The Glorious Masters of Sinanju

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v34, pp126-130 means Destroyer volume #34 pages 126-130 AH means Assassins Handbook which would mean it is also found in Inside Sinanju. If there is no page number it means I did not note the page and am too lazy to go back and read the book right now to find it.

Story of first Korean, Tangun, v76, pp160-162 Sinanju 4500 years old v66, p36 other books say 5000 years old Began 2800 bc AH

The name of the first master is unknown, but we know he worked for Moo (Mu) and was paid well v77,p76

Master Kim the Lesser
2nd master v100, p91

Master Mangko
3rd master
Went to work for kingdom of Moo (Mu) but it had sunk into the ocean v77,pp74-75

Master Hupka invented the wheel for Mesopotamia to transport tribute to Sinanju. v124

Master Saja
worked for Pharaoh Khufu approx 2620 bc v100,pp102-103

Master Ko
forged the Sword of Sinanju v100, p144

Bamboo Hatted Master Kim
Seventh master, used hat to catch fish v106, p214
First to hear of the House of the Hashashins, which was later destroyed by The Great Wang.AH

Eighth master was a bigamist v106

Master Tho was the first to go to China.

Master Toska
worked for the Pharaohs (1579-1293 bc) v64

Master Wo-Ti
First to realize the good of advertising. Worked for Pharaoh Pepi 1 as a guard. While killing enemies he was sent to kill, others came and got to Pepi. Before he died, he agreed to say Master half succeeded if Master would guard his son Pepi 2. Master agreed. Pepi 2 ruled from age 6 to 96. Sinanju no longer would promise to guard life but to kill enemies you know of. Others are your problem. AH v100, pp94-96

Master Jopki was 900 years after Tho.

Master Vimu
lived one day short of 100 due to failure of his pupil v84 p192-193

Master Nuk the Unwise
There were few emperors in Nuk's time and there was fear for Sinanju's babies. Nuk went to the Luzu and accepted promise of payment which made him unwise. He helped the Luzu to become great and was paid well later but it is still not a good idea to accept a promise. This is the gift of Nuk, accept prompt payment, failure to do so is unforgivable, worse is to extend credit. Nuk even sold Sinanju skills with weapons to the Luzu.v121

Master Toksa killed King Tut for nonpayment. Remo, The Adventure Begins

Pharaoh Ikhnaton 1367-1350 bc was the last to whom Sinanju skills were sold.v121

Master Songjong
pupil of Vimu v84 p192-193

Master Na-Kup
the Discoverer brought camels to Sinanju 3000 years ago. v117

Master Cho Lin
discovered the Cockatoo, the speaking bird. v117

Master Huk
Summoned by a king of Assyria (1200-609 bc?) to fight through 7 rings of defense to kill a rival king v56,pp167-178

Master Noo served in 650 BC

Master Lom learned that jewelry throws off the natural balance of the body when he strangled himself with his own necklace in front of Nebuchadrezzar. approx 605-562 BC v124

Master Ti-Sung
Worked for Cyrus the Great 550bc AH

Master Tang
Pupil of Ti-Sung. After Cyrus' son removes Sinanju, his successor Darius brings it back with Tang AH

Silver coins were minted for Master Lik by Themistocles.

Master Packjo

At a time when the line of Sinanju seemed to be ending, Master Packjo decides to train an idiot child, Tang.v111 pp262-272

Master Tang the Dullard

Becomes a good pupil in Sinanju but does not think well. He is summoned to protect an emperor whose death is prophesied by the Oracle of Delphi. The emperor dies on the foretold day of natural causes. Tang destroys the Delphic Temple, (later reported as an earthquake) around 400bc. Tang's mind is entered by the vessel of the god Apollo who decides that Tang is too weak of the mind but says that when the dead night tiger walks the earth east will meet west and the destiny of Sinanju will change. v111 pp262-272

Master Ding
Worked for Alexander 330bc? In 323bc Master resolves to kill Alexander. Contacts Sultan of India and is hired to Assassinate Alexander AH
Also worked for an Emir of Bislami. The Emir died before he could pay the Master and his family said the debt died with him. v43 pp40-41

The Fly
early master, used the hole defense to defeat Shogun in Japan v31, pp61-67

Master Wang
Father of Pak, v29, p 82

Master Pak, the master who failed
Pak worked for emperor Wo. Wo would not pay for the assassination of his brother. Left country to escape Pak, fled to the Caribbean v62, 1st chapter and pp186-190 Fought drinkers of blood AH and v29, pp 77-82

