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    Konrad Blutsturz-Nazi who Smitty chased after WWII and thought the killed. He is now out for revenge on Smitty.

    Ilsa Gans-His aide.

    Dorinnda Dommichi-His wife.

    Ferris D'Orr-Inventor of the nebulizer, a device that melts titanium without heat.

    Johnny Testa-Gave Ferris the idea to get into titanium.

    Goldstein-Security guard.

    Ogden Miller-President of the titanium company.

    Boyce Barlow and his cousins, Luke and Bud-Founders of White Purity League who go in with Ferris.

    John Eagle-Native American that Barlow decides to run out of town and then reconsiders.

    Elmer Hawkins-African American that Barlow goes after.

    Don Cooder-TV newsman.

    Grogan-FBI agent.

    Hastings-Folcroft guard.

    Manfred Beflecken-Doctor who gives Konrad legs.

    Gunther Goetz, Karl Schoenner, and Ernst Stahl-Lieutenants for Konrad.

    Jimmy-Joe Bleeker-Man killed by Konrad's people.

    The Smiths, Harold D, Harold K, Harold Q, Harold T-Killed by Konrad in his quest.


    Remo uses the name Remo White.

    Chiun goes by Chiun Whiter.

    Remo was paid 257.60 a week as a rookie cop.

    A rock formation known as the Horns of Welcome are in the bay at Sinanju.

    Smitty is so happy early in the book that he whistles Zip a Dee Do Dah.

    Smitty has been married 40 years.

    He is over 65.

    His daughter is Vickie.

    Book says that Smitty's wife has never been to Folcroft but an earlier book said she had.

    He has a lunch of cheese sandwich, no mayo or dressing, and a glass of prune juice.

    The most romantic gift he ever gave his wife was a riding lawn mower.

    He laughs like a machine gun when his wife asks if there is another woman

    Chiun tells Remo that he will allow no condoms in Sianju. (Condos)

    Chiun comes back to work since he cannot refund payment already made as is described in clause 56 paragraph 10 of the contract.

    Chiun gets an American Express Gold card in the name of M. O. S. Chiun.

    Remo runs 70 mph to catch a car.

    Chiun has discovered the artistry of the Three Stooges. He pokes people in the eyes, knocks heads together, and tells some to "remind me to kill you later".

    Remo pays for a cab ride with gold and then ruins the cabs door when the driver gives him some lip.

    Chiun dresses in a green bowler hat and green jacket with canary yellow pants and shirt and a purple tie.

    Chiun remembers the license number of a car but when asked what state, he replies, "moving fast".


    House of the Masters was built for Master Wi by Tutankhamen.

    Master Kik was sent by a Caliph to destroy some Hindu priests. The priests tried a charm to ward him off. It was called the Zingh, like a swastika. To the Hindus it had a meaning like the smiley faces that say have a nioce day, but it is a Korean sign of challenge.


    There are two plots here that tie together. Remo tries to protect Smitty from someone who is killing Harold Smiths. Chiun is busy protecting an inventor of a new process for metal working.


    This was a pretty decent story. I almost always like the books where Smitty has a large part. Murray has started to feel comfortable with the characters.



    Mr. Gordons-Mr. Survival himself is back from orbit.

    Alexei Petrov, Oleg Gleb, and Igor Ivanovich-Cosmonauts killed by Gordons.

    Cat Harpy-TV newswoman.

    Jack Dellingsworth Rader-Air Force colonel.

    Earl Armalide-Survivalist nut who teams with Gordons for a while even though he hates to leave his Mack Bolan collection.

    Dexter Barn-Chapter 5 target, a rapist who is released from jail.

    Daryl Doone-Citizen who sees Gordons land as the Soviet shuttle.

    Carl Lusk-Airport worker who sees Gordons as a garbage truck "mate" with a jet.

    Andy Ogden-Airport security man who is killed by Gordons for his skin.

