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    Henry-Chapter two target, a mentally deficient man who is killing children at Christmas time, dressed as Santa Claus.

    Tommy Atwell and his sister Susie-Children that Remo saves from Henry.

    Cathy and George-Their parents.

    Vincent and Sandra-Henry's mother and stepfather.

    Ward Phillips and Molly-Tommy's neighbors.

    Nemuru Nishitsu-Head of Japanese corporation who wants to get revenge on the US for Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    Jiro Isuzu-His aid.

    Bartholomew Bronzini aka His Bronzeness and the Bronze Bambino-Star of action movies like Grundy I, II, and III and Ringo I-V and the bomb Gemstone. Chiun thinks he is the reincarnation Alexander the Great, the Greekling.

    Bernie Kornflake-Dwarf studio president.

    Shawn-Bart's agent.

    Basil Cloves-Yuma mayor.

    Ross Ralston-Senator from Arizona.

    Sally-His secretary.

    Jack Curry-Customs inspector.

    Sheryl Rose-Movie publicist.

    Milburn-Smitty's cousin.

    Donald McDavid-Magazine editor who hires Chiun.

    Bill Roam aka Sunny Joe-Stunt man and descendant of the lost master of Sinanju, Kojong.

    Emile Tepperman-Marine commander at Yuma.

    Frederick Davis-Air Force commander.

    Lee Rabkin-Union president.

    Jim Concannon-Technical advisor.

    Moto Honda, Harachu Seiko, Minobe Kawasaki-Assisstant directors.

    Wooda N. Kerr, John Edwards, Arnold and Helen Ziffel, Linda Head, Mr. Mulroy, Clarence Giss-Citizens of Yuma.

    Donno-Member of Sun On Jo tribe.

    Curtis Steele and Stockbridge-Pilots.

    William Blackbird-Chairman of Joint Chiefs.

    Lester Cole-Ham radio operator who spreads the word.

    Wayne Rogers-Bomber pilot.


    Chiun call Christmas "the Jesus time".

    Remo is Remo Durock, a stunt man.

    Chiun and Smitty negotiate a new contract, on the floor, with no food, drink, or bathroom breaks for 19 hours.

    Remo jumps from a plane and his parachute fails. He wills himself lighter and would have been safe except he opened his eyes right before impact. He was saved by Shiva.

    Shiva then begins a long appearance in this book as he takes over Remo's body. He also tells Chiun his plans for Remo.

    Sun On JO means he who breathes the sun.

    Chiun gets a lifetime pass to Disneyland since Smith cannot buy Disneyland for him.


    Sinanju killed Alexander the Great by sending a malaria infected messenger to him.

    The story of Kojong is told. Master Nonja had twin sons, Kojing and Kojong. When Nonja died, Kojinng became master and Kojong left Sinanju, swearing never to pass the secrets of the sun source but the spirit of Sinanju in case it was ever needed later.


    I am going to Disneyland.

    Milk is bad for you. It suffocates the blood vessels.

    So perish the enemies of Sinanju.

    One of the many mental defectives that populate America. I think this stems from the hamburgers everyone devours. They destroy brain cells.

    A man may die a thousand times in one instant. Shiva


    Bartholomew Bronzini is starring in a new Christmas film. It is being produced in America by a Japanese company. This is causing trouble with the American movie unions. Remo is sent to try and keep everything settled down and to protect Bronzini. The movie turns out to be a scam and the real reason the Japanese are here is to take over an American city.


    This one I like. It is a fun read. The satire on the movie industry is well done. Murray got very creative with the names in this book, too. I guess he had to since there were so many of them.



    Naomi Vanderkloot-Professor who believes that Remo is a new kind of man.

    Randy Gunsmith-Her boyfriend for a short time.

    Candy-His girlfriend.

    Mearle-Enquirer writer.

    Buddy Newman-Cashier at Sak-N-Sav where Smitty has a heart attack.

    Mohommed Diladay aka Popcorn-Con friend of Remo.

    Delbert "Crusher" McGurk-Con enemy of Remo.

    Radar Dish-Another con.


    Don Polipo Tentacolo-Hood that Remo dreams of killing.

    Mr. Brooks-Remo's old attorney.

    George Proctor-His new lawyer.

    Condoleeza-Woman that Popcorn says he killed.

    Harold Haines-Executioner of Remo at Trenton and would be executioner in Florida.