Master Ku
Came up with motto for Sinanju "Death feeds life" AH

Unknown Master
Trains the Wa to be experts with knives. AH, v36, pp130-136

Master Bang was before the sun source. His grandson, by his son Shik, pleased him very much. While the Master was away, enemies came to Sinanju and spread disease and the grandson was among the victims. Master Bang was so grief stricken he went to a shaman to bring back the grandson. This shaman hated Bang and planned to trick the Master. He brought a basket about the size of the boy and when Bang looked in the basket he found it full of snakes. The Master was bitten and died. Shik later kills the shaman. Shik has another son who becomes the father of Wang. v128

Master Hung
Teacher of Wang, last of the old masters, died before Wang had been trained one year v56, pp126-128

The Great Wang
first major assassin was given source of Sinanju from a circle of light from the stars, after he had meditated for 5 days and nights. On the 5th night a great ring of fire came from the stars and taught lessons of control. After learning of the source, he declared there would be only one master from now on and slew all the night tigers, and prophesied of Remo and Chiun did not become master till in his fifties. He spent 30 years in penance for a child who drowned while Wang was partying and did not hear cries. While in exile Sinanju was destroyed by outside forces and had to send children to the sea v57, pp142-145 v56, pp126-128
Has 5 stars by his name in histories, only one who does, because he developed the force blow v67, p130
Meets and talks to Remo in v67
First to realize that fish is good for your brain Once competed in games similar to olympics between 2 cities. First city hired Wang to compete in all events. but to compete for city 2. Wang won all events for city 2. Told city 2 leaders that with him as protector they could knock holes in their walls. They did and city 1 army came in and defeated them. v40, pp109-110
His is the face on the Sphinx v100,p230
The Great Wang spoke of a hardship for Shiva'a avatar to be put to the test against one of the dead but beyond death, of the Void but not, of Sinanju but not, to decide the fate of the line of Wang. v124
Wang prophesied “One day a Master will find among the barbarian lands of the west one who was once dead. The Master will teach the secrets of Sinanju to this pale one of the dead eyes.” v128
The Great Wang had to prove his worth to everyone after he became the only Master. This began a tradition of each new Master taking on the best assassin from each country. Wang also learned the value of advertising. v129

Master Ung
student of Wang, wrote poems, little work for Sinanju, people starving, ready to send babies. Ung sold writing tools for food. He went to Japan to help the emperor who was not sure who wanted to kill him. Ung put suspicion on the sons of the emperor, so the emperor had him kill them all. Then Ung killed the emperor because he was really working for someone who wanted the emperor and sons out of the way.v35, pp97-101

Master Shang
during Han Dynasty, walked to the moon for his wife v68, p130

Master Cung
Got illness of improper breathing. Could not work. Could not train student properly. Attacked by Japan and Sinanju nearly lost. Cung realized attitude could regain strength and vanquished the Japanese. AH
Cung retired due to poor health and let his pupil take over but the pupil was killed. Cung had to unretire but was weak until he corrected his breathing. v.118

To get to be Reigning Master Remo has to do something nice. Master Nik started the tradition that "No Master shall attain the title of reigning Master without first delivering the proper act of kindness". v126

Master Yong
lived the longest due to dragon bone soup, slew last dragon v100, p176

Master Tipi
Had a period of unfortunate servitude and ever since that time Sinanju contracts have been nontransferable

Master Tang-Si
One of first great masters. Made soup with a nail. v39. p114

Master Lu the disgraced
ad 100 failed the Roman empire. Had kept the roads safe but left Rome, roads went back to robbers which began the fall of Rome, v59, pp103-104 Later Lu met Kali
Lu tried parrot hoping it would be comparable to duck, another bad decision. v 134
Remo is also Lu v100, p120

Master Hwyack searched for 18 years for the Vandal champion who ran from the contest in his Time of Succession.v129

Master Tung-Si the lesser
Master who failed. Fought boy who could make fire. Tung-Si was defeated and the child of fire placed a curse on Sinanju. He said that one day, one of his people would defeat the youngest master and end Sinanju. v41, pp112-114

Master Wo Lee the nearly great
escaped an evil King by running through a pond of man-eating fish v62, p177

Master Gi the Major v68, p38
Had a limp during his final days v106, p214

Master Yi
Worked in Africa AH

Master Can Wi
Discovered American continents in first realm of the Maya 300ad? v65, p132

Unknown Master
Invents the sandwich, not the food, but a method of attack.AH

The story of Master Bal-Mung of the Fruitless Quest. At one point, he was called Bal-Mung the Good but he blew it. Two other masters were named Bal-Mung but there names were changed so as not to cause shame of association. He squandered his masterhood on a fool's search for gold. He worked for a king around 500 AD and was promised much gold. The king sent him on a journey. The king was killed while Bal-Mung was away. The king had hidden the gold. Bal-Mung spent the rest of his masterhood searching.

