadly flaunt themselves to attract victims.


    Someone is punching holes in the ozone, threatening life on the planet. Russia thinks it is us and is planning a counter move. Remo has to find out who it really is. He has to do it without Chiun who is off trying to find the stolen treasuer of Sinanju.


    This one has a good story but is way too long. It starts and ends well but gets very dull and tedious in the middle. Way too much filler about the Russians and others.



    Beatrice Bendetsen-Five year old girl who is saved from drowning by remo in chapter two.

    Nathalie Watson-Newswoman wno ends up with a mike in her esophagus.

    Harrison Caldwell-Mr. Goldmaker himself. He finds the secret of making gold from lead.

    Jesus Gomez-Diver who helps Caldwell find the secret and is then killed.

    Augustine Cryx-Professor of alchemy who is killed by Caldwell.

    Francisco Braun-Sword for Caldwell.

    Consuelo Bonner-Director of security where uranium was stolen.

    James Brewster aka Arnold Diaz-Dispatcher who helps steal the uranium.

    Barry Goldenson-His lawyer until Chiun calls his mama.

    Bennett Wilson-Director of Nuclear Control Agency.

    Anxitlgiri aka Giri-Tribe of South American headhunters.


    Remo thinks that one of these days he is going to have to learn how to work gadgets.

    Chiun explains the reason why he and Remo can detect the presence of others. Everyone is part of a being and we are all connected. Most people have obliterated the sense of that connection.

    Remo and Chiun escape death in a falling elevator by lifting themselves at the last moment before impact.

    Remo and Chiun are affected by even miniscule amounts of radiation.

    Remo ate some kind of sandwich with oils on it while he was flying.

    There is an office where all strange killings are reported. This is Smitty's way of covering all of Remo and Chiun's work.

    This is not a big thing to report but I think it was the first time it has been mentioned that Remo has a hairy chest.

    Smitty's secretary calls his wife Maude and says she once visited Folcroft 12 years ago.


    Master Gi was a great historian, he also convinced Kublai Khan to start using assassins. p37

    The Lesser Wang has the shortest entry in the Histories. "Wang was. And he didn't." He was master during a very slow period. p199

    Master Go served the king of Spain 300 or 600 years ago but refused the gold of the king because it was cursed and would make a fully trained body nauseous. pp198-203


    Justice is when an assassin is paid for his work.

    The swan always looks awkward to the worm.


    Uranium is being stolen and the thinking is that someone is getting ready to make atomic bombs. Remo is sent to find out who is stealing it. It is actually being used for the making of lead into gold. During the search, Remo becomes very weak, loses power and is nearing death.


    Enjoyable book. Remo really has to work to figure out what is going on here and comes close to death in the process. Chiun has to save him, again. There is also the added bonus of some Sinanju history.



    Dr. Wilbur Smot-Chemist who takes the secret of induced amnesia to the badguys.

    Dr. Rubin Dolomo-Founder of Poweressence to scam people out of money.

    Beatrice Pimser Dolomo-His wife.

    Barry Glidden-Yheir lawyer.

    Gladys Smith-One of the forgetful witnesses.

    Angelo Muscamente, William Hawlings Jameson, Diamond Bill Pollenberg-Criminals released when witnesses against them forgot.

    Santino "Big Jelly" Jellino and Joey "Fingers" Phalange-Muscamente underbosses.

    Kathy Bower, Daphne Bloom, Waldo Hunnicut, Arthur Daniels, and Cal Peters-Poweressence people.

    Dale Armbruster-Air Force 1 pilot.

    Edwin Polishuk-Former police acquaintance of Remo who he talks to when he returns to Newark.


    Remo has to relearn a lot because of lasting effects of radiation damage in the last book.

    Remo's wall climbing looks like he is swimming up a wall.

    Phone code oof 3 rings, then stop, 1 ring and stop, then 2 rings means it is Smith.

    Chiun becomes very happy when someone says that Remo looks oriental.

    Someone tries to pinch Remo's arm and it pinches back.

    Chiun is doing Tang poetry.

    While under amnesia, Remo orders a whiskey and a beer and the fumes nearly make him throw up.

    Chiun explains the difference between the brain and the mind. The brain is part of the mind but the mind is what the body knows and remembers.

    Old friend of Remo's says he died 20 years ago.