    Paul McSorly-Warden.

    Reaves-Warden in Trenton.

    Poo-Sinanju mother who talks too much.

    Hannavan-State Supreme Court justice.

    Dr. Dooley-Folcroft Doctor for Smitty.

    Norvell Ransome-New head of CURE.


    Remo is convict #6.

    Remo is called Jim by Popcorn.

    Remo is put in Ted Bundy's old cell.

    Remo starts smoking again but has a hard time with it.

    Remo throws up 5 minutes after eating corn flakes and milk. He also gets sick from the smell of bacon and eggs.

    Remo remembers being a cop in 1969.

    Remo was executed in 1971.

    Remo says he was born after WW II

    Remo and Chiun can be seen better in peripheral vision when they are sneaking around.

    The sub Harlequin goes to Sinanju.

    Chiun remembers early days in America in 1972.

    Chiun works on Smitty's heart so it can heal itself.

    Chiun was in Sinanju working on a way to defeat Shiva when he returns.


    Even whites can learn if they repeat a stupid thing often enough.

    You are my superior only in body fat.

    It puts ducks on the table.


    Remo's pictures are appearing in the Enquirer. Remo is in prison with no memory of the last 20 years. Chiun is in Sinanju with no knowledge of Remo's situation. Smitty is dying from heart failure. CURE has a new head. Other than that, very little is going on here.


    This is an interesting book and I did enjoy it except it has a huge continuity hole. It says here that Remo was executed in 1971. The first Destroyer adventure was published in 1971. So far so good. In Destroyer #2, though, which was published in 1972, Remo says he was executed 8 years ago.



    Governor of Florida-Chapter two target because of what he triied to do to Remo in #80.

    Loo Pak-First person to see the problem in the stock market.

    Percival Marylebone Looncraft-King of Wall Street and leadinng figure in the plot to ruin the US.

    Danvers-His butler.

    Mrs. McLean-His secretary.

    Mipps-His driver.

    Lawrence-Market floor manager.

    DeGoone Slickens-Another big gun in the plot.

    Ronald Johnson-Trader.

    Mr. Plum and Ian-Plotters in a Hong Kong news service.

    Douglas Lippincott-Investment banker and plotter.

    Peabody-His secretary.

    Tamaski and Barker-Bodyguards.

    Faith Davenport-Chiun's secretary at Nostrum, Ink.

    William Talbot Bragg-Commander of attack group.

    Braintree-One of Bragg's men.

    Pugh-News network programmer.

    John Brackenberry-Coach driver for the Queen.

    Henry Chiswick-History professor who gets the whole mess started.

    Mrs. Burgoyne-His secretary.

    Nevill Upton Downs-British colonel.


    Remo Williams is BEAR-MAN.

    Remo fuses a man's hands together by clapping them between his.

    CURE can siphon funds from Social Security.

    Remo has several aliases, James Churchward, Remo Mackie, Remo Farris, Remo Stallone.

    Smitty had dreams of being a Yale professor.

    Chiun drinks green tea.

    Chiun performs a flip and pauses at the apogee of the flip.

    There is a Egyptian monument with sphinxes turned the wrong way but Chiun convinces them to correct it.

    Chiun takes the Royal Scepter to make the British listen.

    Phone code 111-111-1111.

    Chiun now loves British annd Australian soaps.

    Lots of jokes are made about the British way of speaking.


    The bear suit was made from the skin of the bear killed by Master Ik.

    Chiun's grandfather killed Jack the Ripper for England.


    Are you blind or just stupid? Remo

    Where one dwells does not change what one is.

    They eat too many potatoes, which they dig from the ground.

    I am not merely good, I am great.

    There is some good in all people. Except the Japanese.


    The stock market is in a mess. It is falling so fast that the economy of the US could be ruined. Smith is doing what he can with his computers but he has to use Remo and Chiun to find out why it is happening. Turns out to be a plot to destroy rrhe US. But, why and who is behind it?


    This is one of the dumbest books in the series. Remo running around in a bear suit! Chiun as CEO of a company! Ridiculous! It is also one of the books that is the most fun to read. No real danger for Remo and Chiun but who cares.



    Pablo, Javier, Paco, Jaime, and Cesar-Chapter 2 targets, Peruvian guerillas.

    Mr. Gordons-He is back, looking like the Vice-President.

    Kaitmast-Afghan freedom fighter.