Master Sam
645 ad Master Sam tricked by Japanese emperor to show secrets of Sinanju. Master discovers treachery and leaves. The few secrets learned were turned into the tricks that Ninjas use. Master Sam allows Ninja to live only as long as they hide their faces. v73, pp123-127

Master We
later middle kingdom of Tang Dynasty 850ad? used lying as a strategy in defense of an empire v66, p217

Master Sayak
Worked for emperor in India, but kills emperor when the emperors concubine orders it in middle ages 900ad? v66, p188

1099 unknown master works to assassinate El Cid AH

Master Yung Suk
defeated evil prince in Mongolia by diverting the attention of the prince's army v52,p230

Master Kik
worked for caliph in India who was having problems with priests objecting to taxes, wanted Kik to slay them. Priests knew they were helpless against Master so they sought a charm to protect them. They painted their bodies with the Zingh symbol of luck and goodness. (shape of a swastika) When Kik saw it he killed them all. Their Hindu good luck sign was a sign of challenge to Koreans v71, pp196-197

Master Gi the minor 68, 38
Not great master but a loved historian. convinced Kublai Khan to rise above barbarism and let Sinanju kill for them 1260ad? v64, pp37-38 Wore nail protectors due to weak cuticles v104, p38

Master Kang
Worked in Japan a lot for whichever shogun would pay, first one then another. One Shogun invited the Master to his castle. When Kang arrived he was attacked by a host of Samurai. After defeating them, he found the shogun and asked why he had invited him to a trap. The shogun said he had not, that he had been told the Master had been sent to kill him by another shogun named Nishi. Kang went to the other and Nishi asked if the shogun was dead. Master said only the Samurai were dead. Nishi gave the Master a lump of gold and sent him away. Nishi then attacked and destroyed his enemy, but that night the Master returned and killed Nishi. v103,pp102-106

Master Hun Tup
Sent with Marco Polo by ruler of Venice to show him the way to China. 1275ad When he left Polo and Kublai Khan he took riches in payment. Khan sent men to rob Master. Hun Tup vanquished the thieves but was weakened. He was found and nursed to health by lepers. Later, master helped to relocate them to Hawaii on the isle of Molokai v49, p33

Master Yowin
battled the Sumo, developed by Shogun as a way to fight Sinanju, v100, p193

Master Kim
Worked for China. He realized that strength came from the mind AH Foolish dragon tried to destroy Sinanju and was defeated by Kim, v108, pp52-53

Master Chen
Hired by Japanese warlord bur released after he gets to Japan. A thieving ninja does the job instead. Somehow 2 ninjas show up for payment. The first one gets paid but not the second so he cuts out an eye of the emperor. AH

Master Cho
Hired by Russia to kill a descendant of Genghis Khan, used Sword of Sinanju AH

Master Wang the lesser
Taught the English House of Wissex how to kill for Henry VIII, v48 pp107-108
Peace in most of the world while he master v64, p199 wiped out a king and 14 heirs to a throne so the king's distant relative could be king v65, p102
Worked for Chinese emperor who built Peking (1420) had Sword of Sinanju stolen from him. AH v3, pp97-98
His entry in the History of Sinanju is the shortest, "Wang was. And he didn't". v64 p199

Master Lee-Piy was the first to serve Spain. He assassinated Pope Calixtus III in the 15th century. 1458 Pope Calixtus III assassinated by a master AH

Master Suo-Lok

worked for an Egyptian family, the Mamelukes, in the 1400s. The rulers son plotted to kill his father and told his girlfriend. She threatens to tell the father so the son has Suo-Lok to do the empty basin technique on her before she can tell anything. Later, she hit her head and remembers. Chiun tricks Remo into listening to the story by saying love caused her to regain her memory. v120

Master Foo was hired by Sultan Mehmed to kill Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula. v125

Master KoWat the misdirected
Traveled with Columbus v49, p28

Master Chee
Worked for India v66 p82

Robin Hood assassinated AH
also written of in Destroyer Graphic Novel published by Marvel

Master Puk the liar
Traveled to South America, was gone 3 years with no word or money sent to Sinanju, babies were sent to the sea. He finally returned telling tales of a mountain of gold, but brought back no gold. v52,pp206-208

Master Kokmul the foolish
Traveled to New World after Columbus and brought corn back to Sinanju. All became slaves to corn, Kokmul became fat and lost skills. v107, pp231-237

Master Pyo
Succeeded Kokmul and destroyed all the corn v107, p237

Master Nonja or Nonga in 70
Had twin sons, one was to die but Nonja's wife hid one of the boys and sent them for training on alternate days. Nonja was old and nearly blind. When Nonja died Kojong left to find a new land so if ever Sinanju needed a son he could be found where Kojong goes. His brother Kojing became the new master. v100, p328 also v70, pp147-149

Master Kojing
(Kojong went to America and taught his people peace)v100,p310

Master Sambria
Vanquished last of the Spider Divas in days of Mogol (Mughal) emperors of India 1526-1766 v94, pp181-186

Master Go
learned of cursed Spanish gold 1600s? v64, p200
Master Go discovered that the mind has 10 parts and most people only use one part.