    When Remo is being fingerprinted, his skin repels the ink.


    Master Can Wi discovered the American continent during the time of the Maya.


    Death is the most relaxing experience of all.

    Death is the easiest thing of all.

    Only a worm is pleased to live under a rock.

    One must bestow joy on his surroundings.


    Something is causing a rash of forgetful witnesses. Remo is sent to find the problem and due to his lingering weakness, he is affected by the same thing and forgets the last 20 years. He goes back to New Jersey and his home. Chiun prepares to kill the President if he is affected by the amnesia.


    Another good story burdened with excessive length. Would have been a much better book if it was shorter in all its descriptions of actions by background characters.



    Walter Hanover-Chapter 2 target, a kidnapper.

    Davey Simpson-The kidnapped.

    Robert Dastrow-The man who knows how things work.

    Nathan Palmer, Genaro Rizzuto, Arnold Schwartz-Lawyers who work from Dastrow disasters.

    Mr. Benson-Works with the lawyers.

    Carl Schroeder and Francine Waller-Dastrow pawns.

    Joe Pisceda and Jim Wiedman-Victims in a disaster.

    Rashad Palul-President of plant in India.

    Debbie Pattie-American singer trying to help the victims of disasters.

    Calvin Rutherford-Engineer at Grand Booree Dam.


    Chiun has 114 kimonos in his trunks.

    Remo explains that the more you become attuned to the mystical nature of the universe the less you are able to deal with mechanical things.

    Sinanju is 4500 years old.

    Remo reflects on the people around him who improperly use their bodies clogged with animal fat, distressed by worry and fear, using less than 8% of what the have.

    Remo sees a movie poster of a man hanging from the Statue of Liberty and comments on the stupidity of it.

    Remo has a new device to dial Smitty for him, he just puts it on the receiver and turns it on.

    Chiun is in California working as a technical advisor on an action movie.

    Remo visits the temple of Shiva in India.

    Remo plays poker and sets up the deck the way he wants it.

    Remo is attacked by gun, knife, and bomb.

    Remo saves Grand Booree Dam on the Colorado River.


    A Master Chee is mentioned but little is said about him except he performed a beautiful assassination in India.

    The Lesser Wang only had one assignment.

    Master We used lying as a tactic.

    Master Sayak worked for a Chinese emperor to protect him. He gave orders that the Master could not kill the emperor's concubine. She is the one behind the threat on the emperor and she orders the Master to kill the emperor. He does it because "He who will let an assassin be what he should be is his rightful employer".


    He who reasons with fools dresses in warm aspic.

    The handmaiden of success is failure.

    There are only so many times a determined man can fail before he succeeds.


    Some crooked lawyers seem to bbe causing accidents so as to profit from lawsuits. Remo is sent to find out how they do it without using force. Smitty wants them to stand trial as examples to other lawyers. This puts Remo in great jeopardy and Chiun is sure that Remo will not survive.


    This one is ok but there is little action. Remo acting as a detective and not an assassin really cuts down on it. Still, there are some good scenes and it is a fair story and sign of our country with all the lawsuits.



    Guenther Largis Diaz-Chapter 2 drugrunning target who tries to prolong his life by taking Remo on a tour to get the US financiers of his operation.

    Vassily aka Vladimir Rabinowitz-The man who causes all the problems with his power to hypnotize anyone instantly.

    Yuri Gorov-One of the guards for Rabinowitz.

    Krimenko-KGB deputy commander.

    Boris Matesev-First Russian sent to get Rabinowitz.

    Joe Wilson-Part of Matesev's group of Russian who had been living in the US as Americans for some time waiting until they were needed.

    Johnny "The Bang" Bangossa-Rabinowitz bodyguard.

    Maria Venico Bangossa-His wife.

    Rocco, Carlo, Vito, and Guido-Mob members who join with Rabinowitz.

    Natasha Krupskaya-Wife of Russian consul who recognizes Rabinowitz.

    Monahan, Minchan, and Moran-Police officers.

    Wilfred Boggs-SAC Captain.

    Anna Chutesov-Russian sent to find Rabinowitz.

    Gusev Balbek-Russian marksman.

    Nomowitz-Russian ambassador.

    Padril Ostonso-Colonel in Sarnica.

    Umberto Omerta-Chairman of Sornica.

    Miss Ashford-Smitty's first grade teacher.