    Bishara Hamas, aka Abdul Al-Kalbin, Walid, and Halid-Palestinian terrorists.

    Bill Holland-Crash investigator.

    Lunkin-FBI agent.

    Lester Dent-Electronics officer.

    Oscar Odio-Mexican comandante.

    Guadalupe Mazatl-Mexican Federal police officer.

    Murray and Murphy-Forensic officers.

    Jorge Chingar, aka El Padrino-Columbian godfather.

    Dan-The Vice-President.

    Emilio Mordida-Hotel clerk.

    Josip Broz Tito-Name of the statue that Gordons brings to life.

    Fred Skilicorn-FBI file clerk.

    Umberto Zamora-Museum guard.

    Embutes-DFS Primer Comandante.


    Remo rotates his wrists a lot in this book.

    Chiun is watching British soaps through a satellite link that Smitty has made available.

    Remo Mackie and Remo Jones are the aliases.

    Chiun does not want to go on a ferocious goose quest.

    Chiun also mentions the Wizard of Ooze.

    Remo and Chiun are severely weakened by the thin air and pollution of Mexico City.

    This time, Gordons "brain" is in his left arm.


    Tended water boils slowly.

    I never fail.

    Assassins are never appreciated in any age.


    The President has been shot down in Air Force One over Mexico. His body is not found. Remo is sent to find him. If he cannot save him, Remo is told to kill him to prevent him from telling secrets. The Vice-President is being set up to resign so that he cannot become President. But, it seems as if the VP is in Mexico saving the President.


    This is another fun one to read. There is some danger to Remo and Chiun due to the bad air in Mexico and Mr. Gordons. The satire on the Vice-President is also well done.



    Shariff-Chapter 2 car thief who Remo helps to correct.

    Zhang Zingzong-Chinese hero of Tiananmen Square who has escaped to the US but is still wanted by the thieving Chinese.

    Tom-FBI agent assigned to protect Zhang.

    Wu Ming Shi aka the Nameless One and fictitiously as Fu Manchu or Fu Achhoo according to Chiun-250 year old former employer turned enemy of Sinanju.

    Bruce aka Sagwa-Former student of Nuihc who became a movie star ans also servant of Wu Ming Shi.

    Wang Fu-Remo's contact in China who becomes a semi love interest, he thinks.

    Boldbator-Chiun's Mongol.

    Kula-Remo's Mongol.

    Darum, Bato, and Jagatai-Mongol warriors.

    Udbal-Mongol woman.

    Smitty-Remo's horse.

    Bo Wanding-Chinese general.

    Shen Ching-Chinese captain.

    Dong Gungwa-Train engineer.


    Remo tries to buy Blue Rose and Patna rice. Not a big deal here but I have tried many rices and I have never heard of these.

    Chiun still going on British soaps.

    Chiun is said to be 5'5".

    Remo is called Remo Quiller, Remo Loggia, White Tiger.

    Bruce knocks Remo out in one of their fights.

    Sagwa means stupid one.

    There are a lot of Bruce Lee sightings.

    Remo can hear the creak of cartilage in Smitty's (CURE, not the horse) knees.

    Smitty hates being called Smitty.

    The woolley cap that Russians wear is an astrakhan.

    Remo gets an MSG headache from breathing in Chinatown.

    There are still listening devices in Remo's house. Why can't they find these?

    Chiun is called Old Duck Tang, Donald Duck.

    Remo learns a lot of ways to make carp but does not like it boiled.

    Chiun moves a statue that weighs a ton.

    Remo tears apart some train tracks.

    Remo plays "Pong" by crushing skulls.

    Remo gets drugged by a scrape with a fingernail but his body does not reject the drug. Why? I don't know.

    Chiun turned the feet around on Wu Ming Shi. He says it is a simple trick.

    Remo does a Twisting Dragon/ Leaps high arches his back sideways and lands many feet away.

    Chiun, his father, and grandfather all worked for Fu Manchu.


    Chiun killed Amelia Earhart when he was working for Japan.


    It is not a man's name which speaks loudest but his deeds.

    The Chinese may have invented gunpowder but they never mastered the art of aiming.

    Fahrvergnugen. Remo


    Chiun takes off to China with a Chinese defector to find the treasure of Genghis Khan. Smitty wants the defector returned and sends Remo to get them. Both Chiun and Remo end up leading Mongol hordes.


