Short email interview with Warren Murphy

My questions to Warren Murphy;

During the fiasco at Gold Eagle some time back, ie Destroyers 108-110, what was your reaction to what they had done with the characters that you and Mr Sapir had created? Did they contact you before they committed such atrocities? Did you contact them afterwards? Did you have anything to do with the hiring of a good writer to continue the series?

His answers in different email letters;

dear dale....i regret taking so long to answer your earlier note. i lost your missive somewhere between the viagra advertisements and the "absolute, guaranteed way to make fifty thousand dollars" just by addressing one chain letter. again, my apologies. i hope this letter reaches you in good health. i was very upset about the direction the destroyer books had taken some little while ago. let me say that i thought dick sapir and i had a pretty distinctive voice with the early destroyer books. in fact, sometimes early on, when we were both facing deadlines, we would on occasion use a ghostwriter to work on the first drafts for us, but honestly we felt that the only one who sort of nailed the destroyer style was molly cochran (later to be my wife and partner.) dick died just when we were ready to kill off the series and so, for one reason and another, i had to keep it alive. will murray took over the writing and will did a topnotch job. mind you, i don't think he wrote the books the way dick and i would have -- but he wrote them in an honest, professional way and the tales were different but still good. later, when the books went to gold eagle and will stopped writing them, the destroyers became just simply awful. they were leaden, stupid, and dull. i was fully prepared then to let the series vanish from sight after the gold eagle contract expired. dick and i worked too hard to create something good to become partners in letting it turn to crap. enter jim mullaney. and isn't it a small world? i remember a very young jim mullaney years ago sending me some ideas for destroyers, and now here he was. i think some people tried to sabotage jim and his work right at the start, but i am very glad he has perservered, because a) he's writing terrific books and b) he is bringing them back in the same direction where the destroyers used to travel. i'm very happy with his work and hope he stays around for a long time.

(dear dale...please feel free to use any of this letter at your site. i know there are other questions you asked, and i'll answer them when i find them.) best, warren murphy

dear dale...i see another point in your letter. do i have anything to do with the hiring of the destroyer writers? in the old days, when the ghostwriters worked for me, i did t he hiring. but now, i've contracted the series out to gold eagle so they do the hiring. technically, i have no control. practically, gold eagle will occasionally listen to my opinions -- in the hope of trying to get out good books. some times it works better than other times. warren.

I also asked him about the rumors of a Destroyer tv series being planned.

dear the destroyer and tv and/or film. dick clark, who was an exec producer on the original remo movie, is working with the comic people from -- oh, what the hell's the name of that comic book outfit that makes movies...dark something?...they made the phantom, i think... anyway, clark and they are working together trying to put together either a new feature film on destroyer or a possible tv series. a peculiar problem .is that much of the destroyer stuff has been done before -- not by us, but by all the people in hollywood who have ripped off the destroyer for the last 25 years. anyway, i've given them a couple of ideas on how to "renew" remo and chiun and we'll see if anything happens. we should know before this year ends whether or not anything will happen. warren.

He also wrote to me about film options on some of his books and although this answer is not a direct quote due to some errant deletions it does give the same ideas as what he wrote. I had asked him about the possibiliy of his Grandmaster books making it to the big screen.

Grandmaster optioned by Joel Silver who did Lethal Weapon but nothing has ever come of it. A number of other books optioned in an umbrella deal. Don't hold your breath.

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