    Berell Neek-Actress.

    Great Wang-Nuff said.


    Smitty is 67 years old.

    Remo meets the Great Wang who is a little overweight. He tells Remo that he and Chiun have the cleanest blows of all the masters.

    Effort and strain work against power.

    Chiun kills a TV repairman because he will not stop the phone from ringing.

    Remo is suffering from Master's Disease which happens every 15 generation.

    Sinanju is now 5000 years old.

    Great Wang died 4200 years ago.

    The tribute to Sinanju is now 20 times the original amount.

    Cure gets its money by tapping into the budgets of other departments.

    Remo says sugar is a drug and only one bite will cause him to pass out.

    Smitty is color blind.

    Chiun wants 5 stars by his name in the histories. Only the Great Wang has 5 stars.

    Sinanju does not believe in slavery.

    Remo has reached his peak and defeats Chiun in a battle.

    Wang can toss an orange so that it peels itself in the air.

    Great Wang knew of something like the Rorshauch inkblot test, the Tow Dung test which used mud on a white plate.


    Before a Master becomoes a Master he gets a visit from the Great Wang to answer his questions. Remo's answer is yes, which Remo decides means love.


    Every man should be free to make a fool of himself.

    Case closed. Remo

    To pour water into a glass, one needs the glass, even though the water is first. Otherwise it splashes in uselessness. Remo


    A Russian super-hypnotist escapes from Russia and comes to the US. They want him back and we want him stopped. Remo and Chiun try to stop him but he can hypnotize them, too. Even Smitty tries to do something but gets fooled.


    I enjoyed the part of this book that dealt with the Great Wang. The rest of the book was only fair. I had a hard time buying the hypnotist especially when he was able to fool Remo and Chiun so easily. All of the Russian background got in the way, too.



    Marion Kilston-Chapter 2 wrong number the President gets while Remo is reworking the phone connection in Cuba.

    Big Buffalo aka Bill-Ojupa Indian who gets the tribe on the warpath.

    Angela Tracto-His landlady.

    Running Deere and Little Elk-His friends.

    William Tecumseh Buel-General who is after the Indians.

    Mr. Arieson aka Ares, Mars, and Akak- the God of War.

    Mohammed Moomas-Leader of the African nation of Idras. Hazel Thurston-British Prime Minister.

    Blake-British constable.

    Anna Chutesov-Russian beauty back for more.

    Nevsky-KGB commander-

    Rossocov-Russian field marshall.

    Huak-Mongol leader.


    Chiun is angered by the fact that handicapped people get the best parking places.

    Korean students are studying about Sinanju tributes.

    When someone guesses that Remo is 28, Remo tells him that he is at least 20 years off.

    Remo can let his body respond to the air pressure of people around him so that he can dodge while thinking about something else.

    Chiun knows secret entrance and passages in the Vatican.

    Chiun shows great respect to the Pope.

    Remo attended St. Monica's church in Newark.

    Remo demonstrates how Sinanju can simulate different diseases, such as; heart attack, pox, stroke, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Remo has learned to speak dozens of languages by reading the scrolls.


    A Master once told Jesus that he should appeal to the rich and powerful if he wanted his religion to grow.

    A Master worked for Augustus.

    Another worked for the Borgia Popes.

    Sinanju killed Genghis Khan and made it look like a heart attack.


    To do one thing well makes a man special. To do one thing better than all others makes one Sinanju.

    That which is not moving toward some thing moves away from it.

    An army is a collection of human faults and poor discipline multiplied by thousands.

    Honesty to an emperor from his assassin is like holding the sword by the blade instead of the handle. It can only hurt the assassin. Master Gi

    It takes an assassin to assassinate.

    Only the dead have seen the last of me. Mr. Arieson


    Wars seem to be breaking out all over. Remo is trying to stop them but cannot get at the source. The culprit is an old acquaitance of Sinanju who can only be stopped if the treasure of Sinanju can be found.


    Another ok story made more enjoyable by the side plots. I did not care for the Mr. Aries character but the marriage of Remo, the hunt for the treasure, and Remo meeting the Mongols make this a very worthwhile book.



    Leon Hyskos Junior-Chapter 2 target, the Ravine Rapist.

    Jacqui Sanders, Kathy Walters, Beth Andrews, and the Tilley twins-Some of his victims.