    Larry Lepper-Another partner for Gordons who gives him the idea for Larryland.

    Anna Chutesov-Russian super spy back for the last time.

    Colonel Rshat Kirlov-Soviet sent to find the shuttle.


    Remo climbs the Washington monument for a better view looking for homeless people.

    Remo is said to absently rotate his wrists.

    Chiun has stopped watching the Three Stooges because he does not like the runovers, (reruns).

    Chiun is now back in love with Cheeta.

    Anna tries to teach Chiun to drive.

    Remo dreams of having a family and teaching his children to be acrobats or entertainers and not killers.

    Chiun calls the Great Wang a gossip because he told Remo of Chiun's son.

    GRU is the Soviet intelligence agency Glavnoe Razvedyvatelnoe Uprevlenie.

    Remo fires a gun to kill a Russian and does not like the feeling.

    Chiun calls remote control removed control.


    Why is it before you step into the shower, your body feels dirty and your mouth feels clean, but when you step out, it's the opposite? Remo

    Avoid any driver who hanngs fuzzy dice inside his automobile. Remo

    Listen with your eyes too.


    The Soviets have a new weapon and send it into space to use on us if needed. Gordons finds the shuttle that is transporting it and brings it back to earth to destroy the meat machines.


    Good story that ties up some Russian loose ends. This was the beginning of Will Murray's killing off of all the women who were important in Remo's life. He was starting to make the books his own.



    Pullyang-Caretaker of Sinanju.

    Mah-Li-Remo's intended.

    Pak-A Sinanju villager.

    Hui-His father.

    Yuli-Sinanju woman who helps Mah-Li with her makeup for the wedding.

    Michael Princippi, aka The Prince-Democratic nominee for president.

    Jeremiah Purcell, aka The Dutchman, Tulip, Mr. Nuihc, Adonis, Osorio-The Yin to Remo's Yang.

    Harmon Cashman-Advance man for the President of Vice.

    Jalid Kumquatti, Fawaz, Bahjat, Sayid, Rafik-Moslems that Purcell sent to kill the VP.

    Antonio Serrano-Gang leader sent to kill Princippi.

    Alphonse Tedesco-Former leader of gang.

    Carmine Musto and Johnny Fortunato-Gang members.

    Jilda of Lakluun-Love of Remo from Master's Challenge.

    Freya-Remo and Jilda's daughter.

    Martin Kimble-Doctor who works on Smitty.

    Herm Accord-Hired to kill Princippi and the VP.

    Orris Snell-Secret Service agent.


    Remo catches a fly with chopsticks and is berated by Chiun.

    Smitty has his prune whip yogurt and pineapple juice lunch.

    Chiun starts planning a Sinanju World Tour with remo as his warmed over act.

    The sub to Sinanju is again the Harlequin.

    Chiun has his Gold Card revoked due to non-payment.

    Some of the most important scrolls are stored with a hair from the Great Wang laid across them and held in place by saliva from a Master.

    Two contract agreements are made. In the first, Chiun agrees to cut payment in half just to keep a contract when it looks like CURE is finished. That contract is torn up later and a new with with triple payment is made at the end of the book.

    Chiun wears a stove pipe hat and a flowing white jacket to the wedding.

    CURE's budget comes from black budget money from the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency.

    Remo runs across water to save Freya.

    Children and animals flee from Purcell.

    Remo can leap over 30 feet in the air.

    We are told that each outgoing President is given a case of selective amnesia to forget about CURE. It requires simple pressure on the temple with a few whispered words.

    Remo is described as 5'11".

    Chiun wears a red business suit with wide sleeves to work as an American.

    Chiun thinks Michael Princippi is a singer. Remo tells him it is the wrong Michael or the wrong Prince. He is not sure which.

    People have a third eye in the exact center of the forehead that can be used to turn a person off.

    Chiun tries to use the 4 blows of Sinanju to show contempt but does not finish.