Master Shiko was an aging Master whose son was trained but not yet Reigning Master. His health was not good due to an encounter with the fireworshipping Ghebers in Persia, a sect of the Zoroastrian astrologers.. He is summoned back to Persia for a minor service. On his return trip home he takes a shorter but harder route through the Himalayas. He meets the Sherpa monks and they tell him of a terrible beast that is terrorizing their settlements. They ask the Master to help them get rid of the beast. They search and search for the beast but find nothing. The Sherpas do learn to travel on the ice and snow without falling off the mountain by being with the Master. The search was so long and difficult that the Master's health failed and he returned to the monastery to die. His son Hya-Tee goes to see to his father and learns the truth. He kills all who had a hand in the by hiding in the snow to cast them to their deaths but the Sherpas had already taught the skills to the women and children of their area. They now pay a tribute each year to Sinanju for their thievery. They also tell tales of the fearsome Yeti, or Hya-Tee as we know him. v125

Master Shang-Tu
Not memorable. Known for not collecting payment. Worked for King of Siam 1700s? King promised to send payment. Master left but no payment followed. Children were dying so Master returned to Siam. King apologizes and promises again to send payment. Does not send it so Master returns to Siam and kills king and gets treasures. "Trust any one but make sure you get paid."v38, p98

1799 George Washington assassinated by a master hired by Napoleon AH

1821 Napoleon assassinated AH

Master Myung

Master Sun

Master Koo

Master Ik
Slew great brown bear whose skin was used on Wall St. in v 81

Master Hwa called Yui in v70,p76 and in v20, p 81
also called Master H'si T'ang
AH Grandfather of Chiun
Took care of Jack the Ripper v81 p212 Discovered America in 1866. v 20, p 81
Would not sign the Geneva Convention document. v129

1910 Mark Twain assassinated AH

Teacher of Chiun the Great, possessed the Sight. Called Chiun his son but not his natural son. v55. p 231 Was Chiun's teacher after the death of his father Nuihc

Master Nuihc (Chiun the Elder)
Father of Chiun. When Chiun was a child, a tax collector once came to Sinanju. Chiun's father sent him back minus his hands which were bronzed and sent to the capital. Sinanju was never asked for taxes again.
Chiun's father had the French assassin surrender to him in his Time of Succession. He took the assassin to Sinanju where he tried to sully the virtue of the Master’s sister. His head now sits in the Master’s attic in Sinanju.

Master Chiun the Great
102nd Master
born in June or July 1891 v84 p191 began training at 18 months of age v3, p53
Became Master when he was forty, after his father Nuihc had to slay a villager. In shame he banished himself from the village. AH
On his first mission he accepted aluminum in payment thinking it was a new and rare metal. He later discovered it was only new.
Had one child, a son named Song, who was killed in a training accident v73, pp205-207
1937 assassinated Amelia Earhart who was spying against Japan AH, v83 pp23-25
1945 Hitler commits suicide because Chiun was coming AH, v83 p27
Says he was not paid when Hitler killed himself. v27 p132
Chiun says he volunteered to go after Hitler. v35 p31
Hopes to get 5 stars by his name due to richness of contracts v67 p30
Name is in the Bible Amos 5:26, put there by first of Chiun's ancestors who bore the name v93, p138
was master for 40 years before training Remo v8, p38
regains Sword of Sinanju from China v3, pp184-187

Nephew of Chiun, trained by Chiun, left Sinanju and never sent back tribute so Chiun had to unretire to feed the village and became the trainer of Remo v70, pp76-77
Only work he did for village was to return the children taken by Wu Ming Shi v83 p226

Master Remo the pale
6ft tall, 155 pounds v100,p181
Viet Nan vet, left Nan in 1968 v74,p65
uses gun v72, pp209-210 again in v74,p114
story of Shiva v70, pp105-106
defeats Chiun v67, pp246
Kills Bruce Lee v83, pp218-219
Becomes Reigning Msster in v129

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