    Lorna-Flight attendant who helps remo with the passengers after the plane crash.

    Lawrence Templey Johnson-One of the passengers who tries to take control from Remo.

    Gesualdo DeFuria, aka Remo Williams-Professional hit-man.

    Maria-His ex-wife.

    Don Pietro Scubisci-His capo.

    Anthony "Big Nose" Senaro-His first hit.

    Lloyd Darton-Gun maker.

    Lyle Lavallette-Inventor of the Dynacar that runs on garbage.

    Melanie Blaze-His secretary.

    Drake Mangan-Head of National Autos.

    Agatha Ballard-His mistress.

    Myra-His wife.

    James Revell-Head of General Auto.

    Hubert Millis-Head of American Autos.

    Lemmings-His security chief.

    Dan Kolawski-Police sergeant who sends info to Smitty.

    Colonel Brock Savage-Mercenary hired by Lavallette.

    Lester Tringle-FBI agent.


    Chiun wants Remo to get Nellie Wilson to do an Assassin Aid concert.

    Remo uses the name Remo Cochran.

    Chiun takes a cab ride and the driver tries to cheat Chiun. The driver ends up owing Chiun $91.00 to protect his cab from damage.

    Odious is a Sinanju synonym for whiteness.

    The new contract calls for Smitty to triple the gold tribute to Sinanju.

    37 steps for sex in this book.

    Chiun wants to be called His Awesome Magnificence.

    Remo tries to find Chiun by look for a Mr. Park, a name Chiun used in another book.

    Remo runs 75mph to catch a car.


    The story of Master Shang who walked to the moon for his Chinese wife ,Yee, is told.


    He who lives in the past has no future.

    Do not desire something too much, for wishful thinking impairs the sight and not all things are as they appear.


    Someone is trying to kill America's leading auto makers, and his name is Remo Williams. Our Remo is nowhere to be found. Chiun has to try and save the auto giants and find out if the killer is the Destroyer.


    I liked this one. Remo and Chiun stay involved throughout the book. There is very little of the useless filler information that usually detracts from the so-called Super Novels. There was one problem for me with this book. Chiun gets hit by a ricochet shot from a gunman. No way.



    Moe Joakley-Chapter two target behind a lot of arson.

    Harry Charlot-Former friend of Moe and his first victim.

    Sammy Kee-Videotapes Remo and Chiun and gives it to Russia.

    Colonel Viktor Ditko-Russian who first gets tape and cuts his eye with broken glass so he can go home.

    Dr. Henrietta Gale-Examines Chiun and says he is about to die.

    Irma aka Maude Smith-Mrs. Smitty.

    Nekep-North Korean captain.

    Captain Lee Enright-Sub commander who takes tribute to Sinanju each November.

    Pullyang-Caretaker at Sinanju.

    Mah-Li aka the beast-Remo's love.

    Eileen Mikulka-Smitty's secretary.

    Martin S. Lieber-Air force pilot who gets Remo into Russia.

    Josef Steranko-In charge of defense of Moscow.


    Remo uses the name Remo Murray.

    The telephone code whereby Remo pushes a continuous "one" begins.

    Chiun's body is exactly symmetrical.

    Irma is the pet name for Smitty's wife, Maude.

    Chiun tells the story of Shiva being poisoned and vomiting it back up as Remo has done in the past.

    According to this book, Remo has only had a face change 3 times.

    Remo says that since his and Chiun's bodies are purified they cannot eat red meat or processed foods.

    Remo saves Smitty from poisoning.

    Chiun and Remo are videotaped without knowing it. oops

    Irma thinks Smitty is still secretly in the CIA.

    The cherry blossoms are in bloom is the code for Chiun to kill Remo.

    The St. Martin computers are wiped out when Smitty thinks CURE has to shut down.

    Remo whistles "Born Free" at the end of the book.


    The story of the lost Master is told. An old Master named Nonga had twin sons. When it was time for one of the boys to become Master, the other left Sinanju to return if ever needed.


    Every life casts a shadow.

    Shadows don't leave tracks.


    Chiun appears to be dying. He and Remo return to Sinanju. Remo meets the love of his life. Russia finds out about CURE and demands Chiun work for them. Smitty tries to shut down CURE.


    Excellent book. This was an early Will Murray collaboration. No real threat for most of the book but it is still a great read.

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