    Freya learns some Sinanju breathing and is able to bend a horseshoe.


    In 645 A.D. Master Sam was hired by Emperor Tenchi of Japan to kill enemies. He actually had a spy watching Sam to learn Sinanju secrets. They were able to create the Ninja. When Master Sam found out he placed a curse on the Ninja to forever hide their faces or face the wrath of the Master.

    Chiun tells how his son, Song died. Chiun made the boy climb Mount Paektusan at the age of 8, earlier than any other Master. Master Go had done it at 9 and no other had done it before 12. The boy fell to his death.


    Ninjas always cheat.

    Life sucks sometimes. Remo

    Who is this dogmeat who challenges me? Remo/Shiva


    The 2 candidates for President are told about CURE by an unknown source. Both men vow to end CURE when elected. Then both barely escape assassination. Remo and Chiun have to keep them alive and find out who told them about CURE. Allthis while Remo is preparing for his wedding to Mah-Li.


    I enjoyed this book but it did open a huge hole. The technique to make former presidents forget about CURE was a pretty good idea until you think about all the innocent and not so innocent people through the years who were killed because of what they found out. Also, the main plot of this book has to do with 2 men who learn of CURE and it causes all kind of problems. Why didn't they just make the men forget about it? I don't know.



    Fester Doggins-Chapter 2 target, a drug smuggler.

    Cung Co Phong-Vietnam escapee who tells of American MIAs still kept in prison.

    Captain Dai-Prison camp commander and son of an old enemy of Remo's.

    Boyette, McCain, Pond, Wenntworth, and Colleta-American prisoners.

    Dick Youngblood-American prisoner and old frien od Remo's.

    Copra Inisfree-TV talk show hostess and star of the movie The Colored People.

    Sam Spelvin-Her producer.

    Lance Chappell and Ed Repp-Friends from Vietnam that Remo remembers.

    Mr. Krankowski-Man who tries to mug Remo and oses his money and credit card in the process.

    Mr. Hom-Tour guide.

    Nguyen-Amerasian who is helped by Remo.

    Thao Ha Lan-Another Amerasian who becomes Remo's love interest with predictable results.

    Ngo-Village elder who helps Chiun find Remo.

    Trang-Vietnamese general.

    Rambo-The elephant who helps them all and comes home with Chiun.


    Remo cannot understand Spanish, yet in a previous book hc says he can understand 12 languages. You'd think one of them would have been Spanish.

    Remo uses name Sam Hill and Remo Krankowski.

    Remo remembers his early bullet dodging training, from single shots to Timmy guns as Chiun called them.

    Chiun is now in love with Copra.

    Remo is back to using real codes to reach Smitty. For one he dials an evangelical number and promises to donate $4647.88 to smuggle Bibles into East Germany. For the other one he calls Dial-a-Horoscope in N.Y. and says he is a Virgo with the sun in Taurus.

    Smitty disguises himself as an exterminator named Fred.

    Remo has many backflashes (flashbacks) to his days in Vietnam.

    Remo was 19 in Vietnam and was released in 1968. Other books lead us to believe he was part of CURE before this time.

    Remo is said to look 28.

    Remo imagines he is in Tarzan goes to Vietnam.

    Remo gets partial amnesia after a bus explosion.

    Remo calls Chiun Uncle Ho.

    Chiun can communicate with elephants.

    Remo and Youngblood remember Deke Bauer, a former commander of theirs and bad guy for Remo in an earlier book.

    Remo once stole a tank in Phuc Hu.


    Remo ascends the dragon. He runs along the floor with such speed that he continues running up the wall and acrooss the ceiling and down the other wall. He does this while dodging bullets and knives.


    Sinanju worked for Vietnam briefly in 12 BC and aroun 300 AD.


    Semper Fi. Remo

    Do May. Remo (a vietnamese curse)

    The elephant of surprise is on our side.