    Enjoyable reading. We learn some things about Chiun's past that are a little shocking.



    Aldace Noiles and Randal Bloss-Two of the residents of La Plomo killed by the poison.

    Major Styles-National Guard leader at La Plomo.

    Captain Holder-Army leader at La Plomo.

    Sky Bluel-Student who builds the neutron bomb.

    Fabrique Foirade-Treasurer of the Dirt First!! ecology group.

    Don Cooder-TV newsanchor.

    Barry Kranish-Dirt First!! lawyer.

    Edward Coyne-Builder at the Condome.

    Connor "Con" Swindell-Owner of the Condome.

    Morgan Mullaney-Early condo salesman.

    Constance Payne-Con's secretary and girlfriend.

    Horace Feely-Con's chauffeur.

    Woody Robbins-Laboratory security officer.

    Calvin Taggart-Private detective.


    In this book, Remo can feel the vibrations of Smitty's bugs in his house.

    Remo is Remo Berry and Remo Goolsby.

    On a retired plane there is a "W M loves D G 1991" scratched into the wing. I would guess this is for Will Murray and his love at the time.

    Remo tries to join Dirt First!! but decides against it when he has to walk through a pool of Candiru catfish. These creatures enter body orifices and attach themselve to suck out your blood.

    Remo tries "transcending with the sun". This is a Sinanju ritual so you can look into the future. Remo has never mastered it.

    Chiun is a Leo. Born late June or early July 1891.

    Chiun is very angry at Remo over a lack of celebrstion of Chiun reaching the venerable age.

    Chiun does not want to go to a tiresome home. (retirement home)


    Once, as Master Vimu was reaching the venerable age, he and his pupil, Master Songjong, were offered work in Egypt. Both were not needed so Songjong told Vimu to go even though he was much younger. He had other things to do since he was about to marry Nari. Master Vimu died on the trip, one day short of his 100th birthday.


    He is hung like a duck.

    He is a dead as Mic Vorrow, the famous dead helicopter actor.

    I'm an assassin, not Dale Cooper. Remo

    What's the frequency, Kenneth? Don Cooder


    A small town is wiped out by poison. Remo is sent to find out who did it but there are too many suspects. There is also a neutron bomb to deal with. On top of all of this, Chiun sees death coming.


    This is a pretty good one but has some inconsistencies. After several books where Smitty had "bugged" Remo's house and caused Remo a lot of trouble, now Remo can sense the devices. At the end of the book, it looks as though Chiun has been killed by a bomb but in an earlier book, Chiun could sense the disharmony in a bomb and disarm it.

    I do remember the first time I read this book though. I thought Murray had really killed off Chiun. I was so angry that I wrote him a letter complaining about it. I was not going to buy any more of the books if Chiun was really gone. He actually wrote me a card telling me to hang on for a while longer. Well, I took his advice and now I am still here and he is gone.



    Soapy Suggs, Jarris Jameel, Derrick, and Darnell-Some of the 23 chaapter 2 victims in a crack house.

    Kimberly Baynes-The latest incarnation of Kali, the goddess of death.

    Allison Baynes-Her grandmother.

    Norma Quinlan-Grandma's friend.

    Detective Sale-Investigator of the deaths of Allison and Norma.

    Cosmo Bellingham, Carl Lusk, and Carla Shaner-Victims of Kali.

    Mauricio Guillermo-Man whose face Remo removes.

    Turqi Abaatira-Iraiti ambassador whose death causes all the trouble.

    Fatima-His secretary.

    Marvin Meskin-Hotel manager.

    Esmeralda-Hotel maid.

    Don Cooder-TV anchor.

    Sulyman Bazzaz-Priince General of Hamidi.

    Maddas Hinsein-President of Irait.

    Numibasra-His wife.

    Juniper Jackman-Perennial presidential candidate.

    Earl-His chief advisor.

    Razzik Azziz-Defense minister.

    Hamid Fareem-Ruler of Hamidi.

    Abdul-His son.

    Nasur Hamdoon-Iraiti major.

    Jassim Abdulla-Colonel to whom Remo surrenders.

    Latham-Army lieutenant who helps Smitty find Chiun.

    Selim Fanek-Stand in for Hinsein.


    Eileen Mikulka is said to be Smitty's secretary for almost a decade.

    Remo whistles "Whistle While You Work" as he takes care of business.