    Remo finds out that a Vietnam buddy of his who he thought dead is still alive and a prisoner in Vietnam. Remo has to go get him out against the orders of Smith and Chiun. He gets amnesia when he gets there and remembers nothing of the last 20 years. Chiun has to go to the rescue with the help of Rambo.


    I have mixed feelings on this one. The story is done well enough but it is a tired old plot of rescue for MIAs. Add this to the old standby of amnesia for your hero. On the positive side, we do learn more of Remo's past life before CURE.



    Friend-The profit driven computer chip.

    Captain Claiborne Grimm-Missile warning control officer.

    General Martin S. Lieber-Senior procurement officer with the Pentagon and in league with the bad guys.

    Major Cheek-With the Pentagon.

    Pyotr Koldunov-Russian helping Lobynia with the KKV launcher.

    Colonel Hannibal Intifadah-Leader of Lobynia.

    Musa Al Qaid-Lobynian advisor.

    King Ardas-Former ruler.

    Admiral Blackbird-Chairman of Joint Chiefs.

    Chip Craft-Installer of Smitty's new computer.

    Henri Arnaud-Railroad museum owner.

    Major General Gunnar Rolfe-Swedish commander.

    Lord Guy Philliston-British leader.

    Hamid Al-Mudir-Advisor to Intifadah.

    Dr. Quinton T. Shiller-Preacher whose flock is wiped out by one of the KKVs.

    Elmer Biro-Farmer whose corn gets popped by a KKV.

    Rambo-The elephant.


    Remo is no longer serving as gardener at Folcroft.

    Remo outruns a lady who is doing 75 in her Vette.

    Remo is able to hold Rambo by his front feet to keep the elephant off balance and make him go where Remo wants him to go.

    Army talk, a hammer is a high impact reshaping tool, anvils are metallurgical compact restoration bases, and tongs are manual securing tools.

    Remo and Chiun are given beepers to keep in touch with Smith.

    Remo and Chiun take fire hoses and control the water with their fingers.

    Remo uses the name Casey Jones and calls Chiun Choo Choo Charlie.

    Remo and Chiun are caught by surprise by a trapdoor.

    Chiun is able to stop the closing in of walls with his outstretched arms holding off 2,866.9 foot pounds of pressure.

    Chiun jumps from an airplane. Remo worries about Chiun pulling the ripcord. As Chiun falss past Remo and Remo is getting more worried, he hears a joyous WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE coming from Chiun.


    Sinanju has never worked for Sweden or Switzerland.


    I am something special.

    Leadership brings many burdens.

    People will sometimes lie. But not when properly motivated. However, machines are not to be trusted ever.


    The US is under attack by KKVs, Kinetic Kill Vehicles. Smitty gets a new computer and falls in love with it. Remo and Chiun have very little to do.


    This one sucked. Very little action. Way too much padding and too talky. Chiun is even out of character at times, saying things like "me too" and "search me". I wonder if Murray really wrote it or did he farm it out.



    Reverend Eldon Sluggard-TV evangelist and leader of the crusade for the nail of Christ.

    Griselda-His ex wife.

    Victoria Hoar-Force behind the crusade.

    Masood Attai-Rug merchant and nail owner.

    Lamar Booe-Fallen crusader.

    Don and Bessie Booe-His parents.

    Rashid Shiraz-Leader of the Revolutionary Guard.

    Jamil and Nassif-Two of the hijackers that Remo takes care of.

    Walid and Mehdi-Attackers of the Lincoln Memorial.

    John Glover-FBI Agent.

    Adnan Mefki-Iranian general.

    Win Jymorski-Director of Eldon's TV program.

    Sandy Krinkles, Slim and Jamie (of the 69 Club), Quinton Schiller, Lex Lumbar, and Moral Robbins-TV evangelists.


    Smitty gets a confession from a terrorist just by talking to him.

    Remo returns to Newark and sees St. Andrews Church, where he attended for 16 years.

    To chase away gawkers, Remo flicks shards off a brick to sting the people.

    Remo was drafted by the Marines.

    Remo takes a tank apart to pass time but cannot put it back together.

    To call Smitty, Remo calls Dial-a-Joke and inserts his own punchline at the right spot.

    Remo says he and Chiun cannot drink coffee because caffeine is poison to their systems.

    Several types of attacks are mentioned; the Flying Dragon, the Sea Dragon, the Double Scarlet Ribbon, and the Heron Drop. The Sea Dragon involves going under water. Scarlet Ribbon is a weaving pattern with the scarlet coming from the blood spilled. Heron Drop involves going high in the air. Flying Dragon was not described.

    Chiun has a paralyzing death grip which accelerates rigor-mortis.

    Chiun gets to go tp Persia but is very disappointed by the melons.

    Remo and Chiun go into a room and hide directly behind a man so that every way he moves they stay exactly behind him so that he cannot see them.

    Remo becomes Remo Cleaver.

    Chiun says that Remo has always been too gullible.

    Chiun calls God the Supreme Creator.

    Chiun calls Jesus a carpenter and a rabble rouser. Sinanju was offered a contract on Jesus but had other things to do at the time and Jesus was killed before Sinanju could get to him.

    Chiun bows to the Ayatollah but only so that he can spit in his tea.

    Chiun runs across water and his sandals do not get wet.

    Remo removes the turban of the Ayatollah and plucks out his beard.


    Tangun was the first Korean. His mother was a woman who was made from a bear by the Supreme Creator. The Creator and the bear/woman mated and made Tangun 10,000 years ago.


    In his early training, Remo ran blindfolded across logs between two cliffs. He did not know the logs were over cliffs.

    He was also told to run through a house that had some small fires. As he ran, the fires became huge since Chiun controlled the gas jets.


    You move like a breaking wind.

    A female is but a female, but rice is a meal.

    Whooppie shit. Remo

    He doesn't know Sinanju from shinola. Remo


    A TV evangelist becomes a target of the Ayatollah. Many terrorists acts are happening around the country to get to their target. Remo is sent to stop many of the terrorist attacks and later to protect the evangelist. Remo falls under the spell of the evangelist who is planning a crusade against Iran for a nail supposedly used in the Crucifiction.


    Another weak book. To much is made of the goings on of the baddies and very little of the people we want to read about. At times, as many as 30 pages go by with no mention of Remo, Chiun, or Smith.



    Pedro Ramirez-Chapter 2 target from the top of the FBI most wanted list.

    Santander, Bandrillo, Paco, Pablo, Zenjory-His guards.

    Shane Billiken-New Age huckster who discovers the pricess from Mu and gets her on TV.

    Glinda-His girlfriend.

    Dolla Dree aka the Low Moo-The princess.

    Tuka Tee-Her sister.

    Tu Min Ka aka the High Moo-Ruler of Mu.

    Teihotu-Royal priest.

    Manu-Young Mu resident.

    Goom, Googam, Bruttu, and Shagg-Members of the Octopus cult.

    Oahula-Girl from Mu.

    Horton Droney III aka Horton the turd by Chiun-TV talk show host.

    Dr. Alan Dooley and Nurse Bottomly-Took care of Horton in the hospital.

    Gilbert Grumley-Missing Folcroft patient.

    Aldace Gerling-Folcroft doctor.

    Mr. Purcell-Folcroft patient whose mind is a blank slate.

    Michael P. Brunt aka Brunt the grunt-Private detective who Smitty hires to find out about his new neighbor who lives at 334 Larchwood Place, Rye, NY.


    Sinanju basic food groups are rice, fish, duck, nuts, berries and organic vegetables for vitamins.

    Egg lemon soup is made for full masters. It makes the nails grow fast and very hard.

    Eggs are poison to Sinanju but the shells are ok.

    To quiet remo during a TV program, Chiun clamps his lips shut with his fingers and does not let go until the show ends.