    Remo remembers being a cop before he was drafted.

    Chiun is approximately 5 feet tall again. I only mention it because in #83 he was said to be 5'5" tall.

    Remo uses the name Dale Cooper.

    37 steps in lovemaking.

    Remo executes the Sinanju Stork Spin, a pivot on one foot.

    When sitting, Remo folds one ankle resting it on the opposite knee.

    Remo goes through Chiun's trunks and in one of them he finds all types of things taken from restaurants, among them, wrapped toothpicks, swizzle sticks, coasters, and towels.

    Remo actually wears a kimono in this book.

    Chiun is rescued after 3 months under water.


    Know your enemy.

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course. Remo


    When an Iraiti ambassador disappears in the US, Maddas Hinsein wants revenge. Remo is sent to fix the problem but he falls under the spell of Kali. Without Chiun, who Remo thinks is dead, Remo seems to be lost and if he is, then so is the world.


    I hated this book 7 years ago and time has not made me enjoy it more. I know I am in the minority here but the Kali stuff irritates me. The satire on Maddas Hinsein though is good but it just seems to have no direction. The book just seems to ramble on and on, kind of like this review.



    Maddas Hinsein-Irait dictator.

    Don Cooder-TV newsman.

    Juniper Jackman-Glory hound and perennial presidential candidate.

    Razzik Azziz-Irait Defense Minister.

    Suleyman Bazzas-Hamidi Prince General.

    Abdul Hamid Fareem-Hamidid sheik.

    Winfield Scott Hornworks-Commander of allied forces.

    Wang Weilin-Peasant who hears the approach of Mongols.

    Samdup-Tibetan who hears the Mongols.

    Kaitmas-Afghan who hears them.

    Cheeta Ching-TV newsperson.

    Yussef Zarzour-Irait missile commander.

    Shagdoof Aboona-Another Irait general.

    Sky Bluel-Bomb builder and self-proclaimed Jane Fonda of the 90s.

    Saluda Jomart-Kurd who helps Chiun.

    Naseem and Mustafa-More Kurds.

    Hahmad Barsoomian-Irait colonel.

    Niseen Ammash-Defense Minister.

    Miss Lapon-Kindergarten teacher.

    Freya-Daughter of Remo and Jilda.


    Chapter ywo begins with "His name is Remo".

    The phone to the president is cherry red.

    Chiun cooks a tortoise shell to get the disign for attack plans.

    Kali and Shiva dance the Tandava to signal the end of the world.

    Chiun calls tanks iron turtles with long noses.

    Remo dies by poisoning and has a broken neck but is brought back by Shiva.

    Chiun uses the Sword of Sinanju to kill Hinsein. He slices through his neck so quickly that the head stays atop the shoulders and Hinsein can see the red line of the cut on his neck.

    When Remo comes back, his big question is "who killed Laura Palmer".


    When a Master reaches 100, he has reached his kohi, (old and rare). This is a time of great celebration.

    Master Bong the Worthless worked for Mesopotamia because he had alienated Persia and Egypt.


    No enemy has ever survived contact with the House of Sinanju.

    That was true crap.


    This is the conclusion of #85. There is still the threat of war but Chiun has returned to try and stop it since Remo is dead.


    This one is worse than #85. Remo is dead through most of the book. Chiun is so weak that he can do very little. The book is mostly about Hinsein. If not for a little bit of satire in this book I might have to say that this one is worse than the infamous #108.



    Digory Lippincott-Chapter two target who Remo kills in a plane and then Remo flies the plane with his feet on the tail controls.

    Wally Boyajian-IDC employee sacrificed to the mob.

    Antony Tollini-IDC VP.

    Nancy-His secretary.

    Wendy Wilkerson-IDC worker.

    Carmine (Fuggin) Imbruglia-Mafia don of Boston.

    Camilla-His wife.

    Bruno the chef Boyardi, Vinnie the maggot Maggiotto, Pauli pink eye Scangas, Nicolo Nicky Kix Stivuletta, Sal toe-biter Bugliosi-Carmine's men.

    Frank, Guido, and Luigi-Sent to kill Remo.

    Pietro Scubisci-Don of Brooklyn.

    Fiavorante Pubescio-Carmine's don.

    Rance Axeworthy-Doctor who does plastic surgery on Remo.

    Dr. Gerling-Folcroft doctor.

    Walter Weld Hill-Real estate broker.

    Sol Greenglass and Sid Korngold-Lawyers.

    Jeter Baird and Devin Western-Creators of the Transformed Taekwondo Teen Terrapins.

    Sammy Bong-Terrapin actor.


    Remo's face is accidentally put back to its original look except possibly around the eyes. Heh heh

    Remo remembers having a lot of surgeries.

    Remo is Remo Mercurio.

    Remo says his digestive system cannot tolerate meat.

    Remo can leap 16 feet in the air.

    Remo mentions that previous doctors who performed his surgeries were eliminated. Why did they not do the forget exercise that they do on presidents?

    Remo and Chiun move in super slow motion to defeat a motion sensor.


    I am the Reigning Master of Sinanju. Not some doddering ancient.

    I never carp, I enlighten.


    IDC employees are disappearing. Remo is sent to pose as an employee to find out what is happening. He learns that the Mafia has entered the computer age. Smitty wants to find a way to stop them without just killing some of them because they would only be replaced.


    I liked this one better than 85 or 86 but it still was not very good. Remo and Chiun are just not right. I know there was supposed to be the lingering effect of Shiva on Remo and Chiun was weakened by nearly dying due to the bomb but these books just do not interest me very much.



    Tarantula, Faroom, Dum-Dum Dudley-Chapter 2 victims, gang members in a theater.

    Gregory Green Gideon-Maker of a terrible tasting health food snack.

    Violet Nussbaum-Originator of the snack.

    Elvira McGlone-Head of marketing for the snacks.

    Henry Cackleberry Poulette-Chicken rancher.

    Saul Silverberg-Chicken doctor for Poulette.

    Lance Drew-Folcroft doctor.

    The leader aka Mr. Nichols-Leader of the Chinese vampires.

    Cahill family, Ted, Cathy, Jack, Ellen, Don, Chris, Milly LeClare, Johnny, Alicia, Micky, Doris, Neil-Victims of the poisoned chicken.

    Bob Harrison-Worker for Major Scandills Tennessee Barbecued Chicken who is poisoned.

    Sal Mondello-Mafia figure working for Poulette.

    Don Pietro Scubisci-Mafia leader who is part of the vampire cult.

    Mary Melissa Mercy-Leader's nurse.

    Stan-Shift supervisor at health food place.

    Favio "Buster Thumbs" Briassoli and Gaetano "Johnny Chisels" Chisels-Scubisci workers.

    Won Sik Lung-Chinese embalmer and vampire.


    Remo visits the Rialto Theater in Newark where he used to see movies as a child.

    Remo cannot eat popcorn due to the sharp edges of the corn.

    Remo is Remo Myers, Remo Macleavy, and Remo Nichols.

    Chiun loves Japonica rice and ruddy duck.

    Still watching British soaps.

    Remo mentions Jessica Fletcher. Who the heck is she?

    Chiun says they can't eat chicken because chickens do nor urinate. Remo says "We can't eat chicken 'cause they piss out of their butt?"

    Chiun remembers part of he youth and talks to his father while in a coma brought on by the vampires.

    Chiun takes the starch from Remo's passion by digging his fingers into a cluster of nerves in Remo's spine.

    Chiun is caught off guard by the vampires and is effected by their poison.


    Chiun recalls his father's banishment from Sinanju after he killed a Sinanju villager who had been infected by the vampires. H'si T'ang had to continue Chiun's teaching since Chiun was so young, only 40.


    He who lives by popcorn, dies by popcorn. Remo

    Get plucked. Remo

    It is a pink salmon. Chiunism for a red herring


    People are dying after eating poisoned fowl. Remo is sent to investigate and finds that the Chinese vampires that Remo thought he wiped out over 10 years ago. The leader survived because Remo's blow had been faulty, his elbow was bent. Can Remo stop them now especially since Smitty and Chiun have been taken in by the vampires?


    At last, a good Destroyer book. There were several in a row that were second rate but this one gets back to what made the Destroyer great to begin with. There is a good villain, danger for Remo and Chiun, and some good satire, but most of all, this book had the fast moving flow that the Destroyer is supposed to have. One problem though, when Chiun is talking to his father, the father is called Chiun the Elder and Chiun is Chiun the Younger. But, Chiun's name did not become Chiun until after Nuihc turned bad, many years after Chiun's father was gone.

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