    When remo took an ink blot test in the early days of CURE, all he saw were breasts.

    Smitty's wife is Maude again.

    Smitty carries his change in a red plastic holder.

    Smitty says he has not touched his golf clubs in nearly a decade even though he lives by a golf course.

    Remo learns to speak some Moovian but not enough to stay out of trouble.

    Remo uses name Remo Robeson, this, I guess was a Murray tribute to the Doc Savage books he wrote for a while under the name Kenneth Robeson.

    There was another Remo alias mentioned in this book, James Churchwood, one of very few which does not have Remo as his first name.

    Remo is also called Hokko Ili by the native girls after his hair turns yellow. It means yellow head.

    Chiun is able to speak to a monkey, or at least he says he can and I am not gonna argue with him.

    Remo fights and kills an octopus.

    Remo rotates his wrists when preoccupied.

    Chiun says "I wanna Hold Your Hand" is a dirty song because it always starts with hand holding.

    A postal employee in Laster, Texas is paid by CURE to forward Remo's credit card bills to Chicago where they are then sent to Folcroft.

    Mu fighters become a human octopus with three men on each others shoulders and it is a very hard defense for Remo to break.


    Mu was the first great employer of Sinanju, hirng the first Master, whose name is not known. Later, Master Mangko, the third Master is hired by Mu but Mu disappears before he and his night tiger Saka can get there.


    See you later, alligator. Remo

    Death feeds life.

    No one trifles with the possessions of the House of Sinanju.


    Chiun gets a message that the empire of Mu needs his help so he and Remo leave without telling Smith. Smitty has a new neighbor who makes Smitty very nervous and suspicious. He has to find out about him without Remo.


    I kind of liked this one in a weird way. There is no great villain or plot, but Remo and Chiun are very busy here. Smitty has a lot to do also. There are many goodparts to this book. Remo thinking the egg lemon soup is some new delicacy but is really a Chiun trick is great and then when it backfires on Chiun it just gets better. Also, the Mu girls who are after Remo and want to "poon" him is a good touch.



    Emil Risko-Airman whose CK jeans are stolen.

    Shuster-His sergeant.

    Robin Green-OSI investigator.

    Caspar Auton and Estelle McCrone-Missile launch control officers.

    Ed-Filling station owner.

    Ned-His brother.

    Rair Brashnikov-The thief in the electric suit.

    Radomir-His brother who sells what Rair steals.

    Illya Nicolaivitch Brashnikov-His grandfather.

    Semoyan-Russian general who gets Rair to wear the suit.

    Yuli Batenin-Russian major who is the courier.

    Henry Yauk and Frank Dinan-Airmen at missile base.


    Remo mentions again how since he has become Sinanju he has more trouble with man made stuff.

    Chiun wears a chrysanthemum pink kimono to write Ung.

    Chiun tries to learn about baseball and uses his knowledge on Smitty to complain that he is not paid as well as a base player of balls.

    Smith gives Remo some papers made of rice with vegetable ink to read and then eat.

    Remo is Remo Verral, Remo Fleer, and Remo Overn.

    Chiun does some work as an exorcist, bouncing off walls and such.

    Chiun explains the American male fascination with boobs "Like attracting like".

    Remo calls Smitty with a number for a Chiropractor in California that is routed to a switchboard in NY and then to Folcroft.

    Chiun takes toothpicks and mints from restaurants.

    Remo says a cup of coffee is the equivalent of a dose of strychnine to him.

    Remo chases a car at 90 miles an hour making a sound like a siren.


    Krahseevah. Russian for beautiful


    US military secrets are being stolen by a person who can walk through walls and travel through phone lines. Remo and Chiun have to figure out a way to stop him.


    This is not a very good book. The plot is kind of weak but there are some good parts. Chiun learning baseball is very funny. Remo and Chiun chasing the man they cannot catch is pretty good to when they are knocking down trees and walls to find him.

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